The Fastest-Growing Nursing Careers

The nursing field as a whole is in demand of new workers all the time, but there are some specialties that are growing much faster than others. Before deciding which of the best nursing programs to enroll in, consider which nursing fields currently offer the most open positions.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse – LPNs work under RNs and doctors to provide basic care to patients. They take vital signs and keep track of symptoms and treatments. The number of jobs open in this specialty is expected to grow by about 21% in the next few years.
  • Geriatric Nurse­ – Those who attend one of the best nursing colleges for geriatric nursing can expect a job growth of about 25% in the next few years. These nurses care for elderly patients as they grow older and face illnesses and disabilities related to their age.
  • Perioperative Nurse – Perioperative nurses, who are also known as operating room nurses, work with surgeons in operating rooms. They prepare the room before the surgery, assist during the surgery, and clean up after the surgery is over.
  • Ambulatory Care Nurse – The need for ambulatory care nurses from registered nursing schools is expected to grow more than 45% in the next few years. These nurse work under in doctors’ offices to provide care to a wide variety of patients.
  • Cardiovascular Nurse – Both the growth in the elderly population and the number of cases of heart disease in the country are contributing to the need for cardiovascular nurses. These nurses work with cardiologists to treat patients who have heart conditions or must undergo heart surgery.
  • Gynecology Nurse – Gynecology nurses work with female patients. They provide basic care for injuries and illnesses by taking vital signs and keeping track of any treatments done, but they also work closely with their patients on reproductive health.
  • Pediatric Nurse – With a constant growth in population, the need for pediatric nurses is rising. These nurses work under pediatricians to care for babies and children. They provide basic care, track young patients’ medical records, and talk to patients’ parents about their children’s health.
  • Long-term Care Nurse – The need for long-term care nurses is expected to grow by about 25% in the next few years. They care for patients who are ill, recovering from a stroke, or whose mental health is worsening, especially among the elderly.
  • Nurse Practitioner – Nurse practitioners are similar to RNs, but they have more job opportunities open to them. They can even act as physicians by running their own offices. They provide the same type of care, but often at a lower price than a general physician. Many people’s need to spend less on health care is leading them to see nurse practitioners over doctors.
  • Nurse Educator – The number of positions open to nurse educators is expected to increase each year. Because of the growing demand for nurses in all fields, there’s also a growing need for qualified educators to teach students about nursing careers.  Most good nursing colleges need to hire more educators.