100 Awesome Blogs for All-Natural Moms


May 3rd, 2010

Many moms these days are concerned will all of the chemicals and toxins that are introduced to their children. If you’re committed to a natural, healthy home, you’ll find lots of resources to help you online. Here, you’ll find 100 blogs that can help you keep your home natural and clean.


Find anything and everything for natural moms in these blogs.

  1. Natural as Possible Mom: This mom keeps things as natural as possible.
  2. Natural Moms: Natural Moms blogs about mothering the natural way.
  3. Natural Promise: Natural Promise is a guide to natural family living.
  4. EcoStreet: Take a walk down EcoStreet for a step in the green direction.
  5. All Natural Mom: All Natural Mom is a girlfriend’s guide to natural solutions for ADHD, autism, and allergies.
  6. Lite Green Living: Lite Green Living is full of natural family living resources.
  7. Crunchy Domestic Goddess: The Crunchy Domestic Goddess is raising a new generation of tree huggers.
  8. Pure Mothers: Change the world by changing yourself, and find out how to do that with Pure Mothers.
  9. Mother By Nature: Read this blog to learn how you can mother the way nature intended.
  10. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent: Find news, tips, and information for parents in the middle.
  11. Mindful Momma: Mindful Momma writes about adventures in living a green and healthy life.
  12. Natural Papa: Natural Papa covers natural parenting from a treehugging dad.
  13. Natural Kids: See projects, great ideas, and more on Natural Kids.
  14. Sustainable Motherhood: This mom discusses sustainable motherhood.
  15. Mothering Nature: Jackie shares her musings on natural mothering.
  16. Sorta Crunchy: This mother is more likely crunchy than not.
  17. Natural Mom, Healthy Child: Natural Mom, Healthy Child covers healthy alternatives, natural recipes, and more.
  18. The Natural Mommy: The Natural Mommy blogs about doing this as naturally as possible.

Pregnancy & Childbirth

These blogs encourage a natural pregnancy and birth experience.

  1. Stand and Deliver: Stand and Deliver shares reflections on pregnancy, birth, and mothering.
  2. Fearless Birth: Follow this blog to learn how you can have a fearless birth.
  3. Pushed Birth: Pushed Birth will tell you what you should really expect from birth.
  4. Orgasmic Birth: Get the lowdown on orgasmic birth from this blog.
  5. Giving Birth Naturally: Giving Birth Naturally empowers women to trust their bodies.
  6. Our Bodies, Our Blog: Read Our Bodies, Our Blog for a daily dose of women’s health news.
  7. Refuse to be a Womb Pod: Becky’s blog encourages women to be an active participant in pregnancy.
  8. Birth Naturally: Birth Naturally will help you enjoy your baby’s birth.
  9. Tiger Lily: Tiger Lily blogs natural pregnancy, birth, and baby care.
  10. Women in Charge: This blog will help you take charge of your birth.
  11. Enjoy Birth: Enjoy Birth will help you enjoy your pregnancy and birth.
  12. The Unnecessarean: Read about unnecessary C-sections on this blog.
  13. Bellies and Babies: Bellies and Babies is the diary of a childbirth educator, doula, mother, and aspiring midwife.
  14. Instinctual Birth: Give your baby the best start in life with instinctual birth.
  15. Natural Pregnancy: Natural Pregnancy covers prenatal health through nutrition, fitness, and peace.
  16. Mother’s Choice: Mother’s Choice features birth stories and more.

Baby & Child Care

Read these blogs to see how you can be natural in baby and child care.

  1. Babyminding: Babyminding has natural, organic child care resources for discerning parents.
  2. Annie’s Organic Baby Blog: Annie has worked on a complete detox to give her baby the best possible start in life.
  3. Breastfeeding Moms Unite!: Find breastfeeding support from this blog.
  4. Baby’s Organic Nursery: Learn about organic nursery products as natural as a mother’s instinct.
  5. Green Mommy: Green Mommy features green and organic baby products.
  6. Organic Baby Farm: The Organic Baby Farm grows the world’s cutest free-range kids.
  7. Green Baby Guide: Find Earth friendly and budget friendly solutions from the Green Baby Guide.
  8. Great Green Baby: Find green baby products on Great Green Baby.
  9. EnviroMom: EnviroMom writes about eco-healthy child care.
  10. Rearrange: FreeRangeKids will help you raise safe, self reliant children.
  11. Petite Planet: Petite Planet takes baby steps toward changing the world.


These blogs focus on non-toxic homes.

  1. The Smart Mama: The Smart Mama writes about simple steps to non-toxic kids.
  2. Nontoxic Alternatives: Use this blog to find alternatives to toxic products.
  3. NonToxicReviews: Find reviews on nontoxic products on this blog.
  4. Eco Child’s Play: Eco Child’s Play covers green parenting for non-toxic, healthy homes.
  5. SafBaby: Find safe products for your child from SafBaby.
  6. Non-Toxic Kids: Non-Toxic Kids will help your kids stay safe, healthy, and smart
  7. Love Your Nontoxic Life: Read this blog to see how to save money and go green.


Go green by following these mom blogs.

  1. Nature Moms Blog: Nature Moms is a guide for natural families with green values.
  2. Busy Moms Go Green: You can save the day by joining this green revolution for moms.
  3. The Green Parent: The Green Parent will give you a guide to earth friendly living for you and your kids.
  4. 5 Minutes for Going Green: Diana Prichard explains that going green looks good on everyone.
  5. Green Mom Happy Mom: Green Mom Happy Mom shares tales of attachment parenting and green living.
  6. Green Parenting: Find tips and advice for green parenting on this blog.
  7. Mom Goes Green: Mom Goes Green follows a mom’s journey to green living.
  8. Mommy Goes Green: Find out how you can go green with this blog.
  9. Green Parent Chicago: Green Parent Chicago is eco friendly and off the mainstream.
  10. Mama Goes Green: You’ll see how this mom goes green on Mama Goes Green.
  11. GreenStyleMom: Have mom style in an environmentally friendly way through GreenStyleMom.
  12. My Web of Life: The Web of Life follows the creative life of an earth-conscious mom.
  13. Green Mom On-The-Go: Be an active green mom with the help of this blog.
  14. this MOTHER’S going GREEN: Check out Jen’s blog about living green and doing her part to nurture Mother Earth.
  15. Trying To Be Greener: Kirstin and her family are trying to be greener.
  16. Recycle Your Day: Recycle Your Day will help you learn how to give back to nature.
  17. Green Kiddos: Green Kiddos blogs about growing natural kids.
  18. Crunchy Green Lovin’ Mom: Follow this mom’s blog to learn how to love green.
  19. Green Mom: Beth Aldrich discusses how to take care of yourself, others, and the planet.
  20. Healthy Green Moms: Healthy Green Moms will give you ideas for living well.
  21. Green Mama’s Pad: Green Mama’s Pad is a great place for green tips, product reviews, and giveaways.
  22. ModEcoKIDS: Lisa updates this blog with handmade and eco-friendly gifts for babies and kids.
  23. mom go green: Check out this blog to see the musings of a mom on a quest for a healthy family and planet.
  24. Green and Clean Mom: This blog will show you how green can be sassy, sexy and fun.
  25. The Green Mom Review: The Green Mom Review is all about fabulous eco-friendly living.
  26. Jenn Savedge: Jenn Savedge is an author of green parenting books sharing her knowledge on this blog.


Make sure your food is natural and healthy with the help of these blogs.

  1. American Feast: You’ll learn about natural, organic, and sustainable foods on American Feast.
  2. The Dinner Table: This mom offers simple, organic and whole recipes and ideas for a healthy family.
  3. Organic Authority: Learn about organic food and living from Organic Authority.
  4. 101 Cookbooks: Heidi Swanson writes this recipe journal about natural goods.
  5. Mighty Foods: Mighty Foods covers the who, what, how and why of natural foods.
  6. Slow Food USA: Learn about the slow food movement from this blog.
  7. Raw Mom: Raw Mom offers fresh thinking for healthy families.

Gear & Shopping

Get help finding the natural gear you need from these blogs.

  1. Organic Deals & Coupons: This blog helps moms go organic without going broke.
  2. OrganicMania: This organic and green mom blog will help you make sense of healthy green living.
  3. Green Organic Mama: Check out Green Organic Mama for green living tips, product reviews, recipes, and more.
  4. Ask an Organic Mom: Get advice from a real-life organic mom.
  5. Big Green Purse: The Big Green Purse will show you how to shop green.
  6. Sprout Soup: Find natural items for mother, baby, and child on Sprout Soup.
  7. Greeno Bambino: Greeno Bambino highlights non-toxic and organic baby products.
  8. Great Green Goods: All of the items on this blog are made from recycled materials.
  9. Petit Eco KIDS: On this blog, you’ll find green style for little ones.
  10. Natural Family Crafts: Cara will tell you about natural crafts you can do with your family.


These blogs offer a guide to natural health for your family.

  1. Natural Health Ezine: This natural health blog is all about living the organic lifestyle.
  2. Global Healing Center: Global Healing Center offers this blog for natural health and organic living.
  3. Healthy Child Healthy World: Find simple steps to a healthy child and healthy world on this blog.
  4. Natural Health Alternative Blog: Find natural archives on this blog.
  5. Safe Mama: Safe Mama is a one-stop blog for child safety, non-toxic, and health conscious resources.