100 Best Blogs for Healthy and Delicious Recipes


June 28th, 2010

One of the biggest challenges of healthy eating is keeping up a good variety of food to avoid boredom in your diet. Recipe blogs offer a great way to meet this challenge, offering new and exciting foods on a regular basis. You can take advantage of healthy recipes that will keep your taste buds entertained by checking out this collection of the best blogs for healthy, delicious recipes.


These recipe blogs offer food that’s both delicious and healthy.

  1. 101 Cookbooks: 101 Cookbooks is a healthy recipe journal with great photos.
  2. Epicurious: Epicurious has healthy recipes for people who love to eat.
  3. Eating Well Eating Well has news, advice, and healthy recipes and menus.
  4. Circle of Food: Circle of Food shares recipes for healthy eating.
  5. TasteSpotting: TasteSpotting is a community driven visual potluck.
  6. Diner’s Journal: Check out Diner’s Journal for food recipes and news.
  7. Eating Well: Eating Well is where good taste meets good health.
  8. Not Another Healthy Recipe Blog: You’ll find healthy eating, shopping, and cooking tips on this blog.
  9. Burp: Burp is where food happens.
  10. Chocolate & Zucchini: This recipe blog combines a love of chocolate and zucchini.
  11. Recipegirl: RecipeGirl dishes out the best in recipes.
  12. Healthy Eats: Healthy Eats shares recipes for healthy eating, as well as tips and more.
  13. Farmgirl Fare: Farmgirl Fare is full of recipes, stories, and more from the farm.
  14. Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog: Find vegetarian, low carb, gluten-free and other healthy recipes on this blog.
  15. CookingLight: CookingLight makes healthy taste great.
  16. delicious:days: Look into this kitchen for beautiful food photos and recipes.


If you have a specific medical condition, take a look at these special diet recipe sites.

  1. Healthy Recipe Doctor: Elaine Magee’s blog offers recipes with medical health in mind.
  2. American Institute for Cancer Research Blog: The AICR has a variety of recipes for cancer patients and prevention.
  3. The Flexcin Blog: The recipes on this blog can help you with joint pain, gout, and arthritis relief.
  4. My Allergy Friendly Kitchen: Check out this blog to find recipes for allergic eaters.
  5. Diet, Dessert and Dogs: Read this blog for anti-candida living with whole foods cooking and baking.
  6. SCD Recipe: SCD Recipe has recipes for the specific carbohydrate diet.
  7. Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking: These recipes are eggless, yet tasty.
  8. Raw Food Recipes: Russell James, the raw chef, shares recipes on this blog.
  9. Conquering Diabetes: Dr. Michael Dansinger can help you conquer diabetes with recipes and more.
  10. ChefMD: Dr. John LaPuma has recipes that feature food as medicine.


Learn how to make bread, cheese, and more the tasty, healthy way.

  1. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: Learn how to make healthy, artisan bread in just minutes a day.
  2. Cheese By Hand: Cheese By Hand discovers the cheese of America, and even how you can make cheese by hand.
  3. eCurry: eCurry will teach you how to make excellent curry recipes.
  4. The Fresh Loaf: The Fresh Loaf will help you make bread, whether you’re an amateur baker or artisan bread enthusiast.
  5. Banana Bread Recipes: You’ll find a variety of banana bread recipes on this blog.


These recipe sites focus on nutrition.

  1. Recipe for Life: This blog asks what’s in your recipe for life.
  2. Carrots N Cake: Carrots N Cake is dedicated to a healthy balance.
  3. Nutritious is Delicious: On this blog, you’ll find recipes that can make nutritious delicious.
  4. Balanced Health and Nutrition: Rebecca Scritchfield offers recipes and more for balanced health and nutrition.
  5. Eat Like Me: Read this blog to find out how to eat like a nutritionist.
  6. NutritionData: You’ll know what you eat with recipes from NutritionData.

Women & Families

Find great recipe resources for women and families through these blogs.

  1. This Mama Cooks! On a Diet: Check out this blog to watch a mama lose it one pound at a time.
  2. The Busy Women’s Recipe Guide: This blog will help you find recipes and more for busy women.
  3. My Wooden Spoon: My Wooden Spoon features food, family, and finds from a cowboy’s wife.
  4. You’ve Got Supper: Check out this blog for weekly meal plans and quick dinner recipes.
  5. Favorite Family Recipes: Find healthy food tips and more on Favorite Family Recipes.
  6. Laylita’s Recipes: Laylita’s recipe site features food from America and Central America as well as kid-friendly dishes.
  7. Whole Food Mommies: You’ll find help for a whole food plant based diet on Whole Food Mommies.
  8. Hillbilly Housewife: The Hillbilly Housewife’s blog is full of recipes, healthy food, and other goodies.
  9. Lunch in a Box: Read this blog’s recipes to build a better bento box.
  10. Healthy Snacks for Kids: Healthy Snacks for Kids reminds readers that healthy kids are happy kids.
  11. DailyFill: Fill your family’s bellies with something good every day.
  12. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Ree Drummond’s recipes aren’t always healthy, but they are delicious and great for your family.
  13. Healthy Family: Healthy Family’s recipes will help you stay healthy in a modern world.
  14. Kevin & Amanda’s Recipes: Spice up your dinner rotation with delicious recipes from Kevin and Amanda.

Low Carb

If you’re on a low carb diet, you’ll find lots of recipes on these blogs.

  1. Carbwire: Carbwire can give you low-carb news, reviews, and recipes.
  2. Low Carbs 101: Low Carbs 101 has recipes that will help you low carb for life.
  3. Low Carb Diets: Laura Dolson’s blog offers low carb recipes and a guide to low carb living.
  4. Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: Live the low carb life with Jimmy Moore’s blog.
  5. Low Fat Cooking: Low Fat Cooking will help you watch your waistline.


Spice things up with these healthy ethnic recipes.

  1. Simple and Delicious: Simple and Delicious is full of simple, delicious Indian recipes.
  2. Tinned Tomatoes: Tinned Tomatoes has Scottish vegetarian recipes.
  3. Cheap Ethnic Eatz: Find and make cheap ethnic eats with this blog.
  4. Pinoy Cook: On this blog, you’ll find out why Pinoy home cooking rocks.
  5. Lutong Pinoy Recipe: Check out this blog for native Filipino recipes.
  6. Delicious Asian Food: Read this blog for home cooked food and reviews of Malaysian food.
  7. Tarladalal: Tarladalal offers healthy low cal Indian recipes.
  8. Just Hungry: Just Hungry features authentic, healthy Japanese recipes.


If you’re watching your waistline, check out these recipe blogs.

  1. Diet Food Reviews: Find reviews and recipes for good diet food on this blog.
  2. Dietriffic: Dietriffic is an excellent health and diet blog with recipes and more.
  3. Skinny Taste: Skinny Taste features Gina’s Weight Watcher recipes.
  4. Kalyn’s Kitchen: Kalyn’s Kitchen has real cooking with South Beach results.
  5. Green Mountain Healthy Recipe Favorites: Find recipes for healthy lifestyle weight loss on Green Mountain’s website.


Stick to a gluten-free diet using these recipe blogs.

  1. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: Gluten Free Girl and the Chef is full of food, stories, recipes, and love.
  2. Gluten Free Blog: Check out this blog for gluten-free recipes and GF topics.
  3. Book of Yum: The Book of Yum features gluten-free vegetarian recipes and reviews.
  4. Gluten Free Goddess: This goddess has a blog full of gluten-free recipes, including vegetarian and vegan food.
  5. Gluten Free Vegan: Gluten Free Vegan features veganism and living food recipes.
  6. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen: The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen has healthy, wholesome, and gluten-free recipes.
  7. Elana’s Pantry: Elana’s Pantry has a wealth of gluten-free recipes.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Keep the vegan or vegetarian diet interesting with the help of these blogs.

  1. Herbavoracious: Herbavoracious is a vegetarian recipe blog with a fine dining twist.
  2. Cafe Veg News: VegNews offers a look into the vegetarian lifestyle and recipes.
  3. FatFree Vegan Kitchen: These dishes are sinlessly delicious, made with whole foods.
  4. VeganYumYum: Find out what’s tasty in vegan cooking on VeganYumYum.
  5. About Vegetarian Food: Check out this blog for easy tofu recipes and more.
  6. Happy Herbivore: On the Happy Herbivore, you will read about tasty vegetarian recipes.
  7. What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway: This blog features the food that vegans eat every day.
  8. The Modern Vegetarian: The Modern Vegetarian has over 700 delicious yet easy-to-do recipes.
  9. A Veggie Venture: Read Veggie Venture to find vegetable inspiration from asparagus to zucchini.
  10. Lisa’s Kitchen: Lisa’s Kitchen has vegetarian recipes and cooking hints, especially for Indian cooking.
  11. Vegalicious Recipes: You will find a wealth of vegan and vegetarian recipes for compassionate people.
  12. VegCooking: Find recipes, restaurants, and products on VegCooking.
  13. Savvy Vegetarian: Read the Savvy Vegetarian for easy recipes and simple, healthy vegetarian cooking.
  14. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking: Make vegan cooking easy with Andrea’s recipes.

Green & Organic

Read these blogs to see how you can go green and healthy.

  1. The Daily Table: The Daily Table has healthy food choices from Sustainable Table and The Meatrix.
  2. In My Kitchen Garden: Find out what you can make in your kitchen straight from the garden on this blog.
  3. Cascadian Farm: Cascadian Farm has organic recipe goodness.
  4. Big T’s Big Green Egg Recipe Blog: Find organic, green, and sustainable recipes on Big T’s blog.
  5. Organic To Be: Organic To Be features organic recipes and garden skills.
  6. Organic Samm: Organic Samm features tasty organic cooking.
  7. Whole Story: Whole Foods has this blog with healthy recipes and more.
  8. Deliciously Organic: Deliciously Organic has pure, whole organic cooking.
  9. Organic Nation: Organic Nation explores America’s sustainable food landscape with recipes and more.
  10. Healthy Green Kitchen: Find foods for healthy, green living on Healthy Green Kitchen.

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