100 Best Blogs for Weight Loss Support


March 21st, 2010

In a country that has found itself battling poor nutrition that’s too available on just about every street corner, as well as an obesity epidemic, it’s no wonder that so many men and women are battling their weight and striving for a healthier lifestyle. As a nursing student, you have the opportunity to learn ways to keep patients healthy, so why not add this list of blogs that provide weight loss support to your tool box? These blogs showcase a variety of writers–from those shedding the weight to come back from obesity to those who have lost their weight and are now maintaining a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Those Losing Weight

These bloggers are working hard at losing the weight. Follow their blogs to experience the challenges and triumphs along their journeys.

  1. Fatman Unleashed. Already having lost over 66 pounds, this Fatman is taking more off while embracing healthy fitness and nutrition choices.
  2. The Token Fat Girl. This young woman battles her weight and is sure to inspire you with her honesty and positive outlook.
  3. Do You Have An Extra Large In This?. This Aussie is losing weight and getting healthy through exercise and better nutrition, which she blogs about here.
  4. Phat By 40. Follow along as this lovely lady loses her weight before she turns 40.
  5. Losing Weight from a Writer’s POV. Drawing off the discipline it takes to be a writer, this woman applies the same discipline and dedication to losing weight.
  6. Losing the Shadow Behind Me. Weight loss, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle are the goals of this blogger.
  7. A Merry Life. Getting close to her goal weight, this blogger shares her triumphs here.
  8. Fat Bridesmaid. While weight loss is certainly a highlight of this blog, the young woman writing here also embraces so many other topics as a reminder that her life is more than just weight loss.
  9. From Couch Potato to Athlete. Watch as this man loses the weight and becomes an athlete with his exercise and dietary changes.
  10. Scale Junkie. With a holistic approach to diet and fitness, this blogger shares her progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

Those Who Have Lost Their Weight

These bloggers have lost their weight and share tons of support and experience for keeping the weight off and living a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Former Fat Guy.com. This guy lost lots of weight and now blogs about nutrition, fitness, and health living.
  2. Lynn’s Weigh – The Journey Continues. This grandmother lost 168 pounds and has kept it off. She blogs about healthy living and offers support to those trying to lose weight.
  3. The Anti-Jared. Losing over 200 pounds, Jared now blogs about keeping the weight off, healthy nutrition, and exercise.
  4. LessJess – Over 100 lbs lost!. Find out how LessJess lost over 100 pounds with just a smart diet and exercise.
  5. PastaQueen. The PastaQueen lost almost 200 pounds and writes about keeping the weight off and healthy living, and frequently sprinkles humor into her posts.
  6. Without Compulsion. This weight loss blogger is giving her blog a facelift as she shifts the focus away from her weight loss journey and toward accepting her body, life, and living.
  7. Melting Mama. After gastric bypass, this mama has melted down to a healthier weight and shares her thoughts and reviews on foods and weight loss products.
  8. Phat Girl in a Little Coat. While this 20-something appears to have lost any extra weight she had, she keeps readers motivated with her running regimen.
  9. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. Having lost half of her body weight, Diet Girl shares her tips on staying healthy.
  10. The Tippy Toe Diet. After losing 100 pounds, this woman shares what worked for her in her gradual weight loss journey.
  11. Nearly A Normal Eater. This woman has worked her way to eating healthily and blogs about her eating habits and maintaining her weight.
  12. Prior Fat Girl. With an incredible weight loss behind her, this Prior Fat Girl continues to live healthily to keep the weight off.

Moms Losing Weight

After having a family, these moms are working their way to a fitter body and lifestyle.

  1. Roni’s Weigh. This mom went on a journey from fat to skinny to healthy and now posts about healthy weight loss.
  2. Watch My Bump Grow. This blog was named Watch My Butt Shrink until just recently, but when this mama with a goal of losing 100 pounds became pregnant, she now is focusing on having a healthy pregnancy and not gaining more weight than necessary.
  3. The Sassy Pear. Reaching her weight loss goals, this mom blogs about nutrition, exercise, family, and more.
  4. Minus the Whipped Cream and Cherry. This mom who also owns an ice cream store is working to change her diet to a healthier one.
  5. Chubby Chicks Run Too…. A runner, this mom of three is getting into shape and losing weight.
  6. Life’s Too Short. This mom blogs about her weight loss journey, homeschooling her kids, and more.

Coming Back from Obesity

Obesity is commonly defined as someone who is over 20% of their ideal weight or has a BMI of 30 or more. These bloggers have started from a very heavy weight and are working hard to lose the weight to be at a healthier place.

  1. Escape from Obesity. Starting from 278 pounds, this woman is shedding weight and blogs about how she is doing it.
  2. Andrew Is Getting Fit. Andrew shares his success as he started from 308 pounds and has currently lost 113 pounds ever since he discovered a program to get couch potatoes out running.
  3. 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat!. 75 pounds down and 97 to go, follow this blog to find out how she’s doing it and why she hates being fat.
  4. Doublechinned. This woman is trying to lose about 175 pounds and is making progress simply by exercising and changing her eating habits.
  5. Cara’s Weight Loss Journal. From 275 pounds, Cara has lost over 100 pounds and only has a few more to reach her goal weight.
  6. One Mans trip to the Half. Not only does this man blog about losing weight (so far about 200 pounds), but he also writes about issues such as body image, healthy living, and the way weight loss has shaped his life.
  7. Journeying to Lose 200 Pounds…The Triumph of Perseverance. See what changes this woman is implementing to lose her weight.
  8. Steve v4.8. Steve has lost 150 pounds and is still losing more by sticking to a sensible regimen of diet and exercise.
  9. Fat Girl Dives In. This woman shares her ups and downs as she loses weight with exercise and better eating.
  10. Finished Being Fat. Follow the success of this man as he loses 180 pounds by changing his eating habits and exercise.
  11. Get Fit AFTER 40. This woman didn’t let her 40th birthday stop her on her weight loss journey.
  12. Body By Pizza. This woman has lost over 100 pounds and continues to lose weight as she trains for a half-marathon and continues eating in moderation.
  13. Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise. This blogger lost over 100 pounds and is embracing her healthier lifestyle.
  14. The Blubber Blog. This mother of two had the Lap-Band procedure and blogs about her progress from an obese weight.

Specific Weight Loss and Fitness Programs

See what results from these bloggers following specific weight loss and fitness programs to trim down.

  1. Hollie’s Weight Loss Blog. SkinnyHollie is following the Medifast plan to lose weight and posts about it here.
  2. Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Low- Carb Blog. If you are trying a low-carb diet to lose weight, then you will appreciate this blog.
  3. Roy and Hazel. This couple are both losing weight, but by following different diets. Roy is going low-carb, and Hazel is going low-fat.
  4. Fat Loss Pro. This blog features information on a variety of weight loss programs.
  5. Lose Weight – Diet Program Review: FatLadySingz.com. This woman tries a variety of diet programs and blogs about the results.
  6. Daily Diet Blog. Get reviews of various diet and weight loss programs and products as well as a sprinkling of health news.
  7. how the beck…. Following the Beck Diet Solution upon the recommendation of her therapist, this blogger has lost almost 70 pounds.
  8. StartBeingFit. Health and fitness is the passion behind this blog, with most of the recent posts focusing on primal eating.
  9. Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. This blog highlights the podcasts by the same name that feature diet and fitness programs and the people behind them.

Healthy Nutrition

Eating right is a large part of losing weight. These blogs focus on healthier eating habits and selections.

  1. Weighty Matters. Written by an obesity doctor, this blog focuses on weight loss through better nutrition.
  2. CalorieLab Diet News. Read the latest on healthy nutrition, foods to avoid, and other weight loss issues here.
  3. Weight Loss Guru. While this self-proclaimed weight loss guru is selling his nutrition program, his blog also offers plenty of good information on healthy eating that doesn’t require a purchase.
  4. The-F-Word. Health at any weight is the theme of this blog that focuses on food, fat, and feminism.
  5. John Is Fit. John frequently posts about healthy eating, giving readers a chance to rate many of the meals he posts.
  6. Lose It Your Way!. This blog features tons of informative articles on ways to eat healthier in order to lose weight and be healthy.
  7. Feed The Soul. Written by a registered dietician, this blog features information about healthy nutrition for a healthy life.
  8. The Healthy Scone: Practical Nutrition for Real People. This blog is written by a soon-to-be registered dietician who also writes about nutrition and weight loss.
  9. Salad-In-A-Jar. The recipes here are moderate in calories and designed by a woman who hates dieting but loves food.
  10. All Vegged Out. This blogger has lost weight and embraced a new, healthier way of eating, which she blogs about here.
  11. Ask the Diet Coach. This registered dietician is certified in adult weight management and answers nutrition questions on her blog.
  12. Make Friends With Food. This certified health coach believes in eating naturally instead of dieting and blogs about how to do so.
  13. Dieting Dietitian. This registered dietician writes about dieting, losing weight, and healthy eating.


Follow these blogs to find inspiration in getting fit with support in diet, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes.

  1. Nubian Fitness Goddess: A Black Woman’s Journey to Physical Fitness. Providing information on physical fitness specifically for the black woman is the mission of this blogger.
  2. Melinda’s Fitness Blog. Weight training for women is featured here.
  3. Live Fit Blog. This man has lost weight himself and now blogs about living a fit life. Posts cover family health, fitness, nutrition, and more.
  4. Tweak Fit. Find tons of great fitness posts here that focus on healthy nutrition and exercise.
  5. The Fight For Fitness. Healthy living through good nutrition and fitness is the focus here.
  6. Get Fit Slowly. Learn how you can get physically fit the smart way–slowly.
  7. Ask The Trainer. This personal trainer blogs about fitness, exercise, and nutrition.
  8. Health & Fitness LifeStyle. From information on what sweetener to use to fitness product reviews, find it all here.
  9. Fitness On The Run. These fitness professionals blog about good nutrition and getting and staying fit.
  10. Lose That Tyre. Nutrition, exercise, and fitness are featured here.
  11. Slim Dynamics Blog. Get tips on fitness and diet to help lose weight and shape up on this blog.
  12. Sensa Weight Loss Blog. Fitness and nutrition information feature on this weight loss blog.
  13. Beeble’s Fitness Blog. Read about exercise, healthy eating, and other fitness topics here.
  14. MunFitnessBlog.com. From body image to healthy food recipes to specific exercises, this blog covers all the fitness angles.
  15. JAG’s Diet & Fitness Blog. After losing over 80 pounds, this girl has become passionate about fitness and shares plenty here to help you meet your fitness goals.


These blogs are all about exercise and provide tips and specific regimens to help you get the most from any exercise routine.

  1. Walking Blog. From the right shoes to taking a walking vacation, this blog from About.com is all about walking.
  2. Exercise And Beyond. This mom of two enjoys exercise and good nutrition, and she blogs about it here.
  3. Exercise Blog. Get plenty of great exercise ideas and tips from this blog.
  4. Trying Fitness. From finding the motivation to exercise to using a calendar to stay on track of your fitness goals, this blog is all about exercising and getting fit.
  5. Premiere PersonalFitness. Having lost weight himself, this fitness guru shares plenty about exercise and getting in shape.

Weight Loss Information and Support

Check out these blogs for plenty of weight loss information, support, and encouragement.

  1. Weight Loss Success Stories. Get tips on ways to choose better nutrition and fitness, follow other’s weight loss success, and even hear about celebrity weight loss success stories.
  2. Weight Loss Blog. This About.com blog provides tons of tips and information on weight loss.
  3. A Weight Lifted. Stop trying fad diets and lose weight by focusing on healthy living as promoted here. This blog also offers lots of motivational support.
  4. Fat Fighter TV. This blog focuses on bringing you the best in healthy food and fitness to help you lose weight.
  5. Geek Fit Podcast. This blog showcases the podcasts by Jason Tucker and Steven Klassen, which focus on diet and nutrition information to provide information for “healthy weight loss for geeks.”
  6. My Journey To Weightlessness. Find plenty of inspirational posts to help you lose weight here.
  7. Losin’ Fat. Get tips on ways to lose weight by focusing on healthy nutrition and fitness.
  8. The Senior Walking Fitness Blog. Despite the name of this blog, it focuses on a variety of weight loss and fitness topics beyond just walking or seniors.
  9. Fitness and weight loss blog. Find a variety of health, fitness, and weight loss posts here.
  10. Louisa’s Weight Loss Blog. Healthy food, exercise, and smart dieting tips are frequent topics on this blog.
  11. The Diet & Weight Loss Blog. This blog offers lots of great posts on exercise and nutrition for those losing weight.
  12. Fatty Weight Loss. Readers of this blog will find information on everything from Pilates to diet tips to biographies of fitness and weight loss gurus here.
  13. Correct Weight Loss Blog. Get information such as weight loss mistakes, exercise that works for weight loss, and details about carbohydrates on this blog.
  14. Diets In Review.com Health News. Health and weight loss are the topics of this blog.
  15. Diet Blog. These posts feature everything from diet to exercise to health issues.
  16. Big Fat Deal. Accepting that some people are bigger than others, this post provides support to people of all sizes.

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