100 Best Men’s Health & Fitness Blogs


April 19th, 2010

So much of the fitness and health advice out there is catered towards women, but men need help eating right and staying fit as well. That’s where these great blogs come into play. Within their posts, they offer great advice on staying healthy, living well, dealing with male-specific health issues, finding medical care and a whole lot more. Browse through our selections to see if you can find a blog that speaks to your health and fitness concerns, goals, and needs as a man.


These blogs touch on a number of men’s health issues and offer the latest news.

  1. About.com Men’s Health Blog: Visit this site for a look at the latest issues, controversies and news in men’s health.
  2. MH Life: Peter Moore, Men’s Health Magazine’s editor, maintains this blog full of articles on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues for men.
  3. Just a Guy Thing: This site isn’t solely health-focused. Men will find tips on dating, entertainment, tech, life as well as health on this blog.
  4. Men’s Health Blog: From dealing with wrinkles to getting more muscle mass, this blog covers a wide range of health issues.
  5. Web MD Men’s Health: Read through the articles here to find not only expert advice but to learn about potential health risks you might not be aware of.
  6. MaleHealth: This website is a great place to find health information for men, and the editor maintains this informative blog as well.
  7. Insure Blog: What will your insurance cover? Can you afford it? This blog offers news and answers on everything health-insurance related.
  8. WSJ Health Blog: Here you’ll find articles that address important health concerns for both men and women.
  9. Respectful Insolence: This blogger will help you cut through all the myths and lies about health out there.
  10. Mark’s Daily Apple: Men can learn to get more in touch with their primal sides with help from this blog.

Eating Right

Learn to watch what you put into your body with help from these blogs.

  1. Diet Blog: Male or female, this blog will educate you about all things food and nutrition.
  2. Protein Power: Get some advice on eating a balance of proteins from doctors Mary Ann and Michael Eades on this blog.
  3. Balanced Health and Nutrition: This blog is an excellent source of advice if you’re trying to change your eating habits.
  4. Brad Pilon: This nutrition professional shares his expertise on this blog.
  5. Nutrition and Eating Eating: Based on the Mayo Clinic website and written by a doctor and a dietician, this blog is an indispensable resource for nutrition info.
  6. The Performance Nutrition Blog: If you’re trying to eat to maximize your workouts, pay this blog a visit.
  7. Nutrition Data: Do you know what’s in the foods you eat? This blog can help you discover what things might be lurking in unexpected places.
  8. ChewsWise: Through this blog you can examine the benefits of eating greener, organic and more sustainable foods.
  9. I Ate a Pie: Often, diet foods, low fat options and supposedly healthy choices aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Check with this blog to ensure you’re getting what you bargained for.
  10. Fat Loss Nutrition Blog: Learn more about what you should eat if you want to lose weight from this blog.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, these blogs can help you out.

  1. Belly Off: Meet the Trainer: Personal trainer Craig Ballantyne shares tips and advice on getting in shape and working your body through this blog.
  2. Daily Diet Blog: Learn more about ways to lose weight, nutrition, fitness and more here.
  3. John Is Fit: You’ll find inspiration to fight your own weight loss battles from this blogger on the path to a better body.
  4. Tales from the Phat Farm: This blogger has lost over 140 pounds. Learn what he did from this blog.
  5. Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: See what a low carb diet can do for you through this blog and accompanying podcasts.
  6. Andrew is Getting Fit: Use this blog as a guideline to show you how to get your own weight loss underway.
  7. Get Fit Slowly: Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, and this blog will show men how to do it the healthy way.
  8. Digital Weight Loss: Learn how to combine fitness, weight loss and technology with this blog.
  9. Fat Man Unleashed: Get support from the online community that this blog supplies and read articles about the weight loss journey of the fat man himself.
  10. Simple Weight: Read through this blog for advice and inspiration on losing a few or quite a few pounds.

General Fitness

Read through these blogs to learn how you can get yourself in shape and healthier.

  1. An Ultra Runner’s Blog: Learn more about what ultra running is and how this husband and father makes it part of his fitness routine on this site.
  2. FitBuff.com: Use this blog’s advice to kick your body into gear and start running, lifting weights or simply getting active.
  3. The Wide Body Speaks: This father and athlete shares advice on eating, working out and living a fit lifestyle on this blog.
  4. Men’s Fitness Blogs: Check back with this site regularly to read articles that run the gamut of men’s fitness.
  5. AlmostFit: Learn how to eat right and get fit from this blog.
  6. Fit 36: Find out more about the latest fitness gadgets, get ideas on running, working out and more through this site.
  7. Mr. Low Body Fat: You’ll find fitness and weight loss stories geared towards the regular Joe here.
  8. Run 4 Change: This blog will teach you about running and how you can use it to change your body.
  9. Male Pattern Fitness: Here you’ll find helpful fitness news and advice geared towards men.
  10. Fat Man Walking: If you can’t run, why not walk? This blog will show you how to use walking to improve your fitness.

Strength Training

Whether you’ve always wanted to have rippling muscles or just want to be able to not feel like such a weakling, these blogs are a great place to turn for advice.

  1. The Official Muscle-Build.com Blog: Through this site you can find advice on building your muscle mass.
  2. Muscle Building: If you are looking to get ripped and rock hard, you’ll find help here.
  3. All Muscle Building: From choosing a killer workout soundtrack to eating right for your workouts, you’ll find a wealth of advice here.
  4. Weight Training Blog: Use this About.com blog to learn more about improving your strength through lifting weights.
  5. Project Swole: This blog promises to give both amateurs and experts alike some guidance when it comes to weightlifting.
  6. The Weight Lifting Guide: Get simple and easy-to-follow instructions on weight lifting here.
  7. StrongLifts.com Blog: You’ll find some great advice on strength training through this blog.
  8. Straight to the Bar: Follow this blog to learn how to get strong, muscle-bound and in shape.
  9. RossTraining.com: On this site you will find all kinds of interesting articles on topics like workout equipment, exercises, supplements and more.
  10. Dr. Yessis Sports Training Blog: Whether you want to lift weights, get your heart rate up or just become a better athlete, you’ll find help here.

Sexual Health

It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, many men worry about their sexual health. Find help and advice you can use on these blogs.

  1. Men’s Health Blog: Visit this blog for information on conditions like erectile dysfunction and advice on treatments.
  2. Kinsey Confidential: This blog will keep you in the know about the latest sexual health research, news and commentary.
  3. Penis Resources: Learn more about caring for and dealing with problems that can arise with your male reproductive equipment on this blog.
  4. Men’s Sexual Health Center: This aggregation site will direct you to hundreds of articles on a wide range of men’s sexual health issues.
  5. Sexual Health Guide: This site posts news on sexual health more generally and that specifically affects males as well.
  6. Sexuality: Explore different aspects of human sexuality on this About.com blog.
  7. The Complete Sexual Health Blog: Find all kinds of help with men’s sexual health issues on this site.
  8. Sexual Health Buzz: Learn to have better, safer sex from this blog.
  9. My Sex Professor: Even those with a lifetime of experience always have more to learn about their bodies and those of their partners, and this blog can help.
  10. Goodbye Dysfunction: If you think you might have a problem with erectile dysfunction or just want to read some interesting articles on sexuality, check out this blog.

Disease and Illness

Get information about medical conditions and first-hand perspectives of those afflicted through these sites.

  1. The Prostate Net: This blog’s feed will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments for any prostate disorders.
  2. Diabetes Mine: Find all kinds of great articles that can help those suffering from diabetes here.
  3. Talking About Cancer: This blog talks openly and honestly about the emotional impact of cancer.
  4. The Prostate Reloaded: Check back with this blog to read about the latest news on prostate cancer.
  5. Heart Disease Prevention: Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world, so learn how to prevent it here.
  6. Stroke Survivor Blog: Follow this man and his wife as they struggle through his recovery after a stroke and share news and information that can help others.
  7. Advanced Prostate Cancer: This blog will help you learn more about treatments and help with cancer in its more advanced stages.
  8. About Kidney Stones: Men of any age can get these painful afflictions. Learn more about them and how they’re treated here.
  9. Know-Stroke.com: This site will help you fill in what you don’t know about the dangers, signs and treatments for strokes.
  10. High Blood Pressure Blog: As one of the most common illnesses affecting men, high blood pressure should be a serious concern. Learn more about it here.

Mental Health

These blogs can help you keep your mind just as healthy as your body.

  1. The Splintered Mind: Follow this blogger as he battles his demons and works to become an author.
  2. Addiction Recovery Blog: No matter what kind of addiction you struggle with, you can find advice and support here.
  3. All in the Mind: Learn more about the human brain and mental health through this blog.
  4. Mind Hacks: Delve into the mysteries of the mind and learn how to keep yours in good working order with advice found on this site.
  5. World of Psychology: This blog is full of interesting psychology articles that are easy to understand and informative.
  6. Optimism Apps: Even if you don’t download the applications this site promotes, you can take advantage of the mental health articles it provides.
  7. Coping With Life: Blogger Tom Davis is a journalist but uses his blog as a platform for posts about mental health and fitness.
  8. Bipolar Beat: Learn more about bipolar depression through the posts by Dr. Candida Fink on this blog.
  9. Storied Mind: If you’re a man struggling with depression, you can find inspiration from blogger John here.
  10. Psych Central: On this site you’ll find articles from a selection of blogs, all dealing with mental health issues like a happiness, depression, addiction and more.


Our bodies change as we age, and it’s important to keep up with them as they do in order to stay healthy. Visit these sites for help.

  1. Balding Blog: One of the unfortunate side effects of aging is losing your hair. This blog offers updates on the latest hair loss research and tips on keeping your mane intact for longer.
  2. Regrowth.com: If you’re dead set on keeping your head of hair, read through this blog.
  3. Battle Against Bald: Here is one more blog about hair loss, with a more humorous take on the process.
  4. AgeNotes: On this site you’ll find helpful information about the process of aging, products you can use and other great advice.
  5. Time Goes By: Want to know what it’s really like to age? This blog will fill you in.
  6. Truth in Aging: Women aren’t the only ones who turn to plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments. This blog will explain some of the more popular ones.
  7. Old Man Running: Think you can’t stay active into old age? This 74-year-old man will show you otherwise.
  8. Global Aging Network Blog: This blog will let you read the latest news on aging.
  9. Aging Issues: Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Aging, this blog offers some great advice on getting older.
  10. The Future of Aging: On this blog you’ll get stories about how aging, longevity and old age is changing.

Looking Good and Living Well

These blogs will teach you how to look as good as you feel and live the life you deserve.

  1. Esansocal.com: This blog will teach you what you can do to fight acne and look better.
  2. Damn I Like That!: Use this blog to help you dress nicer, look better, find workout supplies and keep up with the latest trends.
  3. The Style Squad: This Men’s Health blog is written by a fashion expert who can help you find the clothes that will best suit your needs.
  4. Perfect Shave Dispatch: Here you can learn how shave to please yourself and your partner.
  5. The Art of Manliness: Read fun and helpful articles on this site that will help you learn about anything and everything masculine.
  6. Evan Marc Katz: If you need some advice on love, relationships and even marriage, this blog is here to help.
  7. The Bitter Single Guy’s Relationship Advice: Those seeking out straight-to-the-point advice on relationships of all kinds can find it here.
  8. Best Relationship Guide: This site is geared towards advising and answering the questions of male readers.
  9. Trend Spike: Use this blog to learn about the coolest in fashion, gadgets, entertainment and more.
  10. Cool Material: Learn what you should be wearing, reading, watching, eating and more from this blog.

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