100 Best Twitter Feeds to Follow Health News


March 15th, 2010

Staying healthy, paying for health care, and health care reform seem to be all over the news today. If you are having a difficult time keeping up with it all while balancing your nursing education, then take a look at these Twitter feeds that deliver all the current health news to you in short, bite-sized pieces. Whether you are reading to improve your nursing skills or are just passionate about following the health care news, these Twitter feeds will help you reach your goals.

General Health News

These feeds offer a wide variety of health care news and offer a great place to cover all your bases on health care news.

  1. @health. From food recalls to the latest in research findings, this feed shares all the latest news.
  2. @HealthHive. Find health news for the whole family with these updates.
  3. @WebMD. The Twitter feed from this popular website provides frequent medical news updates.
  4. @mayoclinic. You know the medical news from this highly-respected organization is worth following.
  5. @CDC_eHealth. The CDC posts health and safety information on this feed.
  6. @medlineplus4you. The National Library of Medicine posts the latest news and information on health and medicine.
  7. @digg_health. Find out which health stories are ranking highest on Digg with this feed.
  8. @sumedicine. The Stanford School of Medicine posts frequent news stories on medicine, medical research, and health.
  9. @WorldwideHealth. This feed from the UK focuses on alternative health news.
  10. @NEJM. The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine posts medical news and research from around the world.
  11. @HarvardHealth. The news and research here comes from Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals.
  12. @JAMA_current. Subscribe to this feed to see what is being released in the current issue of the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.
  13. @MedicalNews. This feed serves as an aggregator, compiling and publishing medical news from several sources.
  14. @physiciansnews. Find news stories here that are tailored just for physicians.

Major New Sources

Get news from major news sources such as the New York Times, NPR, and Reuters with these feeds.

  1. @LATimeshealth. The LA Times delivers health and medical news on their feed.
  2. @nytimeswell. Tara Parker-Pope tweets on health and wellness from her NY Times blog here.
  3. @nytimeshealth. Find health news as reported by the NY Times.
  4. @bbchealth. Get health news from the UK via this BBC Twitter feed.
  5. @Disc_Health. Discovery Health provides health and wellness news, tips, and more.
  6. @NPRHealth. NPR posts news items on health and health care, typically with a more political perspective.
  7. @CBCHealth. The Canadian Broadcasting Centre posts health news and information here.
  8. @WSJHealth. See what health news the Wall Street Journal delivers on this feed.
  9. @msnbc_health. MSNBC posts news related to health, diet, and nutrition.
  10. @Reuters_Health. Health and nutrition news from Reuters is posted here.
  11. @TIMEHealthSci. Find out what news items are being published in Time Magazine’s Health and Science section.
  12. @CR_health. Read about health news from Consumer Reports on this feed.
  13. @DrNancyMSNBC. Dr. Nancy Snyderman is the NBC News Chief Medical Editor, and she shares videos as well as news updates on her feed.
  14. @LizSzabo. Szabo reports medical news for USA Today and specifically covers cancer, children and parenting health, and environmental health issues.
  15. @KQEDhealth. KQED public radio from San Francisco posts health-related stories, many California-specific.
  16. @msnhealthnews. Get the latest health news from MSN here.
  17. @cnnhealth. This feed provides health news coming from CNN.

Specific Health Issues and Research

These feeds deliver news related to specific health issues such as heart health, autism, and diabetes.

  1. @NIDAnews. Get the latest news on how those in the medical field are working to combat drug abuse and addiction.
  2. @ACSNews. The American Cancer Society posts their news updates here.
  3. @NIAIDNews. Stay updated on the latest news from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases with this feed.
  4. @nih_nhlbi. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute posts about research going on here.
  5. @NIHforHealth. Posting about their research findings, the National Institutes of Health updates frequently here.
  6. @NIMHgov. Keep updated with the latest research on mental health here.
  7. @mnt_adhd. Read the latest news stories concerning ADHD compiled on this feed.
  8. @mnt_autism. These news stories on autism come from reputable sources and will certainly keep you updated on the latest information.
  9. @BrstCancerNews. Stay updated on the latest research and treatment news on breast cancer here.
  10. @HeartsHealth. Find news stories related to heart health on this feed.
  11. @Disabilitygov. Follow this feed from the US Government Website for People with Disabilities.
  12. @AmDiabetesAssn. Get news and research findings from the American Diabetes Association here.

Gender and Family Health

Find feeds with news on men’s and women’s health, children’s health, and health issues for older adults among this list.

  1. @girlshealth. The updates here are specifically for girls between the ages of 10 and 16.
  2. @FamHealthGuide