100 Blogs to Help You Deal With Depression


September 16th, 2010

By Kitty Holman

About 9.5% of Americans each year suffer from a mood disorder of some type, and 18.1% must face down some type of clinical anxiety. Depression in its myriad twisted forms is the leading cause of disability between the ages of 15 and 44, sometimes co-existing with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-mutilation, suicidal thoughts or actions and many other serious conditions. Unfortunately, society’s entirely unfair stigmatization of the mentally and emotionally unbalanced leads sufferers to feel even more isolated — even leading some to dangerously avoid seeking treatment altogether. However, more and more people are bravely emerging from the wrongfully-imposed shadows to open up to the world about the challenges they must conquer on a daily basis. Nobody suffers alone, no matter how marginalization the general public forces upon them.

Many of the blogs listed here are run by medical professionals, but their advice– nor that of anyone else discussed below — cannot take the place of a personal consultation or psychotherapy. Think of them as learning experiences, each with a story to tell that can provide an idea or a bit of comfort, but not as definitive medical demands. This listing purposely contains resources from an extremely broad spectrum, so do not be surprised to see some focusing on general psychology or comorbid disorders rather than clinical depression as a solo act. Hopefully they can provide some hope and comfort to those afflicted by the wrenching terrors of depression. If, for some reason, readers have come here while contemplating suicide, please search Befrienders International as soon as possible to find the nearest hotline. No matter how desperate depression makes one feel, there are people — strangers, even! — out there willing to love them, embrace them and never make them feel small or neglected or cast aside. Seek their counsel: use them as one more step towards putting Winston Churchill’s proverbial “black dog” down.

  1. No Kidding? Me Too! Blogs

    NKM2’s main objective is the de-stigmatization of depression and other mental illnesses, hoping to bring together sufferers as an online support group that simultaneously works towards dispelling mainstream myths. Bring Change 2 Mind shares similar goals, but does not have a blog.

  2. Blogs at Psychology Today

    Although obviously not about depression exclusively, Psychology Today does examine the medical, biological and cultural factors of mental illnesses in general. Considering depression does frequently exist with other disorders, the bloggers here do warrant reading.

  3. Fighting the Darkness

    For 21 years, this blogger had to keep her depression cloaked due to pervasive mainstream misunderstanding. But she bravely opens up about the painful journey with the hopes of encouraging others to get help and realize the true intensity of the issue.

  4. The Pursuit of Happiness

    Both anonymous and sporadically updated, this blog nevertheless provides a provocative, necessary peek into the horrors that come with depression.

  5. Depression Blog

    Nancy Schimelpfening at About.com keeps a blog and a portal related to general depression topics for patients, their loved ones and anyone else hoping to learn more about the devastating illness.

  6. Blogs at DepressionTribe.com

    No matter one’s background or severity, he or she is welcome to share experiences and serve as a support for the members of the DepressionTribe.com community. With blogs, forums, events and more, there’s plenty of opportunities to help heal and be healed.

  7. Depression Marathon

    This amazing woman runs marathons with the intent of de-stigmatizing depression and promoting greater understanding of what patients have to endure. Her updates cover a wide range of relevant topics to open up peoples’ minds to the illness’s reality.

  8. Postpartum Progress

    Postpartum depression is a very real, very misunderstood condition. Katherine Stone manages a blog that delivers personal stories, new research and varying opinions relating back to the eponymous topic. It is a must-read for anyone suffering from postpartum depression — and all their loved ones as well.

  9. Finding Optimism

    Obviously, merely thinking positively is not enough to send the depression demons scurrying away. But Finding Optimism does transcend its title with plenty of useful content on the dos and don’ts of dealing with the serious problems at hand.

  10. My Postpartum Voice

    Another essential blog dealing with postpartum depression, readers are invited to join in regularly scheduled Twitter chats to discuss the issue and promote greater understanding in society as a whole.

  11. Mental Health Blog at Families.com

    Depression and other mental health conditions — many of which exist alongside the former — impact more than just the sufferer. Family and friends also have to understand what to expect and how they should show support as well.

  12. Panic Survivor Members Blog

    This community blog brings together those who suffer from panic attacks and their loved ones. Not everyone who suffers from depression necessarily experience panic attacks — and panic attacks do not always indicate innate depression — but the two share enough overlap that these voices deserve inclusion.

  13. All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

    Simpsons reference aside, this fun blog does focus on the serious and frequently overlooked issue of postpartum depression at times. But the ultimate message here is one of hope and survival, making it an inspiring read for anyone having to deal with the illness’s harrowing effects.

  14. PANIC!

    Eric Wilinski shares his findings on mainstream and alternative perceptions of panic attacks, depression and other anxiety-related mental illnesses.

  15. Elaine Hanzak’s blog

    Both the blog and the website follow Elaine Hanzak’s lectures and findings on postnatal depression, psychosis and other mental illnesses.

  16. Wing of Madness Depression Blog

    Since 1995, Wing of Madness has dedicated itself to providing support, news and information for the depressed and their loved ones.

  17. Panic Attack Blog

    Depression sufferers whose illness manifests itself through panic attacks may want to discuss the free mini-course available through this blog with a trusted psychological professional.

  18. Fighting Depression

    Both personal and general, the Fighting Depression blog covers a nice, broad range of relevant subjects for those needing to learn more about the condition.

  19. Mood Disordered Mama

    This survivor of postpartum depression suffers from both obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder — which frequently materialize alongside clinical depression. Hers is an inspiring and hopefully relatable story that illustrates how the mentally ill can still function in everyday settings in spite of certain setbacks.

  20. Lawyers With Depression

    American society may equate money and — to a lesser extent — professional and academic success as the epitome of happiness, but depression is not so narrow-minded. This blog specifically caters to the needs of those who work in the legal field and need to find relief for their mental, physical and emotional torment.

  21. A Splintered Mind

    Douglas Cootey suffers from depression, ADHD and a tic disorder, but he puts his literary talents to good use by shedding light on how these conditions come to impact his daily existence. Considering his success as an author, he also serves as an inspiring example of how individuals grappling with these issues can still forge productive lives.

  22. The Postpartum Stress Center

    Even women, men and families unable to visit The Postpartum Stress Center in person can still benefit from all the information on this particular manifestation of depression found on its blog.

  23. Beyond Blue

    Although a general mental health blog, Therese J. Borchard frequently blogs about the relationship between depression and spirituality — among other topics, of course. Faith and religion do not work for everyone, of course, but those who think they may have some benefits should check out what she has to say.

  24. Knowledge is Necessity

    Author John McManamy, like some others listed here, mainly emphasizes general mental health issues rather than depression exclusively. However, his painstaking research and dedication to breaking the stigmas surrounding psychological disorders deserves acknowledgement.

  25. Prozac Monologues

    Antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals may help some people with depression, but for others they may pose potentially fatal threats. Stay updated on the latest news and views about psychiatric drugs before making such a heavy commitment.

  26. Ivy’s PPD Blog

    Misconceptions unfortunately abound over postpartum depression and what it honestly entails. Fortunately, bloggers like Ivy Shih Leung bravely pull from their experiences to fiercely fight the myths through blogging and other conduits for activism.

  27. DepressionInMotion

    This blog provides an extremely effective peek into the reality of recovery from a devastating nervous breakdown. It’s brave, it’s intimate and it’s worth reading for anyone who feels alone in an often callous society.

  28. Depression on My Mind

    Christine Stapleton courageously shares both her personal experiences as well as research and news stories related to general depression issues. Be sure to explore the categories for co-morbid disorders and behaviors, too.

  29. Sophie in the Moonlight

    Just because a parent suffers from depression in some form or another does not mean they cease to love or properly care for their children, partners, family and friends.

  30. Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness

    Individuals and families suffering from the aftermath of depression or post-traumatic stress who seek healing through spiritual means may want to explore some of the valuable suggestions offered here. Yoga fans will especially appreciate the pointers.

  31. chipur

    As a general resource about depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental conditions, chipur stands poised to offer up information and healing to those suffering from them as well as their friends and family.

  32. Maternally Challenged

    Tracy Thompson quite literally wrote the book on juggling parenting responsibilities while suffering from depression, and her blog warrants reading by any families grappling with that particular situation.

  33. Lawyers Well Being

    Like Lawyers With Depression, this blog caters to those in the legal profession who face down the grim realities of the illness. However, it does boast plenty of useful resources for general audiences as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many postings focus on stress management.

  34. Patient Anonymous

    Occasionally irreverent and always informative, Dr. PA opens up about life with bipolar disorder, Asperger’s, ADD, migraines, PTSD and epilepsy — all of which can coexist with clinical depression.

  35. Mental Nurse

    Peer into depression and mental health issues by accompanying these psychiatric nurses on their rounds. Entries here provide a valuable perspective that usually goes tragically overlooked.

  36. S.A.F.E. Alternatives

    Depressed individuals may sometimes resort to self-mutilation (also referred to as self-injury or self-harm) to quell their emotional torment. At the S.A.F.E. Alternatives blog, individuals write in with their experiences as an all-in-one therapeutic exercise, conduit for awareness and encouragement to others in the situation.

  37. Dr. Deb

    Dr. Deborah Serani specializes in treating depression and trauma, though her blog does contain divergences into other mental health topics as well.

  38. Beyond Meds

    Beyond Meds is currently on hiatus, but anyone considering psychiatric drugs for the treatment of depression needs to read up on the potential dangers before trying them out. The wrong antidepressants and quitting cold turkey pose numerous physiological and mental threats — including an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and actions.

  39. Go, Erin, go!

    Click on the category labeled “postpartum depression” for more information and a recount of one woman’s harrowing experience with the condition.

  40. Vicarious Therapy

    Vicarious Therapy is one of the most raw, honest, intense and intimate depictions of life in and out of the couch. Receiving help from a psychological professional does get intimidating ñ and it’s never a jolly trip through Candy Mountain ñ but finding a good fit will make all the difference in the world when it comes to recovering.

  41. Confessions of a Serial Insomniac

    Read about how depression interacts with other psychiatric disorders at this informative, yet occasionally heartbreaking, resource.

  42. Anxious Kaley

    Depressed individuals whose condition coexists with either bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder will probably find some degree of relatable solace and comfort here.

  43. A Beautiful Revolution

    Through bittersweet drawings, the talented artist Andre Jordan channels his depression and suicidal thoughts into expressive works. He certainly captures the myriad emotions that come flooding in during a down phase.

  44. Una Vita Bella

    Another immensely personal blog, Unia Vita Bella provides insights, resources and anti-stigmatization information on depression, anxiety, suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  45. My Thirteenth Sad Day

    This anonymous blogger suffers from depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, opening up the world to the inner workings of the disordered mind and how it applies to everyday relationships and activities.

  46. writing myself sane

    Outlets such as art and writing provide depressed and disordered individuals with a productive outlet to channel their destructive tendencies. Here, one can read about all the ups and downs of therapy, depression and more.

  47. you are not alone

    Contributors to a large flickr pool post up photographs as a means of encouraging each other through their trying experiences with postpartum depression.

  48. Madsadgirl

    Madsadgirl mainly emphasizes depression and therapy, but there’s plenty of resources on patient advocacy and participation as well. After all, therapy is not a passive activity.

  49. Frontier Psychiatrist

    Consider Frontier Psychiatrist a general mental health resource with plenty of information on depression, mental illnesses that often exist alongside it, treatment, myths, anti-stigma discussions and more.

  50. Pessimistic Idealist

    Depression and idealism may seem like two entirely separate mindsets unable to coexist within one mind, but in reality they have much more overlap than anyone could imagine.

  51. Storied Mind

    When loneliness and isolation grow overbearing, the depressed can seek out resources such as this and realize how others out there feel the exact same.

  52. PTSD After Childbirth

    Families suffering from PTSD following childbirth or postpartum depression ñ it is, after all, not exclusively a woman’s issue ñ will definitely appreciate this informative resource on the topic.

  53. Beyond Postpartum

    Another extremely valuable resource on postpartum depression, Beyond Postpartum also covers other postnatal mental health issues as well.

  54. Deja-blue

    One of many exceptionally revealing blogs that illustrate the emotional ups and downs of life with depression that needs reading.

  55. The Mass Defective

    Covering both bipolar disorder and depression, The Mass Defective provides readers with stories of mental and emotional stresses and triumphs that many may find very relatable.

  56. Musings, Musings, Musings

    Both depression and postnatal mental health issues get covered here, frequently juxtaposed with pop cultural and spiritual factors.

  57. Just Gliding Along

    Just because a family has to contend with postpartum depression does not mean they can’t be happy and loving.

  58. Our Adventure in Bipolarland

    A husband and wife set out to prove that they can live and love in spite of the former’s struggles against bipolar disorder.

  59. Untreatable Online Blog

    Click the link above for detailed information on depression, PTSD, self-injury, anxiety, suicide, borderline personality disorder and more ñ straight from someone who must confront these issues on a daily basis.

  60. Coming Out Crazy

    Sandy Naiman keeps a well-updated blog intended for those who believe they suffer from depression or have recently received a diagnosis. She does frequently blog about other common mental conditions as well.

  61. Broken Saints

    For Christians suffering from depression who need to learn more about how others in their situation feel, Broken Saints makes for a valuable visit.

  62. If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going

    Those wrenched by negativity, defeatism, hopelessness and other cornerstones of depression and its related conditions need to read this blog ñ their loved ones, too. It’s relatable, inspiring, and provides some incredible resources.

  63. Everyone Needs Therapy

    A social worker with experience in the mental health industry points out that pretty much everyone on the planet displays one or more symptoms of depression and other conditions.

  64. Ars Psychiatrica

    In spite of the fact that it does not focus mainly on depression, it behooves those entering psychiatric treatment to follow the philosophies and practices behind the scientific art.

  65. Anxiety & OCD Exposed

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety (and oftentimes depression) almost always co-exist, but there are plenty of professionals out there willing to share their knowledge in order to help sufferers get their lives back in order.

  66. Coping with Life

    Award-winning journalist and Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellowship holder Tom Davis writes about mental illnesses (including depression, of course) and how they come to impact family structures.

  67. Drug Addiction Treatment Blog

    Because substance abuse and depression typically overlap with one another ñ though not always, of course ñ those who have to face it in themselves or a loved one should read up on treatment options.

  68. The Happiness Project

    Merely acting positive and upbeat cannot magically cure clinical depression, but it is helpful to understand the psychology, philosophy, physiology and sociology of happiness all the same.

  69. save your sanity for later

    Sometimes funny and sometimes jarring, save your sanity for later still stands as an open, honest look into life with depression that needs reading.

  70. Diaries on DepNet

    DepNet hopes to bring together Australians suffering from clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health issues in one online community promoting health, healing and awareness.

  71. My Medicated Cartoon Life

    Bittersweet, yet wholly enjoyable, this animator’s blog features some extremely profound, thought-provoking cartoons that almost perfectly capture the pain depression entails.

  72. My Chemical Imbalance

    Blogger Ryan breaks up his experiences with OCD, depression and anxiety into two categories ñ “Before Counseling” and “After Counseling” ñ for those hoping to follow (and maybe find hope in) his progress.

  73. soulful sepulcher

    Considered one of the better blogs on overall mental health issues ñ including depression, of course ñ soulful sepulcher covers the politics, practices and pharmacology behind treatment.

  74. She Became a Butterfly

    At the behest of her therapist, a woman suffering from PTSD, bipolar disorder and depression started a blog to get her thoughts out into the world and hopefully educate people on what her conditions entail.

  75. Reflection on Depression

    Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding how clinical depression and other mental illnesses operate and what can be done to break the unfair stigmas.

  76. Explore What’s Next

    Dr. Elvira G. Aletta provides readers with depression and anxiety issues with empowering ideas to help them take an active role in seeking treatment and caging the black dog.

  77. The Gallows Pole

    Because men who suffer from clinical depression and other mental illnesses face some unfair stigmas of their own, they need to learn how to reach out and seek a cure for their pain. Take an example from this man and talk to a trusted loved one about getting help.

  78. Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base

    Young adults are especially at risk of developing depression and substance abuse issues, and they and their families need to stay informed about how not to leave these dangers unchecked.

  79. “The Smiling Mask”

    “The Smiling Mask” blogs about postpartum depression and anxiety for the benefit of the entire family, not just the sufferer.

  80. Healing Together for Couples

    Depressed individuals fortunate enough to have romantic partners who don’t talk down to them because of their illness may love the relevant advice proffered here.

  81. Chaos and Control

    Mainstream society sadly fails to realize that eating disorders are rooted in depression and anxiety rather than a desire to look pretty. Follow one victim’s journey through therapy as she relates the regular ups and downs of the recovery process.

  82. ED Bites

    Another extremely valuable, personal account of the negative emotions that cause eating disorders to manifest. Carrie Arnold suffered from anorexia for 9 years, and she bravely opens up about her journey down the rough road ahead of her.

  83. Borderline

    Though not explicitly about depression, this brave teenage (at the time of this writing) blogger shares her experiences suffering from borderline personality disorder and the anxiety it causes.

  84. Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

    This general resource by Dr. Elisha Goldstein covers some of the latest findings in treating a number of different mental health conditions.

  85. Mental Health Update

    Another incredible way to keep track of the newest developments in psychology, psychiatry, counseling and psychopharmacology.

  86. Surfacing After Silence

    Get an inside glimpse at eating disorder recovery, learning important lessons in how the condition works and the different anxieties that victims experience.

  87. Fighting Monsters

    Look at depression and other mental conditions through the eyes of a social worker who encounters them on a daily basis.

  88. Bipolar Beat

    Obviously, bipolar disorder and depression are not the same thing. But the disorders still show up together in many cases, earning this important blog a spot on the list.

  89. The Reality of Anxiety

    Anything and everything related to anxiety issues ñ either comorbid with depression or another disorder or flying solo ñ can be found on this highly-respected blog.

  90. Teen Mental Health Blog

    Teen Mental Health Blog may not update as frequently as the others listed here, but it still needs to be read and considered all the same. Parents, teachers and anyone else who lives or works with adolescents need to understand what kind of emotional conditions they may encounter.

  91. Addiction Blog

    Depression can manifest itself in addictive behaviors, and anyone desiring to learn more about the subject would do well to browse this blog’s extensive archives. Addiction to everything from the usual drugs and alcohol to more obscure ones like idealism gets covered here.

  92. Eating Disorder Hope

    For those who suffer from both eating disorders and depression, plenty of people and organizations exist to encourage their recovery.

  93. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

    One of the best of the best blogs about bipolar disorder available almost perfectly summarizes how sufferers have to battle their swings on a regular basis. It’s a little bit irreverent and a lot a bit informative and definitely worth checking out. Even readers with a diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety can still benefit from a visit.

  94. Ramblings of the Differently Sane

    A woman saddled with a mood disorder does not let her struggles get in the way of becoming a mental health professional, keeping an inspiring and educational blog to chronicle the process.

  95. Voice in Recovery

    Not everybody can relate to life with an eating disorder, but the associated anxiety, self-loathing and depression can ring true to a wide audience in need of someone who understands.

  96. self-injury.net

    Depressed individuals who find themselves turning to self-harm in order to cope with their mental torment can find solace here, where others with the same circumstances meet and serve as an online support group.

  97. there and back again

    Another incredibly brave blog that opens up readers to the reality of depression ñ though other psychological topics crop up frequently as well.

  98. Mutual Madness

    This general blog about mental health issues pulls from the experience of participants and tends to focus on comorbidity.

  99. Anxiety Guru

    With a blog, a podcast and more, the Anxiety Guru pulls from 10 years’ experience living with generalized anxiety disorder to help spread awareness of the mental, emotional and physical effects of the condition.

  100. Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Treatment

    Learn all about the different types of depression, including bipolar disorder, cyclothemia, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression and much more. Michael Pekker has done his best to assemble as much research as possible on the subject in order to keep readers well-informed on such a marginalized topic.

No matter how depression manifests itself in an individual, it causes some intense emotions to burble to the surface and disrupt overall health and well-being ñ many times to loved ones in their vicinity as well. But as callous as mainstream society gets towards those saddled with the burden of mental illness, nobody is ever as truly alone as they feel. Reading these blogs, no matter the authors, provide an amazingly educational window into what life with depression (and its comorbid disorders) truly entails. There are people, though text on a computer screen, who do know exactly what sort of mental, physical and emotional toll such conditions take on mind and body alike. Hopefully the afflicted will find such things comforting, while their loved ones gain a clearer picture of what to do to help guide them towards seeking some sort of professional help.

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