100 Blogs To Help You Live a Longer Life


April 1st, 2010

Our lives all have to end some time, but these days, people are living longer than ever. With the help of modern medicine, we’ve been able to extend life better than ever, and there are steps you can take to ensure you live the longest life possible. Read these blogs to learn about nutrition, fitness, stress management and more to live a longer life.


These blogs take a look at longevity and health in general.

  1. The Healthy Long Life Blog: This blog discusses supplements, disease, senior planning, and more.
  2. Health Blog: Here you’ll find a blog on health and the business of health.
  3. eDiets: The eDiets blog shares health, fitness, and nutrition articles.
  4. Longevity Blog: March Stibich offers a guide to longevity.
  5. Mental Health Blog: Read the Mental Health blog for a guide to keeping your mind healthy.
  6. Maximum Life Foundation: The Maximum Life Foundation covers the essentials of longevity.
  7. YOU Docs Daily: The YOU docs share a daily snippet of long living information on this RealAge blog.
  8. Longevity Science: Longevity Science offers research in the mechanisms of aging and longevity.
  9. Happy Healthy Long Life: Happy Healthy Long Life chronicles a medical librarian’s adventures in evidence-based living.
  10. The Health Blog: The Health Blog writes about proper health and nutrition habits.
  11. Secrets of Longevity: Zak Martin Kilgour writes this blog about anti-aging, superfoods, mind-body exercises, and more.
  12. Shots: Here you’ll find a health blog from NPR.
  13. Health & Fitness Blog: Find news and notes from Amber Smith on this blog about health and fitness.
  14. Healthy Fellow: Healthy Fellow offers a guide to natural health.
  15. Life Extension Technology: Check out this blog to learn about technology that can extend your life.
  16. Living to 150: This blog offers a guide to living to 150.
  17. Singularity Hub: Singularity Hub writes about genetics, longevity, and beyond.
  18. Health News Blog: This blog shares current health news and resources.
  19. The Methuselah Foundation Blog: Read this foundation’s blog for a look into supporting turning back the clock.
  20. Healthier Ways: Healthier Ways is a discussion on ways to live a healthy life.
  21. Dr. Mixon’s Longevity Blog: On this blog, you will learn what Dr. Mixon has to say about longevity.
  22. Health Beat: Health Beat will keep you up to date on the latest in health.
  23. How to Live a Longer Life: Check out this blog to learn how to live a longer life with better nutrition and exercise.
  24. Comprehensive Health Blog: Read this blog of a comprehensive view of health.
  25. Consumer Reports Health: Consumer Reports Health shares health product ratings and beyond.
  26. HealBlog: HealBlog discusses medical advice and soul support.

Food & Nutrition

Understand how you can extend your life through food and nutrition with these blogs.

  1. CRON Diary: Mary records what she eats in this calorie restriction with optimal nutrition blog.
  2. NutritionData: The NutritionData blog offers a way to know what you eat.
  3. Foods for Long Life: On this blog, you’ll find recipes for foods that can give you a longer life.
  4. Food Bites: Food Bites discusses the best food to eat for a younger life.
  5. Kristen’s Raw: Kristen writes about raw food for a long life on this blog.
  6. About Nutrition: About Nutrition will give you a look into nutrition basics and healthy eating.


Stay well by reading these blogs.

  1. Well: This blog discusses healthy living beyond the doctor’s office.
  2. Antiaging Wellness: The Antiaging Wellness blog will help you choose the way you age.
  3. Body Love Wellness: Body Love Wellness will help you lose your diet and love your body.
  4. Wellness: Wellness covers a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit.
  5. Lucky Blog: LuckyVitamin offers a blog for nutrition and wellness.
  6. Evolving Wellness: Evolving Wellness covers holistic, natural, and green wellness.


With these blogs, you can better understand how aging works.

  1. Fight Aging!: Read this blog to find out how you can fight aging.
  2. Retirement As You Want It: This life coach offers tips, resources, interviews, and reviews for baby boomers.
  3. Sergey Kalitenko MD: Dr. Kalitenko will help you look and feel 10 years younger.
  4. Ouroboros: Ouroboros offers research in the biology of aging.
  5. Everyone is Aging: Everyone is Aging offers a guide to retirement living.
  6. Green Light Go: Green Light Go covers aging, rejuvenation, and human development.
  7. Biology of Aging: Biology of Aging shares aging and lifespan information for all species.
  8. Aging Options Blog: Aging Options Blog covers care management and asset preservation.
  9. fixaging: You’ll find out how to fix aging via advocacy and action on the fixaging blog.
  10. Healthy Aging: Check out this blog for a discussion on healthy aging.
  11. Anti-Aging Firewalls: Anti-Aging Firewalls is a blog about the science and practices of living healthily very long.
  12. @ging: @ging shares scientific findings on aging and its underlying mechanisms.
  13. Anti-Aging Nutrition News: Here you’ll find nutrition news and resources.
  14. Future of Aging: The Future of Aging is a blog from the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.
  15. Anti-Aging Psychology: Dr. Michael Brickey shares the psychology of anti-aging.
  16. Time Goes By: Time Goes By blogs about what it’s really like to get older.
  17. Ageless Lifestyles Radio: Check out this online radio show about living an ageless lifestyle.
  18. Changing Aging Blog: Ecumen’s blog offers a discussion on changing aging.
  19. The New Old Age: The New Old Age covers caring for aging parents.


Follow these blogs to stay fit and healthy.

  1. FitBuffdotcom: In this blog, you’ll find a discussion on total mind and body fitness.
  2. Families Fitness: Check out this blog to learn about fitness for you and your family.
  3. Projo Fitness Blog: The Projo Fitness Blog teaches fitness inside and out.
  4. Trying Fitness: Trying Fitness will help you learn how to lose weight and get in shape.
  5. Premiere Personal Fitness: Premiere Personal Fitness shares information for training with a purpose.
  6. Really Useful Fitness Blog: The Really Useful Fitness Blog shares a simple guide to fitness, weight loss, diet, and more.
  7. JAG’s Diet & Fitness Blog: JAG is obsessed with diet and fitness.
  8. Melinda’s Fitness Blog: Melinda’s Fitness Blog covers weight training for women.
  9. Military Fitness Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about fitness, military style.
  10. MunFitnessBlog: Be strong and be fit with the MunFitnessBlog.
  11. Muscle Bomb: Joe DiAngelo shares his personal training knowledge on this blog.
  12. Body and Fitness Blog: The Body and Fitness Blog covers body building, nutrition, weight training, health, and fitness.


Check out these blogs for help with managing the stress in your life.

  1. Stress Management: Dr. Edward Creagan will help you manage your stress.
  2. Stress Management Blog: The Stress Management Blog explains how you can get your life back from stress.
  3. Vanquish Stress Blog: Learn to live a stress free life from the Vanquish Stress Blog.
  4. Stress Less Blog: The Stress Less Blog covers the current state of stress in our lives.
  5. Stress Management Blog: Elizabeth Scott offers a guide to stress management.

Disease & Prevention

Check out these blogs for a look into preventing and treating disease.

  1. Wildly Fluctuating: This diabetes blog has a wildly fluctuating range of topics.
  2. The Heart Health Blog: Check out this blog to learn about the latest in heart health.
  3. American Institute for Cancer Research: This blog discusses cancer prevention and more.
  4. Autism Prevention: On this blog, you’ll find out why paternal age plays a big part in autism prevention.
  5. Act Against Alzheimer’s: The Alzheimer’s Association discusses how you can act against Alzheimer’s.
  6. HIV Prevention Justice Alliance: This blog covers HIV prevention.
  7. Heart Disease Prevention: Check out this blog to find out how you can prevent heart disease.


Use these blogs to make the most of your sleep.

  1. Sleep Well Blog: Read the Sleep Well blog for a look into various sleep disorders and tips for improving your sleep.
  2. The Insomnia Blog: Dr. Michael Breus will help you overcome sleep problems on this blog.
  3. Snoozester Sleep Blog: This blog offers a great guide to sleeping.
  4. NocJournal: NocJournal shares the art of sleeping.
  5. Can’t Sleep: This blog is for anyone who can’t sleep at night.


Find help for your drug, alcohol, or tobacco addiction through these blogs.

  1. Addiction Blog: The Addiction blog covers body, mind, spirit, and treatment for addiction.
  2. Being Sober: Mary Christine discusses what it’s like to be a sober member of alcoholics anonymous.
  3. Addiction and Recovery Blog: Get help from addiction through this blog.
  4. dryblog: On dryblog, you’ll learn about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery.
  5. My Quit Smoking Blog: Read this blog to find out the easy way to quit smoking.
  6. Addiction Recovery Blog: This blog covers 12 steps, recovery, and beyond.
  7. Alcoholism Support: Find support for alcoholism on this blog.
  8. US Drug Rehab Centers: You will read about rehab for drugs through this blog.
  9. Drug Addiction Treatment Blog: This blog covers drug rehab treatment.
  10. Alcohol Freedom Blog: You’ll find freedom from alcohol in this blog.
  11. Quit Smoking Blog: This blog reviews products, methods, and more for quitting the smoking habit.
  12. Alcoholism Blog: This blog offers a discussion on alcoholism.
  13. The Discovering Alcoholic: This blog covers alcoholism, substance abuse, treatment, and recovery.
  14. The Alcohol Harm Reduction Blog: Read about alcohol harm reduction from this blog.