100 Empowering Blog Posts for Your Weight Loss Battle


July 25th, 2010

You don’t have to be in nursing school to know that weight loss is a great way to improve your health. Of course, that’s often easier said than done. These blog posts can help you get started, stay motivated, and celebrate your weight loss success.

Getting Started

Use these blog posts to get started in your weight loss journey.

  1. I Am So Ready: Hollie shares her excitement about getting started on a new diet.
  2. Why Wait Until the New Year for a New You?: You’ll see why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year for weight loss in this post.
  3. Develop a Healthier Lifestyle Earlier in Life: This post explains why you should get started as soon as you can.
  4. Note to Self: You Are Ready: This post asks what you’re waiting for.
  5. Before You Start Exercising: Stay healthy while exercising with this post.
  6. Why Is Change So Hard?: Read this post that explores the difficulty of change.
  7. Flat Belly Jumpstart-Does It Work?: Read this post to find out if you can jumpstart your way to a flat belly.
  8. A Dream Body for Trish: See how this stay at home mom of 4 gets her exercise kick started.
  9. Snow Days and Inspiring People: Hollie writes about an inspiring woman she met at the gym.
  10. An Absolute Must Read: Get inspired by this magazine article.

Easy Weight Loss

Check out these posts to make weight loss a bit easier.

  1. Want to Exercise Less?: Tina explains how she exercises less.
  2. No Time: This blogger discusses making time for exercise and healthy eating.
  3. Too Busy for Exercise? Here’s a Quick Tip: Find out how you can fit exercise into a busy day.
  4. Easy Ways to Burn Calories: Libby discusses some easy ways to shed a few calories.
  5. When Will I Stop Being Fat?: Jenny writes about when she can stop being fat.


Use these posts to stay positive about weight loss.

  1. Sometimes Just Not Gaining is a Triumph: See why keeping your weight is a success, too.
  2. The Man Who Taught Us to Believe in Ourselves: Richard Simmons brings positivity to weight loss.
  3. The Ultimate Destination is the Journey Itself: Remember that the journey of weight loss is important.
  4. Living in the Moment: This post reminds readers to take things as they come.
  5. Always Look on the Bright Side: Beth looks on the bright side of having the flu.
  6. Keep Calm and Carry On: Shauna writes about not letting stress get to you.
  7. Positive!: Patsy reminds her readers to think positively.
  8. A Word of Encouragement: Debby shares her secret for encouragement.


Read these posts for weight loss motivation.

  1. Find That Motivating Factor: Israel writes about finding a motivating factor.
  2. Push Through the Pain: Emily writes about the payoff of pain.
  3. A Promise to Myself: Keep promises to yourself for weight loss.
  4. Stop Trying to Lose Weight: Shrinking Mommy says that it’s all in how you word your goals.
  5. Why I’m Doing This: This post is a good reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  6. Growing Up Fat: The Anti-Jared shares the experience of growing up fat.
  7. Be Your Own Cheer Squad: This post will help you find motivation in yourself.
  8. Big Heist, Big Payoff: Check out this post to learn about big payoffs.
  9. Pushing Yourself: This blogger remembers what he’s doing this for.
  10. When Inspiration Fails You: Read this post to find out what to do when your motivation and inspiration fails.
  11. Make That Choice: Read this blog to make the choice to lose weight.
  12. Reward vs. Abuse: The Big Bottom Blogger explains the difference between rewards and abuse.
  13. Musings on Goals: Helen shares her insight on goals.
  14. Losing Weight for the Big Day: See this story of losing weight for a wedding.
  15. Get Comfortable Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: In this post, you’ll see how to get out of your comfort zone.
  16. Finding the Motivation and Confidence to Get Started: Roni discusses the motivation to get started.
  17. Conquering a Small Section of the Mental Mountain: See how you can control your mind with this post.
  18. Is Procrastination Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals: Cut procrastination out to meet your goals.
  19. Using Your Phone to Lose Weight: Check out this post to find out how you can lose weight with your phone.

Success Stories

Celebrate weight loss success in these posts.

  1. I’m Losing Weight Bitches: See how Lorrie worked to lose weight on her blog.
  2. Progress, Before and Afters: Jennifer shares a detailed look into her before and after story.
  3. Weigh In 200 Pounds Lost: This man has lost more than 200 pounds.
  4. Pre-Loser and After Pics: See before and after photos of a loser for life.
  5. My Fattiversary: This blogger celebrated her Fattiversary with a tattoo.
  6. One Year Ago Today: Kenz recalls a year of weight loss.
  7. Happy 2nd Fattiversary: This blogger is doing so well, she got pregnant and is welcoming the challenge of losing weight again.
  8. Let’s Get Serious: This blogger explains why it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
  9. I Did It: This blogger bought a bikini.
  10. My First Ever “NOTICED” Moment!: Enjoy a great moment with this blogger.
  11. Ain’t No Stopping Me Now!: This blogger is on a roll!
  12. Michaela Weighs In: Michaela celebrates a big milestone in her weight loss.
  13. Share Your Success Story: Once you’ve been successful, share your story here.
  14. Oh HAPPY Day!: Melissa makes a McDonald’s compromise.


Find out what happens when you stay persistent.

  1. Time to Lose: This blogger writes about being patient with weight loss.
  2. Various Reasons Why I Can’t Diet Today: This blogger knocks down excuses.
  3. Frustration and Determination: In this post, you’ll read about sticking with it.
  4. Persistence Can Be Brutal: Read this post about sticking with it.
  5. The Danger of Being Comfortable: Andrew prefers to be uncomfortable for the best success.
  6. On Backsliding…: Kayla shares why it’s great to be back.
  7. Getting Back Up: Ashley is trying to get back up.
  8. All About Balance: Lisa juggles stress and health.
  9. Sticking With the Diet: Katie shares her secret for sticking with her diet.
  10. Still Going Strong: Check out this post and you’ll learn about sticking with your work using rewards.
  11. Bad Day: Veronica shakes off her funk.
  12. 10 Ways to Build the Exercise Habit: Get into a habit of exercise with this post.
  13. Call In the Elastic Waist: Here you’ll see how to responsibly indulge.

Self Image

These posts will help you with a healthy self image.

  1. Poor Body Image: Read this post for help with your body image.
  2. Making Friends With Your Body: Roni discusses making friends with your body.
  3. The Naked Dance: This blogger has gotten more comfortable with her body.
  4. Swim Suit Shopping: Emily feels good about her swimsuit.
  5. Size Does Not Matter: Read this post to find out why you need to get out there and live no matter your size or age.
  6. No Make-Up Self-Portrait: This post encourages readers to embrace their no-makeup self.
  7. Progress Photos: See how Shelley’s weight came off!
  8. Former Fat Guy: This former fat guy shares his progress story.
  9. On This Day…: This blogger celebrates a year of progress.


These posts cover finding support for weight loss.

  1. I Need Better Accountability: Get help being accountable for your weight loss.
  2. The Advantages of a Journal: Debby explains why a journal can be helpful for weight loss.
  3. Positive Reinforcements: This post explains the great feeling you get when people notice your weight loss.
  4. I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: This blogger gets support from her friends.
  5. Grandma’s Trying to Feed Me: See what you should do when your grandma tries to feed you.
  6. Healthy Family: Read this post to see how to help your get family healthy while you’re losing weight.
  7. 4 Reasons You Should Be Writing a Weight Loss Blog: John explains why a weight loss blog can work for you.


Bounce back from pitfalls in weight loss.

  1. The Vicious Circle: This blogger is trying to get back on track.
  2. Feeling Defeated…: Here you’ll see how to get over feeling defeated.
  3. Recommitment Reminder: Recommit to health with this post.
  4. Starting Over Again!: Cheri is committed to health and happiness despite being ill.
  5. The All or Nothing Way of Thinking: Change your way of thinking to avoid the all or nothing failure.
  6. Why Your Weight Loss Diet Isn’t Working: You’ll see how to make your weight loss diet work with this post.
  7. I Miss This: See how this blogger is getting back on track.
  8. Am I a Failure?: See how you can get back on the horse.


Here you can find weight loss challenges to meet.

  1. Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Exercise 40+ days for Lent.
  2. 3 Month Challenge: Here you’ll see this blogger’s summer challenge.
  3. Running for Charity: Running for charities can help you get motivated.
  4. Celebrating the Good Times: Barbara Berkeley discusses celebrating without the excess of food.
  5. Willpower to Lose Weight: This blogger stuck with it despite temptation.
  6. My Long HOT Active Summer Challenge: Stay active during the summer with this challenge.
  7. But I’m Sick!: LessJess explains that if you’re well enough to work, you’re well enough to work out.

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