100 Excellent Health Blogs to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life


April 21st, 2009

By Kathleen Baker

Everyone could use a little helpful medical advice and guidance when it comes to being healthy, getting fit or dealing with illnesses when they arise. Fortunately, no matter where you are you can find someone to provide it with the wide array of health-focused blogs available on the internet. Here are 100 blogs we’ve pulled together to get you on track to becoming a better, healthier you, no matter what you need to improve upon.


These blogs cover a wide range of health issues from eating better to living longer.

  1. WSJ Health Blog: Check out this blog from the Wall Street Journal to get the latest news on pharmaceuticals, the health care systems and recent developments in health care.
  2. The Health Care Blog: With 14 years of experience in the health care industry, Matthew Holt can offer well-informed opinions about a range of health care issues.
  3. eDrug Search Blog: Want to know more about medications that you or a loved one is taking? Check out this blog for a wide range of information.
  4. Stayin’ Alive: This blog talks about public health and heath care policy in the U.S. and around the world to help keep you informed and living a long, healthy life.
  5. Retired Doc’s Thoughts: Great for both everyday folks and health care professionals alike, this blog offers insights into a range of topics from a retired physician specializing in pulmonary care.
  6. Junkfood Science: This blog is a great source of information about myths, rumors and facts out there about food and healthcare issues.
  7. DB’s Medical Rants: Dr. Robert M. Centor shares his thoughts, opinions and the latest news in health care on this blog.
  8. Highlight Health: From suggestions of health care related links to stories that will help you keep informed about the science behind health care, this blog is a great all-around health resource.

Nutrition and Diet

These blogs are full of suggestions for improving your diet.

  1. Balanced Health and Nutrition: This certified nutritionist will help you learn more about what it means to truly eat balanced meals and how it can have a big impact on your health and well-being.
  2. Eat This!: Know your foods inside and out with this helpful blog, focused entirely on everything to do with food from preparation to choosing the right mix.
  3. The Provocative Nutrition Blog: Dina Khader, a nutrition counselor, offers her thoughts and opinions on what makes great nutrition and what you can do to change your routines.
  4. The Nutrition Help Blog: Break through all the myths and half-truths out there about nutrition and get the facts from author and blogger Brad Pilon.
  5. Protein Power: Husband and wife doctors Mary and Michael each share their thoughts on a protein-filled diet on this site.
  6. Nutrition Blog: Take a look at this blog that provides tips on everything from eating better to taking vitamins.
  7. Feed the Soul Nutrition Blog: Learn about a variety of nutrition related issues on this blog that focuses on eating fresh, healthy foods.
  8. Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen: This blogger has tried out a number of healthy diets and offers insights into the benefits of a healthy diet inside and out.
  9. Foodtherapy: This blog will help make it clear how food impacts how you feel, from aging to day-to-day tiredness.
  10. Healthy Nutrition Hints: Get the latest news about healthy foods, specifically organics, from this blog.
  11. Nutrition Frenzy: Take nutrition advice from fitness model Amanda Herrington on how to eat right, get fit and feel great about yourself.

General Fitness

Check out these blogs for some tips on getting in shape, ideas for workouts and much more.

  1. Starling Fitness: Here you’ll find insights and advice to help you improve your fitness level from taking your bike to work to keeping up your motivation when you reach a plateau.
  2. Trying Fitness: Check out this blog for some helpful suggestions on simple ways you can get up andget moving.
  3. Every Gym’s Nightmare: This blogger is a fitness trainer but she also struggled with bulimia for years. Learn from her experience how to get fit the healthy way.
  4. Look, a Fitness Blog!: Find some tips on eating right and getting fit from this blogger who’s learning from experience.
  5. Arthur de Vany: This blogger is 70 years young, and as a scientist and athlete has loads of information and insight to offer readers.
  6. Cranky Fitness: Get fitness advice and a humorous outlook from this blog that offers a “real-world guide to diet, exercise, health, and whining.”
  7. The Fitness Insider: Men can get some healthful suggestions from blogger Adam Campbell on the Men’s Health website.
  8. Really Useful Fitness Blog: This blog aims to give you health advice and suggestions that are actually useful to you from losing weight to finding a supplement.
  9. NetSweat Fitness Blog: Learn to get fit, improve your wellness and make better nutritional choices from this blog.
  10. Lean & Hungry Fitness: From suggestions about health foods to fun new exercises to try, this blog can be a great resource for fitness advice.


Here you’ll find some tips, advice and inspiration for high-energy workouts.

  1. Ask the Running Doc: If you’ve got some burning questions about staying healthy and injury free while running, check out this blog by Dr. Lewis G. Maharam.
  2. For Beginners Only: Those who are planning on starting to run or who have just started can find some really helpful information on this site.
  3. Official Nike Running Blog: Get inspired by the runners featured on this blog, from those running in the Olympics to those who have completed marathons.
  4. Bike About: Learn more about riding bikes, getting fit and finding time for exercise on this blog.
  5. Running from the Pudge: Follow along with this blogger as she starts running to lose weight and get in shape.
  6. Trail Running Blog: Learn how you can get off the main streets and see the great outdoors while getting fit from this blog.

Strength Training

Getting your heart rate up isn’t all being fit is about. These blogs explain how to build muscle and get toned as well.

  1. About Weight Training: Personal trainer Paul Rogers writes this About.com blog that provides great tips for getting started in weight training.
  2. IOL Strength and Conditioning: Check out this blog to learn more about what it takes to build a solid weightlifting routine. There’s also a weekly newsletter you can sign up for for additional instruction and support.
  3. Weight Training Exercises Blog: Learn more about building up a sculpted body from this site and get some great suggestions for workouts.
  4. Strong Lifts: here you can get some advice on how lifting weights can not only make you stronger but help you lose weight as well.
  5. In the Gym: Personal trainer Jason Paris shares his advice on power lifting, bodybuilding and general weight training here.
  6. Real Weight Training: You don’t have to be a weightlifting fanatic to appreciate the advice offered in this blog, designed to suit the needs of all types of people trying to get in shape.

Losing Weight

Those in search of inspiring weight loss stories and tips on shedding pounds can check out these blogs.

  1. Half of Me: Blogger Jeanette has lost over 186 pounds and blogged her way through every pound of it. Check out her blog for inspiration or information about her new book.
  2. A Weight Lifted: Learn how to lose weight not through dieting but through long term changes in lifestyle.
  3. The Lose Weight Diet Blog: From this fun blog, you’ll get information on weight loss, diet, nutrition and fun ways to work out.
  4. Fitness, Diet and Health: This blogger is participating in Weight Watchers, but aside from this program you’ll also find tips on working out and eating right to lose weight the right way.
  5. Diet Blog: Want to read a real story of weight loss? This blogger lost over 300 pounds through proper diet and working out. What’s stopping you from losing that pesky 10 pounds?
  6. Losing It: Check out this blogger’s site to learn how changes in diet and a dedication to fitness are all you need to lose weight and keep it off.
  7. Get Fit Slowly: Follow along as these two friends work together to lose weight and get in shape, slow and steady.
  8. Former Fat Guy: With tips on fighting excuses and pumping up your muscles, this blog offers advice on finally shedding those unhealthy pounds.
  9. Choosing to Live: If you feel like weight is holding you back from the life you want to live, check out this mom’s blog all about her struggles to lose weight.
  10. Scale Junkie: Being healthy isn’t just about a number you can reach on a scale. This blogger explains how to get healthy through exercise and eating the right foods.
  11. FatFighter Blogs: This collection of blogs is full of information, advice, tips and inspiration to help you lose weight.
  12. Weighty Matters: Written by an obesity medicine doc, this blog is a great place to learn about which foods are healthy and which are not, beyond the often misleading advertising.

Mental Health and Happiness

Being a happy, healthy individual isn’t just about physical health, you have to give your mind some attention as well. These blogs offer a number of resources and lots of information on everything from dealing with mental illness to stayingoptimistic.

  1. All in the Mind: Health journalist Natasha Mitchell writes this blog that discusses mental illness, how the brain works and much more.
  2. Laura’s Psychology Blog: Laura Freberg, a Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, keeps readers up to date on what’s going on in the world of psychology through this blog.
  3. Addiction Blog: Check out this blog for news and information about new developments in the treatment of addition and other relevant news.
  4. Rehab Survival Guide: Those suffering from addiction can find some inspiration and support on this blog.
  5. Beyond Meds: This blog chronicles the experiences of one blogger’s attempt to stop taking their medication and the ramifications it’s had on their life.
  6. Anxiety Insights: Find news and information on anxiety, OCD, panic attacks and phobias on this blog.
  7. Beyond Blue: This blogger, Therese Borchard, is a best selling author who aims to help people find their way out of depression.
  8. Brains: Get a more philosophical perspective on the workings of the mind through the discussions and postings on this blog.
  9. Happiness Blog: Learn some secrets to a happy life from blogger Michele Moore.
  10. The Positivity Blog: This blog aims to help you look at things optimistically, with inspirational quotes and tips.
  11. Finding Optimism: From advice on making it through an economic downturn to learning to love your life, this blog will teach you to look on the bright side.
  12. Postpartum Progress: Moms struggling with depression after the birth of a child can find support and information here.

Disease and Illness

Those coping with diseases or illnesses can find support and information on these blogs.

  1. Diabetes Mine: When Amy Tenderich discovered that she had Type I diabetes she began blogging about it. Here you’ll find her experiences and advice to others with the disease.
  2. Chronic Babe: If you’re suffering with a chronic illness, you’ll find help, advice, support and information on this site maintained by a young woman with fibromyalgia.
  3. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog: Dr. Lichtenfeld is Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society and he shares his thoughts about cancer on this site.
  4. MyHeartCentral: Learn some new ways to keep you heart healthy and happy from this blog.
  5. The Diabetes Blog: Those suffering with diabetes can find numerous helpful articles and other materials though this site.
  6. Embrace Your Heart: This blog help promotes heart healthy living through good nutrition, exercise and regular check ups.
  7. Chronicles of a Cancer Patient: Dave Hahn was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in July of 2005 but he lived to tell his story, the bulk of which you’ll find in this blog.
  8. Parkinson’s Blog Network: Learn more about others who have this disease, new treatments and much more from this network of blogs.
  9. A Chronic Dose: This blogger is only 28 but is already managing PCD, bronchiectasis, and celiac disease. Learn from her experiences here.
  10. Thyroid Blog: Thyroid conditions affect millions of people around the world. Learn what the signs and symptoms are and how you can get treatment.

Expert Advice

Written by medical professionals, these blogs provide a reliable and inside look at health issues.

  1. The Doctor Weighs In: This multi-author blog is maintained by professionals who share their thoughts on fat, fitness, health, and longevity from a medical point of view.
  2. Medicine World: This blog is written under close supervision of a physician specializing in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine. The site provides information on a wide range of illnesses.
  3. A Fortunate Man: Dr. Andrew Brown gives an account of what the medical world is like in the UK in this blog, with additional commentary on a number of health and wellness issues.
  4. Fat Doctor: This doctor understands what it’s like to be overweight. As a mom, stroke victim and medical professional she can offer a wide range of viewpoints.
  5. Trusted MD: Get updates on the latest news in health care on this blog.
  6. MedPundit: Here you’ll find loads of commentary on the latest issues in health and medical news by a practicing medical professional.
  7. In the Pipeline: Derek Lowe is a researcher, academic and expert on the medical industry, especially big pharmaceutical companies.
  8. Doctor Herbert’s Medical Gumbo: This doctor is located in Louisiana and blogs about a number of health issues related to Hurricane Katrina, things that can be important for anyone living in a place where floods and hurricanes are a high risk.
  9. Kevin, MD: This primary-care physician shares his outlook on the current state of health care.
  10. Scalpel or Sword?: Interested in emergency medicine? You’ll find all the stories you could want and more on this blog.

Sexual Health

Whether you are trying to conceive or just want to make sure you’re keeping your sex life healthy, these blogs can help.

  1. Kinsey Confidential: This famous organization is still providing information about sexual health and the latest research.
  2. The Complete Sexual Health Blog: Find out how to keep all aspects of your sexual health in line with this blog.
  3. Sexual Health Blog: Learn more about safe sex from this blog.
  4. RH Reality Check: Reproductive health issues from teen pregnancy to public policy are discussed in this multi-author blog.
  5. Our Bodies, Our Blog: Based around the well-known book Our Bodies, Our Selves, this blog provides women with information about everything important to reproduction and health.

Looking and Feeling Young

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to act it. These blogs give suggestions on looking and feeling young at any age.

  1. DermaTalk: Check out this blog to learn more about skin care of all kinds.
  2. Anti-Aging: This blog focuses on products and practices that can help you look younger longer.
  3. Acupuncture Blog: Learn how acupuncture can help you with everything from allergies to muscle aches.
  4. Undulation: Want to learn how to relieve some of that muscle stiffness that makes you feel every year of your age? This blog will teach you how to stretch and employ gentle movement to feel better and younger.
  5. Skin Care, Health Care and Anti-Aging: With tips on taking care of your skin and the rest of you, this blog is full of anti-aging advice.
  6. Living the Good Life: With recommendations for moisturizers, tips on looking young and more, this blog is a great place to look for anti-aging information.
  7. Anti-Aging Products Reviews: If you’re in the market to try out some anti-aging products, check with this blog first to see if they’ve reviewed it so you’ll know what you’re in for.
  8. Dr. Murray Online: Get some advice from Dr. Murray in this blog on how you can look younger, feel better, stay healthy, find energy and more.
  9. Changing Aging: Dr. Bill Thomas is an authority on aging and eldercare and shares his opinions here.
  10. Fight Aging: Learn about the latest research and development in treatments that promote longevity from this blog.


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