100 Food Blogs to Inspire Your Healthy Eating


July 15th, 2008

Even if you’re not on a weight loss program, your body craves fresh, healthy food. At the same time, you’re probably trying to balance out a sensible diet with good taste. These 100 food blogs are maintained by writers and medical professionals who understand that making good meals means incorporating flavor as well as healthy ingredients. This list has something for everybody, from hardcore dieters to gluten-free eaters to natural and organic foodies.

Diet Specific

Read this list to find blogs for the South Beach diet and other specific regimens.

  1. Kalyn’s Kitchen: Kalyn posts recipes that follow the South Beach diet in this colorful blog full of photos.
  2. Iateapiet.net: Here, you’ll find healthy “diet” food reviews and product information, from the Tropicana Strawberry and Banana Fruit Smoothie to Lean Cuisine meals to high fiber diets.
  3. The Zone Diet Plan Blog: Though this blog is no longer active, it contains a lot of statistics and specific information about how eating according to The Zone Diet helps you lose weight.

Yummy Recipes

On these blogs, you’ll find scrumptious recipes for healthy snacks and sensible meals.

  1. Diet Recipes Blog: All the recipes on this blog are for meals and snacks under 200 calories.
  2. Food Dosa Recipe: Find quick recipes for healthy meals here.
  3. Healthy Recipes: Browse through the archives to get recipes for for blueberries, meals packed with fiber, and even leftover Thanksgiving turkey.
  4. Diet Pulpit: This food and diet blog has tons of recipes for healthy eating.
  5. Food View Blog: Discover three years’ worth of yummy light and healthy recipes on this blog, from breakfast, dessert, dinner and more.
  6. Healthy Eating: Recent recipes on this site include summer salads and inventive recipes that introduce avocado into your diet.
  7. Healthy Menu Mailer: From winter vegetable soup to healthy Halloween treats, you’ll find health food recipes for every occasion here.

Healthy Snacking

Instead of reaching for candy or chips, stock your desk or your refrigerator with healthy snacks like these.

  1. The Healthy Snacks Blog: Recent healthy snack ideas include honey wheat pretzel sticks and cottage cheese, pineapples and strawberries. You’ll also find product reviews of popular snacks.
  2. Healthy Snack Box: This blog teaches readers to “cook with fruit and vegetables to make tasty, healthy and cheap meals” and snacks.
  3. Fruit Species: This blog is all about fruit, a smart and healthy snacking option.
  4. Really Useful Fitness Blog: Get ideas for healthy snacks that complement your fitness plan here.
  5. Healthy Diet Snacks Blog: This new blog has low-calorie snack ideas that are still yummy.
  6. Vital Juice Daily: This resource is packed with great ideas for being healthy all day everyday.
  7. The Office Diet: If you’re known to snack all through your work day, read this blog for healthy snack ideas and motivation to stick to your diet.
  8. Healthy Snacks for Kids: Though this blog focuses on kid-friendly foods, healthy eaters of any age will have fun reading about the importance of healthy snacking and finding unique recipes.
  9. The Chocoholic Health Blog: If you reach for the chocolate every time you want a snack, read this blog to learn about satisfying but healthy alternatives.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Those on a vegetarian or vegan diet will love these blogs, full of recipes, photos and tips for smart shopping.

  1. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: Go through the recipe index to discover meals like vegan omelets, crustless tofu quiches, enchilada casserole and even macaroni and cheese.
  2. The Great Big Vegetable Challenge: This mother and her son work their way through trying all kinds of vegetables and vegetable recipes from A to Z.
  3. Tinned Tomatoes: Tinned Tomatoes is maintained by a Scottish blogger and features vegetarian recipes and photos for meals like Balsamic Beetroot & Chickpea Salad with Mint.
  4. A Veggie Venture: Find recipes for vegetarian meals like warm German potato salad, and feta-stuffed zucchini. You can search by vegetable, the author’s favorites, weight watchers and low-carb meals.
  5. Veggie Meal Plans: From chocolate sesame cookies to spinach and artichoke filo pastries, this vegetarian food blog has tons of great recipes.
  6. Savvy Vegetarian Blog: On this blog, find “news and opinion on vegetarian diet and nutrition, vegetarian lifestyle, green living, and environment.”
  7. Veg Cooking: From nondairy ice cream to pineapple curry, this blog keeps vegetarian cooking fun and interesting.
  8. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking Blog: Finding vegan recipes and ingredients is easy when you turn to Andrea’s blog for ideas.
  9. Eat’n Veg’n: Find Get recipes and vegan shopping tips on this photo-packed blog.
  10. Day to Day Vegan: Read about this family’s attempts to eat vegan for every meal.

Gourmet Meals and Blogs from Chefs

Eating right doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice gourmet meals. These chefs show you how to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Whole Gourmet: This natural foods blog is all about cooking gourmet meals and sharing grocery shopping tips.
  2. Health Chef Alex: Recent posts on this blog include “Viva Las Vegan!” and “Healthy Travels in London,” as Chef Alex urges you to “eat your veggies!”
  3. Skinny Chef: Chef Jennifer Iserloh believes that you can trust a skinny chef, and on her blog, she shares recipes, webcasts and healthy living tips.
  4. Feel Good Eats: This blog is written by a chef and includes recipes that use natural, local and/or seasonal ingredients.
  5. 7 Minute Chef: Inspired by the book 7 Minute Chef: Simple Tools for a Lifetime of Health, this blog features posts about raw and vegan diets, recipes for unique and delicious salads, and product reviews of diet books, kitchen appliances and more.

Raw Food and Macrobiotic Diet

Learn about raw and macrobiotic diet lifestyles in these blogs, which also share recipes and reviews of food products.

  1. Raw Food: Learn about raw food products and recipes, and the raw food diet here.
  2. Becoming Whole: Get recipes, information about the macrobiotic lifestyle and more on this site.
  3. We Like it Raw: On this raw food blog, you’ll get tips on raw food cooking as well as recipes and ideas for eating out.
  4. The Raw Diva’s Blog: This blog is all about “raw food solutions for women,” and categories include Cravings, Greens, Health in High Heels, Raw Resources and more.
  5. Jessica Porter’s Hip Chick Blog: Watch videos on macrobiotic cooking, get recipes and learn about the macrobiotic lifestyle in general.

Green Eating

Read below for natural, organic, locally grown, sustainable and ethical recipes.

  1. Nourish Me: Browse tantalizing photos of fresh, natural foods on this blog, from quick cucumber and carrot pickles to lemongrass, ginger and coconut rice.
  2. Local Harvest Blog: The Local Harvest community blog is no longer active, but still has great posts about traveling around the country to visit farms and local growers. Play around on the rest of the site to learn about local farmers and where you can buy fresh food.
  3. The Ethicurean: This blog is all about SOLE food, food that is sustainable, organic, local and/or ethical.
  4. The Slow Cook: While this food blog isn’t all about super healthy choices, it does encourage readers to reject fast food and more processed foods by taking “back control of the food we eat and the pace of our own lives.”
  5. Mighty Foods: This blog covers “the who, what, how and why of natural foods,” and includes product reviews, recipes, studies and trends, eco-kitchen musts and more.
  6. Calendula and Concrete: A Washington, D.C. blogger writes about organic gardening in this blog.
  7. Mostly Eating: This English foodie writes and shares recipes for healthy meals using mostly sustainable ingredients. Browse photos for truly delicious looking dishes.
  8. Organic to Be: Visit this blog for organic recipes for members of the entire family.
  9. Nature Moms Blog: This “guide to natural family life” has recipes and snack ideas that fit in with a natural lifestyle.
  10. Organic Authority: Get organic food recipes, organic gardening tips and general health tips for the organic lifestyle here.

Healthy Food From Around the World

If you’re in the mood for something more exotic but don’t want to give up your healthy eating choices, turn to this list.

  1. Figs, Bay and Wine: The Mediterranean food diet has caught on, and you’ll find recipes and photos in this sophisticated blog.
  2. My Tiny Plot: This English woman writes about her vegetable garden and eating fresh produce. You’ll find recipes and delicious-looking photographs of her harvest.
  3. MediterrAsian Cooking: Get recipes and learn about the benefits of Mediterranean and Asian dishes here.
  4. Blog of Herbs: Use this blog to find herbs and ingredients that help with digestion, weight loss, general nutrition, and of course adding oomph to your everyday meals.

Healthy Eating for Kids and Picky Eaters

Discover recipes, food items and ingredients that even your kids and other picky eaters will enjoy.

  1. The Doof Blog: Doof is Food spelled backwards, and this blog is all about making eating right fun for kids.
  2. Healthy Recipes for Kids: From fruit pizzas to deviled eggs to spaghetti squash, find ways to transform your kids’ favorite foods into healthy meals.
  3. Feed Yourself: This blog aims to show readers that yummy food doesn’t have to mean processed food or fast food. Find whole food recipes and meal ideas here, from tofu tacos to peanut butter banana muffins.
  4. My Husband Hates Veggies: If you’re tired of fighting with your kids (or husband) over vegetables and healthy eating, get ideas from Kitty, who’s “attempting to trick her husband into eating his vegetables” with yummy recipes.
  5. Healthy Snacks for Kids: From health food pizzas to tips on getting your kids to want healthy food, this blog is a great guide for conscientious parents.
  6. Super Healthy Kids: Read about this family’s mission to become a family of healthy eaters. You can also read recipes for apple oat muffins, healthy breakfasts and more.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

For healthy food ideas for every meal of the day, visit these blogs.

  1. This Mama Cooks! On a Diet: Turn to this all-in-one food blog that posts restaurant reviews, fitness news, diet trends, and of course recipes for every meal of the day.
  2. A Recipe a Day: Not all of these recipes are low-fat or low-carb, but most of them are made from fresh ingredients. You’ll also find a lot of fat free recipes by browsing the different categories.
  3. But Weight, I CAN Eat It!: This “lifetime Weight Watcher” posts about the foods she wishes she could eat as well as the healthy choices she does.
  4. Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes: All the recipes on this blog, no matter how delicious and decadent they look, abide by the Weight Watchers rules. Browse by point system or meal type.
  5. Healthy Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle: Learn how to prepare all of your meals the healthy way by reading the posts on this blog.

Easy Meals and Real Stories

Get inspired by these bloggers, who understand that whipping up a quick but healthy dinner is important.

  1. Joanna’s Food: Joanna’s family became inspired to eat healthy after a medical emergency gave her a wake up call. The foods and recipes on her blog are healthy by still easy to make.
  2. Fresh Mouth: Fresh Mouth is the blog for one family’s “mission to eat only fresh food or processed food with 5 ingredients or less for 30 days.” You’ll find recipes, fun food surveys, and inventive meal ideas here.
  3. Healthy Cooking: Find manageable recipes for healthy meals on this site. Recent recipes include Healthy Lentil Brown Rice Soup and Easy, Healthy Whole Wheat Pasta Meal.
  4. Easy Low Fat Recipes: From low fat cocktails to low fat entrees, you’ll find recipes for every day and occasion on this blog.
  5. Vegetarian Foodie: This author loves mixing “great food, wine, family and friends” and shares with readers how to do the same.

Gluten Free

For gluten free recipes and information, check out these two blogs.

  1. Gluten-Free Girl: Gluten-Free Girl has been reviewed by Newsweek and The Seattle Times, and features gluten-free recipes, recommendations for places to eat out, gluten-free cookbooks and more.
  2. Karina’s Kitchen: This gluten-free goddess posts recipes for banana-apricot hemp shakes, Mediterranean fish with rice and other yummy treats.

General Nutrition

Reading about nutrition should inspire you to treat your body to a healthier lifestyle. Learn about general nutrition while finding healthy recipes here.

  1. Eat This!: Find out how many calories are in your typical Mexican dish, get recipes for dairy free banana bread and learn about which diets celebrities are trying on this blog.
  2. Learn About Weight Loss: This weight loss blog focuses on healthy eating choices and how to lose weight by altering your eating schedule.
  3. Weight Loss Made Easy: Recent posts on this healthy food guide include “3 Healthy, Power Breakfast Choices,” “High Fiber Foods” and “Healthy Snacks.”
  4. Laurel on Health Food: Blogger Laurel shares news, recipes and general nutrition ideas for foods and ingredients, as well as healthy conditions, like sugar, coffee, leafy greens, heart disease, stress, meat, chocolate and more.
  5. Mark’s Daily Apple: Get the lowdown on healthy and not-so-healthy food choices on this blog. Recent posts dissect ketosis, portion control and starter recipes.
  6. Marc Joseph Nutrition Blog: Get inspired to eat healthy when you read this blog, which posts about omega-3 and omega-6 fats, diabetes, “the science of appetite” and even arsenic.
  7. NAFWA Blog: This is the blog for the Nutrition and Food Web Archive. You can read about healthy food and cooking, how nutrition affects your overall health and immunity and more.

Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, check out this list, which features blogs that combine recipes, fitness tips, healthy drinks and even health risks associated with poor eating habits.

  1. diet blog: This blog urges readers to “eat right. Get healthy.” Recent posts include “On a Budget: 7 Tips for Healthy Food Shopping” and “Big Breakfast Diet: A Diet That Works?”
  2. Eating Fabulous: Eating Fabulous is a diet food with categories for healthy snacks, immune defense, fruit and vegetables, organic produce, healthy beverages and more.
  3. Eat4Today: This blogger dishes on food and the news of the day. Read about health risks associated with being overweight, vitamin supplements and more.
  4. Hungry Girl: On Hungry Girl, you can do the weekly weigh-in, read about food and fitness news, and discover Hungry Girl’s Chew the Right Thing items, like the Mexi-licious Salad Explosion and Strawberry Shortcake, which have realistic calorie counts and recipes.


I you’re bored of eating yogurt or granola as a healthy dessert alternative, turn to these blogs which have recipes for all kinds of tasty, inventive treats.

  1. Diet, Dessert and Dogs: Learn to eat your dessert the healthy way when you read this blog and get recipes for egg and dairy-free butter tarts and other treats.
  2. The Urban Vegan: This blogger often posts about great dessert finds that are also vegan-inspired and healthier options than many other desserts.
  3. Weight Watchers Recipes Blog: Find healthier snack and dessert options on this blog.
  4. The Penguin Chef: The Penguin Chef serves up delicious recipes “for the vegan dessert lover.”
  5. My Sweet Vegan: You can learn about the vegan lifestyle on this blog, which also frequently posts healthy dessert recipes.

Eating Out

Don’t give up your good eating habits when you go out to eat: these blogs will keep you motivated.

  1. We Want Clean Food!: Restaurateur, chef and former punk rocker Ric Orlando blogs about picking and choosing clean food. He shares tips for making sure your food is “clean” even when you eat out or are on the go.
  2. HappyCow’s Vegetarian Guide: This network posts information about vegetarian restaurants and stores all over the world, so you can eat healthy even on vacation.

Food News and Health

The following list includes blogs that offer medical advice, FDA reports, recipes, health food myths and more.

  1. JunkFood Science: This nurse blogs about “news on food, weight, health and healthcare that mainstream media misses.”
  2. What to Eat: NYU professor Marion Nestle blogs about obesity, calorie counters, public health, dietary guidelines the FDA, smart foods and more.
  3. The Heart of the Matter — Eating for Life: Find recipes and inspiration for eating heart-healthy meals on this blog.
  4. Limes and Lycopene: This Australian blog “aims to cut through the rubbish, misinformation and downright silliness about health, diet and naturopathy.”
  5. Diet Detective Blogs: Recent posts from bloggers on this network include ” Oregano ingredient effective against inflammations” and ” Eating Slowly Can Help You Lose Weight.”
  6. Circle of Food Blog:Find recipes as well as food safety information and medical news here.
  7. Diabetic Recipes – Diabetic Meals: Diabetics can find sugar-free and other yummy recipes just for them on this blog.


Our final list features a mix of foodie blogs that will inspire you to eat right everyday.

  1. The BTD/GTD Blogs: You’ll learn about eating for your blood type and related diets on this site.
  2. Eat Right Daily: This blog is full of inspiration for homemade, fresh and generally healthy meals. Browse categories like pasta, fish, salad, poultry, dessert and others.
  3. Diet and Healthy Eating: Self magazine’s blog features celebrity diets, healthy seasonal recipes and ideas for eating healthy while on vacation.
  4. Healthy Food Journal: Read about all the healthy foods that are out there on this blog, which posts recipes and health food news.

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