100 Healthy Recipes for Lazy People


June 10th, 2010

You’ve heard the hype about eating less fast food, but working in the kitchen may not be your favorite way to spend your time. Whether you are finishing up a long day at nursing school or would like a reference for clients who need to change the way they eat, hang on to this list of 100 healthy recipes that just about anyone can make. Not only do these dishes promise delicious food that can be prepared relatively easily, they are actually good for you, too.


These appetizers are full of healthy ingredients and take almost no time to make. Whip these up for a party or a romantic dinner at home.

  1. Easy Guacamole. Make this easy recipe as a dip with chips, to put on hamburgers, or to eat on its own.
  2. Grilled Shrimp Escabeche. This spicy appetizer is a great start for an easy south-of-the-border meal.
  3. Sun-Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Skewer. Serve this elegant appetizer that takes less than 20 minutes to make to impress your guests.
  4. Citrus Marinated Olives. Marinate olives in this recipe a few days before you want to serve them for a simple dish that is full of flavor.
  5. Star Puffs. This fun recipe is so easy it will have you reminiscing of your Play-Doh and cookie cutter days.
  6. Cornmeal Blini Bites. If you can make pancakes, then you can make these pretty appetizers.
  7. Wrap-Party Apps. This appetizer is so simple to make and requires only three ingredients.
  8. Chocolate Bruschetta. While this appetizer might sound more like a dessert, it pairs well with other starters and is super easy to make.
  9. Spinach-Parmesan Dip. Make this classic appetizer with almost no effort at all.
  10. Mixed Olive Tapenade. The most difficult part of this recipe is going to the store to buy the ingredients.
  11. Smoked Salmon Dip. Mix four ingredients together to make a delicious dip that is good for you.

Meal Salads

These salads make a healthy meal on their own or paired with bread and soup.

  1. Spring Chicken Salad. Use yogurt instead of mayo and a cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store for this delicious take on chicken salad.
  2. Antipasti Dinner Salad. Pair this Italian salad with some bread and wine for a European treat that is easy enough for anyone to make.
  3. The EatingWell Cobb Salad. This salad is hearty enough for a meal and full of nutritious vegetables.
  4. Herbed Greek Chicken Salad. Get lots of flavor in this health salad that just requires the time to cook the chicken and put all the ingredients in a bowl.
  5. Grilled Shrimp and Noodle Salad. Try this salad that is hearty enough for a meal.
  6. Spinach, Chicken, and Feta Salad. This light and healthy salad makes a perfect summer meal.
  7. Quick Taco Salad. To make this easy salad even healthier, substitute ground turkey or chicken breast for the beef.
  8. Penne with Asparagus, Spinach, and Bacon. Toss this pasta and spinach salad together for an easy meal that goes nicely with white wine.
  9. Chicken and Couscous Salad. Use chicken that has already been cooked to make this main-dish salad in a snap.
  10. Crab, Corn, and Tomato Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing. This elegant salad is as easy as mixing the ingredients together.
  11. Romaine and Turkey Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing. Healthy romaine lettuce and turkey form the basis of this salad that is accompanied by a nutritious dressing and home-baked bread slices.


Vegetarian cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, as these recipes demonstrate.

  1. Carrot-Mushroom-Barley Stew. This stew not only makes a hearty meal but is pretty simple to put together as well.
  2. Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Sauce. Omit the Italian sausage from this recipe for a healthy vegetarian meal that looks like you spent forever in the kitchen when you didn’t.
  3. Rigatoni with Green Olive-Almond Pesto and Asiago Cheese. Make the sauce for this dish in a food processor or blender while the pasta is boiling.
  4. Tofu with Red Curry Paste, Peas, and Yellow Tomatoes. Whip up this tasty dish that you can make as mild or spicy as you like.
  5. Summer Squash Pizza. This pizza uses grilled zucchini and yellow squash and is cooked itself on the grill.
  6. Marinara Sauce Over Rotini. This tomato sauce is easy to make and is a delicious alternative to spaghetti from the jar or can.
  7. Jane’s Vegetarian Chili. Canned beans make this recipe fast and easy so you can be enjoying your chili in less than half an hour.
  8. Summer Squash Soup with Pasta and Parmesan. Substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth in this recipe for a hearty soup that works well with bread or a salad.
  9. Vegetarian Chipotle Nachos. Use as many or as few of these ingredients as you want to customize this hearty nacho recipe.
  10. Inside-Out Lasagna. This recipe uses all the basic ingredients of lasagna but puts them together so that the meal takes only a fraction of the time and effort of traditional lasagna.
  11. BBQ Tofu Sandwich. Try this vegetarian sandwich that uses tofu, coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and dill pickles.


Chicken and turkey are the stars of these simple, yet healthy, meals.

  1. Chicken Burritos. This healthy recipe tastes great. Leave out the sour cream and cheese for a low-fat version.
  2. Couscous with Artichoke, Feta, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Be eating this delicious chicken dish in about 20 minutes.
  3. Poached Ginger Chicken. The making the easy sauce to accompany the chicken is the most difficult part of making this meal.
  4. Chicken Souvlaki. This American version of souvlaki is super easy when you use pre-cooked chicken.
  5. Jack Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa. Use a jar salsa to make this easy dinner even easier.
  6. Broiled Lemon-Garlic Chicken. With only six ingredients (including salt and pepper), this dish is super easy to make and tastes great.
  7. Chicken Satay. Mix this simple sauce while grilling chicken tenders for a fast and delicious Thai dish.
  8. Lemon Chicken Pita Burgers with Spiced Yogurt Sauce. Try this healthy dish in place of hamburgers with mayo.
  9. Greek-Flavored Turkey Burgers. Another great burger alternative, this one goes Greek with feta and mint.
  10. Twenty-Minute Chili. The ground turkey in this recipe makes it healthy and the canned beans makes it quick.
  11. Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas & Spring Herbs. This dish looks like it shouldn’t be on the simple and nutritious list, but it is.

Fish and Seafood

If you like fish and seafood but fear it is too complicated to make, check out these recipes that are not only easy, but nutritious as well.

  1. Tilapia with Green Beans. This dish looks awesome and is so simple to make.
  2. Lemon Basil Shrimp and Pasta. This meal can be made in one pot and takes less than 30 minutes.
  3. Arctic Char with Mushrooms. If you can’t find the arctic char, substitute with salmon or trout for this simple, yet elegant meal.
  4. Lemon Pasta with Roasted Shrimp. If you can boil pasta and put shrimp in the oven, then you can make this tasty dish.
  5. Seared Mediterranean Tuna Steaks. Serve this easy dish alongside rice for a complete meal you can make with little effort.
  6. Seared Scallops with Lemon Orzo. The tiny teardrop pasta cooks right along with the sauce in this delicious dish.
  7. Greek-Style Scampi. Angel hair pasta and canned tomatoes with seasoning already added make this shrimp dish as easy as it is delicious.
  8. Salmon Burgers. These burgers don’t take any more time to make than traditional burgers and are a much more healthy alternative.
  9. Grilled Halibut and Fresh Mango Salsa. This fish is easy to fix on the grill and the salsa can be made in just a few minutes.
  10. Spicy Lemon Trout. Make this easy recipe and serve with a salad and bread for a filling dinner that takes little effort.
  11. Paprika Shrimp & Green Bean Saute. Green beans, butter beans, and garlic add tons of flavor to this easy meal.

Lean Red Meat

Find out how to use pork chops, lean beef, lamb, and other lean red meats to make simple, healthy meals.

  1. Chili-Rubbed Pork Chops. If you can use a blender and fry a piece of meat in a pan, then you can make this super-simple recipe.
  2. Artichoke and Arugala Pizza with Prosciutto. You can make this healthy pizza faster than you can get the less healthy one delivered.
  3. Grilled Pork Skewers with Chile Sauce. Make this simple dinner even easier when you buy a chile sauce at the grocery store instead of making it.
  4. Pasta with Pancetta and Tomato Sauce. This pasta dish is sure to please and is easy to whip up in less than 30 minutes.
  5. Beef Tacos: Tacos de Carne Asada. Substitute a leaner meat for the flank steak to have a healthy meal that is as easy as grilling meat.
  6. Superfast Kofte. This Turkish meal can be made with lean beef or lamb and is a healthy alternative to the traditional hamburger.
  7. Greek Lamb Chops. If you’ve never cooked lamb chops, this is an easy recipe to try.
  8. Hot Dogs “Run Through the Garden”. Healthy hot dogs? This recipe calls for fat-free beef franks and tons of healthy vegetables to make a guilt-free hot dog that is easy to make.
  9. 10-Minute Rosemary Lamb Chops. Just add a few ingredients to the lamb chops and broil in the oven for an easy main course.
  10. Pork Chop Suey. This simple stir fry is as nutritious as it is easy.
  11. Pork Chops au Poivre. French cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, as this deceptively simple dish shows.

Side Dishes

These side dishes are easy to make and work well with just about any entree.

  1. Roasted Baby Spring Vegetables. Roast these vegetables in the oven and toss with balsamic vinegar and shallots for a simple side dish.
  2. Corn and Summer Vegetable Sauté. Throw this side dish together in about 15 minutes. Add chicken to make it a main course.
  3. Fresh English Pea Salad with Mint and Pecorino. English peas and mint make this salad a refreshing taste of summer.
  4. Avocado and Papaya Salad. Make this healthy Caribbean salad to go with chicken or seafood.
  5. Asparagus Ribbons with Lemon and Goat Cheese. Use a vegetable peeler to make asparagus ribbons for this stunning salad that just about anyone can make.
  6. Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic. Don’t eat those boring canned green beans when you can make this dish just as easily and more nutritiously.
  7. John’s Raspberry Asparagus. You may be shocked at how easy this side dish is to make.
  8. Baked Sweet Potatoes. These will need a little time in the oven, but take almost no time to prepare.
  9. Delicious Apple Sauce. Sure, you can buy apple sauce in a jar, but it won’t taste nearly as good as this healthy alternative that is easy to make at home.
  10. Orzo with Mushrooms and Walnuts. This side dish looks like you were slaving away in the kitchen but is really easy to make.
  11. Cavatelli and Broccoli. Even those who don’t like broccoli may be surprised when they taste this delicious dish.
  12. Steamed Mexican Corn on the Cob. This delicious corn is as easy as whipping together a simple sauce to brush on steamed corn.


Don’t skip dessert because you think it might not be good for you or it may be too complicated. These recipes are all so easy and healthy that you may put dessert back into the lineup.

  1. Fruit Medley with Mint and Lime. This lovely dessert is not only easy to make, but tastes delicious.
  2. Strawberry Bruschetta. Bring out the sweetness of the strawberries when you make this decadent dessert.
  3. Quick Mixed Berry Topping. Throw this dessert together in five minutes and eat on its own or over Greek yogurt.
  4. Strawberry-Raspberry Sundaes. Frozen yogurt and fresh berries combine for a simple, yet delicious, dessert.
  5. Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt. Plain frozen yogurt gets dressed up easily in this recipe.
  6. Marsala-Poached Figs over Ricotta. While this dessert looks and sounds like it takes a lot of work, it can be made with a few ingredients in less than 15 minutes.
  7. Fresh Fruits and Dessert Cheeses. Finish your meal with a European-inspired dessert of cheeses, fruits, and sweet crackers.
  8. Tropical Fruits with Pistachios and Coconut. Dessert doesn’t get any more simple or delicious than this recipe that consists of sliced fruit topped with coconut milk and pistachios.
  9. Cinnamon Oranges. If you get tired of plain oranges, add a few ingredients to create a whole new dessert experience.
  10. 10-Minute Peanut Bars. Mix these ingredients in a food processor and chill in the refrigerator for a simple dessert.
  11. Grapefruit Sunrise. Grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries combine for a sweet finish to any meal.


Make these nutritious smoothies for a meal that takes almost no time or effort.

  1. Simple Summer Smoothie. This smoothie recipe is easy and full of nutritious ingredients.
  2. Tofu-Fruit Breakfast Smoothie. When you see how to make this smoothie that has an awesome punch of protein, you won’t skip breakfast any more.
  3. Tropical Energy Smoothie. Try this smoothie when you need a nutritious burst of energy.
  4. Strawberry Smoothie. The tahini in this smoothie is sure to keep you feeling full for a while.
  5. Thermos-Ready Smoothie. Make this smoothie with just a few ingredients and take it with you anywhere.
  6. Wake-Up Smoothie. Tofu or yogurt mixed with frozen berries makes for a quick and healthy morning drink.
  7. Banana-Cocoa Soy Smoothie. Here’s a chocolate drink that is actually good for you and easy to make.
  8. Avocado Smoothie. While this might sound a little odd, it is actually a surprisingly delicious smoothie.
  9. Pumpkin Smoothie. This smoothie is like a pumpkin pie in a glass.
  10. Peach Pie Smoothie. For another pie in a glass, try this peach pie smoothie.
  11. Banana Almond Crush. Bananas, fresh almonds, honey, and yogurt make for a healthy and hearty smoothie.

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