100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog


April 5th, 2010

As most health care professionals know, there are many benefits to practicing yoga and meditation. Whether you’re already a yoga aficionado or are considering taking a class or two to try it out, you can find all kinds of helpful advice and information from yoga teachers online. Here are 100 blogs where these yoga instructors are sharing their expertise and experience so you can get a great start or make more progress in your own yoga practice.

Yoga News and Inspiration

Read these blogs to learn more about yoga and to find the inspiration to do it daily.

  1. It’s All Yoga Baby: Keep up with everything going on in the yoga world, for new types of practice to yoga blogging through this site.
  2. YogaDudes: Check back with this blog regularly to read about news, interviews, music, reads and more about yoga.
  3. Yoga With John: Find inspiration for your yoga practice through this blog.
  4. Inner Light Outer Peace Yoga Blog: Visit this blog for news about yoga classes and tips on getting inspired.
  5. Rock Your Boat: If you’re looking for inspirational quotes, new ways to use your yoga practice or ideas of great yoga reading, try this blog.
  6. e-Sutra: This site is the ideal place to keep up with the latest yoga news, journals and teachers.
  7. Bree’s Place: If you’re in sore need of some inspiration, read through the posts on this blog about happiness, motivation and gratitude.
  8. Ignite Your Life: Get motivated to make a difference in your life, in yoga and every other aspect, with help from Laura Erdman-Luntz.
  9. Sahaja Yoga Blog: Visit this blog to learn more about Sahaja Yoga.
  10. Yeah Dave: On this blog, you’ll not only find advice from yoga teacher Dave, but a healthy selection of other materials as well.
  11. Yoga Peeps: Follow yoga news, lifestyles and teachers through this blog.
  12. Bikram Yoga Benefits: Here you can learn from a yoga teacher why Bikram yoga can be good for you.
  13. The Yoga Lunchbox: Find food for thought and for the soul on this inspirational yoga blog.
  14. Light of Love: Through this site you’ll be able to keep up with news about Shri Mataji and the yoga practice she founded.
  15. Yoga Sites Blog: This site brings together posts from the best yoga blogs out there.

Yoga Teachers

Follow these bloggers to learn more about what they have to say about teaching and practicing yoga.

  1. The Capricious Yogi: Mina Habibi is a yoga teacher who loves to share stories about her classes and the uplifting and healing powers of yoga.
  2. The World According to Om Gal: This professional yoga teacher, Rebecca Pacheco, knows loads about yoga and she shares it here.
  3. Grounding Thru the Sit Bones: This yoga teacher has been teaching for six years and shares her ideas about common sense yoga here.
  4. Go Yoga Jane: Get expert advice on yoga and meditation from Jane Reeves, a 20 year veteran, in this blog.
  5. YogaFly: This blogger and instructor is inspired by the beautiful sound vibrations of Sanskrit.
  6. Jamine the Yoga Teacher: Learn ways to integrate yoga into your everyday life and become better at practicing it from this teacher.
  7. Sarah Court: On this blog you’ll be able to connect with and learn from yoga instructor Sarah Court.
  8. Bow Down Yoga: Brush up on your Jivamukti yoga with advanced certified Jivamukti instructor Sofi Dillof here.
  9. Anmol Mehta.com: Visit Anmol Mehta, author, spiritual leader and yogi, on this blog for a serious dose of yoga expertise.
  10. Dada Veda’s Yoga Blog: Check out this blog to follow the life of yogi and leader Dada Veda.
  11. Living Yoga: This blog will allow you access to the life and teachings of Swami Satchidananda.
  12. Playin’ the Edge: On this blog, you’ll get tips on practicing yoga as well as meaningful stories about the everyday life of this yogini.
  13. Inspirasana: Read this blog to read one yoga teacher and student talk about her life and love of yoga.
  14. Is Yoga Legal: This yoga instructor loves to teach but still holds a day job as a lawyer.
  15. Yogic Muse: Follow this yoga lover as she practices and reflects on her experience on this blog.
  16. Everyday Yoga: Instructor Tyran Ormand shares his experiences in class and beyond on this blog.

Location Specific

These blogs focus on yoga in a specific city or area.

  1. Yoga With Nikki Chau: Learn more about the Seattle yoga scene from this blog.
  2. Chai Yoga: Check out this blog for posts by instructor Heidi on nutrition, healthy cooking, and yoga in Seattle.
  3. MahaMondo: Find out what’s going on in the Los Angeles yoga scene through the great posts from this blog.

Tips and Advice

Find instruction and advice on yoga on these blogs.

  1. Joy Yoga: Lindsey Lewis shares a wide range of tips on practicing yoga here.
  2. The Joy of Yoga: On this blog, yogini Emma Silverman provides a yoga sequence each day.
  3. Yoga Everyday: Through this blog, you can get advice and inspiration on mastering the basic principles of yoga.
  4. About Yoga Blog: On this blog, you will find all kinds of tips on poses, styles and more.
  5. Nadine Fawell: Blogger and teacher Nadine shares what makes her happy as well as giving pointers on yoga postures.
  6. Alignment Yoga: This blog can be a great resource, sharing yoga articles, videos and audio presentations by teacher Scott Anderson.
  7. Elise’s Yoga Kula: Enjoy free yoga podcast classes led by Elise through this blog.
  8. Yoga.am: This blog offers lots of information on yoga postures as well as keeping you up to date with yoga news.
  9. Hillary’s Yoga Practice: If you want to do yoga at home, you can get some guidance through the free podcast series posted on this blog.
  10. Yogiatic: Visit this blog for great videos and articles that can teach you how to better practice yoga.

Yoga Abroad

Find out more about yoga around the world through these blogs.

  1. Off Her Yoga Mat: This blogger and instructor shares her expertise with the Malaysian yoga community.
  2. Peace Love Yoga: Read this blog to learn more about this Swedish instructor.
  3. Maya Yoga Samudraa: This blog is home to a yoga studio with locations in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne.
  4. Yoga Classes in Kuala Lumpur: Going to be in Kuala Lumpur? You’ll find advice about classes, tips on yoga and more on this blog.
  5. Yoga Marrakech: You’ll find all the news you need to follow the yoga scene in Marrakech here.
  6. Shiny Yoga: This Australian yogini shares her love of yoga as well as variety of thoughts on her blog.
  7. Woke Up This Morning: This British yoga teacher offers loads to readers and even has her own yoga iPhone app.
  8. Yoga for Everyone: Here you’ll find a yoga teacher based out of Australia who shares her advice, news and information via this blog.

For Teachers

These yoga blogs focus more on helping out teachers than students.

  1. Yoga Journal: From tips about staying motivated to ideas to help students, this site is a great resource for yoga teachers.
  2. Young Yoga Masters: Learn more about what it takes to teach yoga to children here.
  3. Yoga Teacher Training: If you’re learning how to be a yoga teacher, you’ll find advice and inspiration here.
  4. Trinity Yoga: Get some truly helpful tips on making a business of teaching yoga here.
  5. Yoga in My School: Find out more about the difference teaching yoga in schools can make through this blog.

For Learners

Try out these blogs for some help in learning yoga.

  1. Yoga Blog: Find advice, help and information all about yoga on this blog.
  2. Catalyst Yogi: Visit this blog for great advice on living a more balanced and peaceful life.
  3. Yoga Poses: Need a crash course in yoga postures? This blog can help.
  4. Omazing: This site collects great yoga videos that can help you learn.
  5. Dahn Yoga: Learn to live a healthier and happier life through yoga on this blog.
  6. YogaYak: Here you’ll find videos on yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.
  7. Yoga Postures: This blog is full of yoga posture tutorials.
  8. Yoga Abode: Find instruction on yoga as well as a wealth of other yoga-related material on this site.
  9. Yoga Today Blog: Visit this site daily to get new instructional videos on helpful yoga poses.

Yoga Schools and Studios

Get advice and inspiration from these yoga studios that you can bring with you anywhere you practice yoga.

  1. True Yoga Blog: Here you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on everything going on at this Texas yoga studio.
  2. Ishta Yoga: Here, yoga teachers share advice on practice, reading and more.
  3. Spiritual Gangster: This yoga studio has quite a reputation, and you can read more about what they do here.
  4. Five Points Yoga: Find posts about classes and information about instructors on this blog.
  5. Eoin Finn Yoga: Embrace your spiritual side through the posts of this yoga instructor and his studio.
  6. Yoga Vermont: You can learn about different kinds of yoga and find classes to attend on this blog.
  7. Kundalininow’s Blog: Read through this site to find out what’s happening at this yoga studio.
  8. Boundless Yoga Blog: This yoga instructor shares tips for her students and readers on this blog.
  9. Drishti: These yoga teachers post all kinds of fun and interesting things to their blogs.
  10. Blissful Body Yoga: Find everything from recipes to yoga advice on this site.
  11. High Street Yoga: This blog is a great place to learn about merchandise and classes at this studio.
  12. Luna Presence Yoga: You’ll find a wealth of guidance and motivation for changing your mindset here.
  13. Virtuality Studio: Whether you want to learn more about Reiki, yoga or spirituality in general, check out what this studio has to say.
  14. Yoga Rants and Raves: Sherry Goldstein’s Yoga Sanctuary, a studio in Las Vegas, maintains this blog.

Medical and Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga can be great for the mind and body as these blogs will show.

  1. Vivekanand Needam: The posts on this blog are all about yoga and naturopath treatments.
  2. The Everything Yoga Blog: This blogger is a Yoga Therapy expert, offer help with a wide variety of topics.
  3. Ayurvedic Talk: Learn more about yoga, herbal remedies and other healing therapies here.
  4. Prescribing Yoga: Written by a medical student, this blog analyzes the science and practice of yoga in preventative health.
  5. Yogasana for Health: Through this blog you can learn how to use yoga to have a direct impact on your health.
  6. The Suburban Yogini: On this blog you’ll find all kinds of information about yoga, including tips on using it to reduce the pain of fibromyalgia.
  7. Yogi Cameron’s Blog: Hear from Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist Cameron on this blog.

Yogis in Training

These bloggers aren’t teachers yet, but are well on their way.

  1. Southern Yogi: This blogger is working hard on her yogic training in her home state of Georgia.
  2. Yoga Memoir: With everything from recipes to stories of spiritual growth, this blogger shares a wide range of experiences as a yoga trainee.

Meditation and Spiritual Life

Try out these blogs to learn more about the meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga.

  1. The Atma Jyoti Blog: Use this blog as a great resource for meditation and spiritual practice.
  2. Meditation is Easy: Learn how to better utilize meditation in your life through this blog.
  3. Sahaja Yoga Meditation Audio Talks: Get advice from yoga guru Shri Mataji via the talks posted to this blog.
  4. Vedic Meditation Blog: Who better to learn from than a Vedic Meditation Teacher? This blog is full of great meditation advice.
  5. The Meditation Blog: Learn more about the science and spirit behind meditation on this site.
  6. Meditation Oasis: Calm your mind with the posts from this blog.
  7. Yoga Vidya: Find loads of instructional videos and articles on both yoga and meditation here.
  8. Complete Yoga Blog: This blog will teach you how to deepen your experience of yoga.
  9. Totally Zen: Embrace mind, body and spirit through this blog.
  10. Becky’s Yatra: On this site, you’ll find some great lessons and reflections to bring peace to your mind.
  11. Share Yoga: Focus on improving the spiritual aspects of your yogic practice with inspiration from this blog.