100 Killer Free eBooks to Improve Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

100 Killer Free eBooks to Improve Your Health, Wealth and Happiness


The Internet is full of wonderful information, and much of this information can be found in ebooks. Whether you’re looking for guidance on feng shui, or just want to know how to save money, there’s an ebook out there for you. Here you’ll find a great collection of ebooks available online for free.


Brush up on your health knowledge with these ebooks.

  1. Asthma and Allergies: Find out what asthma and allergies are, how they’re related, and how they can be treated.
  2. The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci: Get a look at the complete notebooks and sketchbooks of Leonardo Da Vinci in this resource.
  3. Drugs, Alcohol and HIV/AIDS: A Consumer Guide: Find out how HIV is affected by drug abuse behavior through the knowledge in this pamphlet.
  4. Obesity: In this book on obesity, you’ll learn about good health habits like eating right and exercising.
  5. Working With Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve: This book will help you better communicate with your doctor.
  6. Searchlights on Health: Read all about the science of eugenics in this ebook.
  7. Simple Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness: In four steps, this guide will explain how you can lose weight and be more fit.
  8. 10 Ways to Alleviate Pain: Find out how your mind deals with pain by reading this ebook.
  9. Having Healthy Babies: Expectant mothers should read this book to learn how to avoid or reduce the health risks of pregnancy.
  10. Vibrant Health: Learn how to be healthy from the inside out with this ebook.
  11. Your Health: Learn about diseases and how they can be prevented in this ebook.
  12. 2008 Recovery Month Kit: Learn how to recover from alcohol and drug addiction with the help of this ebook.
  13. High Blood Pressure: In this book, you’ll learn how to prevent and care for high blood pressure.
  14. Energy Healing for Self and Others: Read this book and learn how to heal yourself with energetic tools.
  15. HIV and AIDS: Find out how HIV and AIDS can be prevented and treated by reading this ebook.
  16. Diabetes: In this book about diabetes, you’ll learn the essentials of the disease, including how it can be prevented and treated.

Useful Knowledge

Read these ebooks to pick up knowledge that you can put to use.

  1. Simple Sabotage Field Manual: Learn the art of sabotage with this ebook.
  2. Tame Your Brain!: Read this ebook to learn how to control your brain.
  3. The Practice and Science of Drawing: Harold Speed’s book explains the philosophy behind drawing.
  4. Camping: Prepare and Enjoy the Great Outdoors: Read this ebook to get prepared for a camping trip.
  5. Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases: Consult this guide for a huge amount of phrases that you can use.
  6. Emily Post’s Etiquette: Emily Post’s book explains proper etiquette in a variety of situations.


These ebooks offer a wealth of information about improving your confidence, knowledge, and quality of life.

  1. How to Overcome Social Anxiety: Defeat social anxiety with the techniques found in this ebook.
  2. Affirmation eBook: Learn how to achieve your goals using affirmations with the help of this ebook.
  3. How to Read Body Language: This ebook explains how to read body language for business and personal relationships.
  4. The Seven Challenges Workbook: In this workbook, you’ll get a guide to communication skills that you can put to work at home and in your professional life.
  5. How to Be More Successful: This ebook explains how you can set goals to achieve what you want from life.
  6. Helping Yourself Heal-A Recovering Woman’s Guide to Coping with the Effects of Childhood Abuse Issues: Learn about recovering from childhood abuse from this ebook.
  7. The Epidemiology of Co-Occuring Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Get an overview of substance abuse paired with mental disorders through this ebook.
  8. 12 Fun Ways to Change Your Life: Make a difference in your life with the 12 strategies in this ebook.
  9. Know Your Own Mind: Get an analysis of your personality by using this ebook.
  10. 89 Ways to Simplify Your Life: Read this ebook to learn how to make your life easier and happier.
  11. The Keys to Becoming Confident: This ebook will explain in simple steps how you can become a more confident person.
  12. How to Feel Better: This ebook is written to help people suffering from depression.
  13. 5 Secrets of Motivation: Overcome inaction and achieve your dreams with the knowledge in this ebook.
  14. Mental Health Self-Help Book: Check out this book written by two doctors to get help with your mental health.

Family & Relationships

Read these ebooks to get guidance on interpersonal relationships and family management.

  1. 10 Qualities of the Ladies Man: Learn how to be the man all women want with this ebook.
  2. Protect Children from Drugs & Alcohol: Parents should check out this ebook that will help you keep your kids away from drugs and alcohol.
  3. Time-Tested Dating Secrets: This ebook will teach you how to make Internet dating work for you.
  4. Underage Alcohol Use: Findings from the 2002-2006 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health: In this report, you’ll learn about alcohol consumption by people from 12 to 20.
  5. The Bully: This book will explain how to deal with bullies, both as a child and an adult.
  6. 10 Deadly Relationship Mistakes That Cause Breakups: Help prevent breakups by avoiding these relationship mistakes.
  7. The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook: Read this ebook to find useful resources for getting through divorce.
  8. 45 Ways to Be a Better Parent and Raise Well-Balanced and Responsible Kids: Get practical, effective parenting strategies from this ebook.
  9. 100 Dating and Relationship Tips: In this ebook, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information for creating new relationships.
  10. 35 Smart Dating Rules: Follow these rules for the dating world.
  11. Baby Tips for New Parents: Read this book for guidance on getting ready to bring your new baby home.


Whip up something healthy and tasty in the kitchen with the help of these ebooks.

  1. Prize Winning Recipes: In this ebook, you’ll find some of the best recipes out there.
  2. 365 Foreign Dishes: Learn to cook a new foreign dish for every night of the year with this ebook.
  3. Make Pizza at Home: Don’t order delivery-save money and make your own pizza at home with this cookbook.
  4. The Wellness & Nutrition Landslide: Download this ebook to learn about the food you should be eating for better health.
  5. International Recipes: Create food from around the world with the recipes in this ebook.

Business & Career

In these ebooks, you’ll find plenty of guidance for your career.

  1. Who’s There?: In Seth Godin’s ebook, you’ll learn all about blog writing.
  2. Making Your Workplace Drug-Free: Download this ebook to learn how to keep drugs out of the workplace.
  3. The Small Business Checklist for Success: This ebook offers a number of low-cost business solutions you can find online.
  4. Insider Profits: Learn how to profit from Internet marketing and more.
  5. Top Ten E-Businesses for the 21st Century: Read this ebook to get ideas for profitable e-businesses.
  6. Poor Richard’s Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online: Follow this ebook to find out a number of tips for online businesses.
  7. Go It Alone!: Read this ebook to get inspired to create your own business.
  8. What Do You Want to do With Your Life?: Decide what you want to do with your life using this workbook.

Feng Shui

Check out these ebooks to learn all about the practice of feng shui.

  1. The Top 10 Feng Shui Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them: Avoid the pitfalls of feng shui outlined in this ebook.
  2. A Quick Guide to the Five Elements: Learn how to use the five feng shui elements to improve the energy in your life and home.
  3. Wind Chimes & Water Fountains: Favorite Feng Shui Objects and How to Use Them: This ebook will give you guidelines for using feng shui objects and improving the overall decor of your home.


Learn about a wide variety of financial issues and advice in these ebooks.

  1. 66 Ways to Save Money: Learn about practical ways to cut costs in your daily life with this ebook.
  2. Estate Planning: Find out why a will is so important and how you can prepare one, plus plenty of other helpful details for estate planning.
  3. Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Planner: Read this ebook to know what you should ask when looking for a professional to help you with your money.
  4. 7 Steps to Eliminate Debt: Take control of and eliminate your debt by following the steps outlined in this ebook.
  5. Living Trust Offers: The FTC commision’s pamphlet explains the details of living trusts and how you can protect yourself from estate planning scams.
  6. Get the Facts on Saving and Investing: This SEC document will help you learn how to save and invest properly.
  7. Simple Strategies for Managing Your Money: This FDIC ebook’s checklists will help you get financially fit and avoid scams.
  8. Building a Better Credit Report: In this ebook, you’ll learn about methods for legally improving your credit score, spotting scams, and dealing with debt.
  9. What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance: In this pamphlet, you’ll find out about all of the types of life insurance, plus tips for choosing the right policy.
  10. How SIPC Protects You: Read this document to see how the Securities Investor Protection Corproration will help return your assets if your brokerage firm goes under.
  11. Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future: The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas offers this guide that will help you build personal wealth.
  12. ID Theft: What It’s All About: This pamphlet from the FTC explains how your identity can be stolen and what you can do about it.
  13. SHOP: The Credit Card You Pick Can Save You Money: In this consumer awareness brochure, you’ll learn how to pick the right credit card for you.
  14. All About…The Foreign Exchange Market in the United States: This ebook explains how the forex market works in the US.
  15. Identity Theft: Learn about the details of identity theft and how you can protect yourself from it in this pamphlet.
  16. Debt Consolidation Sample Letters for Free: Find a collection of sample letters that you can use for debt consolidation in this ebook.
  17. Privacy Choices for Your Personal Information: This booklet will tell you how to opt out of sharing private information.
  18. Credit Score: The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket: Check out this ebook to learn everything you need to know about credit scores.
  19. Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number: Find out how your social security number can be exploited by reading this ebook.
  20. Tools of the Trade: A Basic Guide to Financial Derivatives: See how derivatives can be good for managing financial risks.
  21. Healthy Credit: In this ebook, you’ll learn about managing your credit report and score.
  22. Phishing and Pharming: Helping Consumers Avoid Internet Fraud: Protect yourself from internet fraud by educating yourself with this ebook.
  23. Taking Control of Your Finances: Learn how to save and manage money, as well as avoid common mistakes by reading this ebook from the FDIC.
  24. Know Before You Go…To Get a Mortgage: Read this guide to learn about mortgage information you need to know.
  25. Take Creditors and Collection Agents to Small Claims Court: This ebook explains how you can sue creditors and collection agencies based on consumer rights.
  26. What Women Need to Know About Retirement: In this ebook, you’ll learn about being prepared for retirement.
  27. Pathways to Getting Ahead: Young adults should read this book about asset building and policy choices.
  28. Interest-Only Mortgage Payments and Payment-Option ARMs: Are they for you?: This guide will help you determine whether or not you should get an interest-only or ARM loans.
  29. Banking Basics: The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston offers this ebook that will explain everything young adults need to know about banking.
  30. Consumer Action Handbook: A top-notch ebook, this handbook will help you with buying tips and resolving consumer problems.
  31. Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future: Set up a personal savings plan using this guide.
  32. Financial Intelligence Training: Become more financially intelligent by reading this ebook.
  33. Money Matters: Your Guide for Financial Strength: This ebook will help you learn how to set financial goals, get organized, and more.
  34. 401(k) Plans: This document explains everything you need to know about 401(k) plans.
  35. Credit Score: The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket: Learn about the importance of a good credit score and how you can make yours better with this ebook.
  36. Consumer’s Almanac: The Consumer’s Almanac will help you manage your money, get organized, save, and more.
  37. Variable Annuities: What You Should Know: Find out the details of variable annuities with this guide.