100 Scholarly, Open-Access Journals for Nurses


April 21st, 2009

By Meredith Walker

Whether you’re studying to be a nurse in a brick and mortar college, taking classes online, or pursuing some of your own research, getting access to scholarly journals can be expensive, especially if your school or institution doesn’t have a subscription. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, there are numerous journals that are available to nurses and medical students completely free of charge. Here you’ll find a hundred open access journals you can use for your studies without shelling out for a costly subscription.

General Nursing

These journals cover a wide range of topics related to nursing, health care and patient care.

  1. Advanced Nursing Practice: Published by the University of Texas, this journal is home to case reports, reviews and instructional articles.
  2. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing: This U.S.-based journal is a scholarly publication from the American Nurses Association with articles on everything from obesity research to career advice and advancement.
  3. The Open Nursing Journal: Check out this free journal to find information on the latest developments in nursing including research, reviews and letters.
  4. Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal: New and experienced nurses alike can find valuable articles in this journal, focused on a wide range of topics from improving patient care to learning more about administrative tasks.
  5. Advances in Nursing Science: From articles about the historical development of nursing to those addressing nursing concepts from a female point of view, you’ll find a wide variety of information here.
  6. American Journal of Nursing: Nursing students and veterans alike can loads of great information in this journal.
  7. The Nurse Practitioner: The American Journal of Primary Health Care: With some free and some pay articles, this journal is aimed at providing nurses with information on cutting edge research and education.
  8. Nursing Research: Keep up with the latest research and developments in nursing from practice to treatments.
  9. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications: Get technical with this journal focused on topics like diagnosis, terminology and nursing language.
  10. LPN2009: LPNs can learn more about what’s going on in the field of nursing through this free journal.
  11. Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research: Those working in the south can read up on issues relevant to their specific region in this journal.
  12. Evidence-Based Nursing: With quarterly publications, this journal will provide you with free articles on nursing practice four times a year.
  13. Nursing Spectrum: Learn new ways to boost your career and improve your professionalism from this online journal. The site is also home to magazine NurseWeek.
  14. International Journal of Nursing Practice: Why learn about research and practice in only one place? This journal brings together information from countries around the world.

Specialty Fields

These journals are focused in on a specific area of nursing, making it easy to learn more about your specialty.

  1. Dermatology Nursing Journal: This journal provides downloadable PDFs of articles relevant to nurses working in skin care.
  2. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association: Here you’ll find articles about treating psoriasis, rosacea, and other dermatological issues.
  3. Orthopaedic Nursing: Through this publication you’ll find out the important developments in orthopedics.
  4. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing: Check out this journal to learn more about research into how the brain works, how to help patients with brain injuries and much more.
  5. Gastroenterology Nursing: This site provides free access to this journal, focused on the digestive system, preventative care and reparative medicine.
  6. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation & Prevention: Get helpful updates on the things you can do to help patients who are at risk or recovering from heart problems.
  7. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing: Nurses specializing in cardio care will find a range of informative and helpful articles in this journal.
  8. Journal of Infusion Nursing: For those with interest or experience in infusion treatments, this journal provides research, reviews and updates.
  9. OR Nurse: If surgery is more your style, you can learn more about the latest updates in practice from this free journal.
  10. Plastic Surgical Nursing: Get some info on how you can do your best t assist in plastic surgical procedures from this publication.
  11. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Journal: You’ll find out all you need to know about the latest news in anesthesiology here.
  12. Urologic Nursing: Discover new research and information for the treatment of the urinary system in this online magazine.
  13. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing: Explore the history and the future of mental health treatment through this site.
  14. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing: Learn how to improve patient care, use new treatments and more in this mental health focused journal.

Illness and Injury Care

From advice on treating specific illnesses to improving the care of patients with traumatic injuries, these journals have a wealth of information to offer.

  1. Alzheimer’s Care Today: This journal focuses on providing the latest information on the treatment and care of Alzheimer’s patients.
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice: Get free insights into the latest work being done in clinical practice through this journal.
  3. Advances in Skin and Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing: Those dealing with wound care will find a number of helpful articles here.
  4. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management: Help your patients get up and get moving through informative articles in this journal.
  5. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation: Head injuries can be devastating and leave patients disabled in a variety of ways. This journal focuses on new treatments and practices that you can use to help get your patients back in action.
  6. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing: Covering a range of topics, this journal can be a good source of information for those interested in senior care.
  7. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation: Injured elderly individuals can often have a harder time recovering than their younger counterparts. LEarn what you can do to help them get back in shape with this publication.
  8. Topics in Language Disorders: Here you’ll find articles on a wide range of language disorders and the latest research into helping patients young and old.
  9. Pain Management Nursing: This journal can be a source of information for nurses who are treating patients dealing with long term pain and injury.
  10. Journal of Nursing and Healthcare of Chronic Illness: For those who are focused on working with chronically ill patients or just want to learn more about what it takes, this journal is full of information on research and practice.

Cancer Nursing

Those interested in cancer care and research can find more about the role nurses play in these informative journals.

  1. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing: From help with symptom management to pain management techniques, this journal is ideal for nurses looking for advice on patient care.
  2. Oncology Today: Cancer care health professionals of all kinds can find helpful news and information in this publication.
  3. Oncology Nursing Forum: With articles that cover everything from new methods of treatment to helping patients deal with death and dying, this journal offers a comprehensive look at cancer nursing.
  4. Cancer Nursing: With a variety of free articles, and many more to buy, this journal offers some tips on improving patient care and learning more about potential treatments.
  5. Journal of Oncology: This free journal offers research articles, review articles, case reports, and clinical studies on oncology subjects.

Emergency and Intensive Care

These journals focus on innovations in emergency and critical care medicine.

  1. Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal: Check out this journal for new research and information about developments in emergency care.
  2. American Journal of Critical Care: Here you’ll find articles, letters and even tests provided by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.
  3. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly: Nurses caring for ICU or critical condition patients will find helpful articles in this journal.
  4. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing: With articles geared towards both students and working professionals, this journal has a lot to offer.
  5. Topics in Emergency Medicine: Learn more about the innovations in emergency medicine from this journal.
  6. Journal of Trauma Nursing: This journal is focused on new treatments and practices in traumatic injuries.

Pediatrics and Obstetrics

Learn more about caring for mothers and young children through the articles and information provided in these open access journals.

  1. Advances in Neonatal Care: Keep up with cutting edge research in neonatal care with articles on a range of subjects here.
  2. International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery: Nurses focusing on helping new mothers and their babies will find some great reads in this new online journal.
  3. Infants and Young Children: This journal focuses on illness, disease and treatments of children and babies.
  4. Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing: Check out this publication to read articles, book reviews and more.
  5. MCN: Journal of Maternal and Child Nursing: With topics ranging from smoking during pregnancy to postoperative pain relief, you’ll find numerous helpful articles here.
  6. The Journal of Neonatal Nursing: Those who love working with newborns will appreciate the variety of free articles available here.
  7. Pediatric Nursing: This journal offers articles on new research as well as tips and instruction on working with other nurses and improving patient care.
  8. Obstetrics and Gynecology International: This peer-reviewed journal is home to articles, reviews, case reports, and clinical studies.
  9. International Journal of Pediatrics: You’ll find loads articles on new research in pediatrics in this journal.
  10. Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care: From alternative medicine like acupuncture to treatments for pregnancy related nausea, you’ll find all kinds of articles in this journal.
  11. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing: Check out this free journal to learn more about caring for children as a nurse.


These journals are based outside of the U.S. but can still be a very useful source of information.

  1. Aporia: This nursing journal comes out of Canada and is published by the University of Ottawa. Readers will find articles on a wide range of health care subjects, even though that are more theoretical than practice-based.
  2. BMC Nursing: Here readers will find free, peer-reviewed articles on topics in nursing, research, practice and education with a U.K. focus.
  3. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Started in 1996, this UK journal focuses on “theoretical and practical aspects of nursing informatics as it relates to the art of nursing.”
  4. World Wide Wounds: Whether you’re nursing in a war zone or just in a local hospital, this British journal will help you learn more about wound care and treatment.
  5. Professional Nursing Today: Check out this South African journal to learn more about issues relevant to nurses working in this country and around the world.
  6. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing: Readers who visit this site will be able to read papers by nurses working in Australia, with the potential to publish their own research as well.

Community Health

If you’re interested in learning about public health, these journals will provide you with a wealth of free information.

  1. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care: Nurses working in remote or small communities can find articles applicable to their daily practice in this journal.
  2. The Internet Journal of Rescue and Disaster Medicine: Those looking to learn more about applying their medical expertise to disaster areas will find a wide range of articles on this online journal.
  3. Family and Community Health: Check out this journal to find out more about issues in community health.
  4. Journal of Community Nursing: Here you’ll find articles on caring for patients, promoting health and much more.
  5. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing: Improve your care of ailing patients by reading the helpful articles in this journal.
  6. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: Learn more about what it takes to manage public health facilities and provide great health care in this publication.
  7. Journal for Community Nurses: Based in Australia, this journal can be helpful to nurses working in community health around the world.

Administration and Informatics

Nurses looking to make the leap into administration and information management will find helpful free information and advice from this journals.

  1. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing: Improve your hospital’s interoperability and efficiency with a little help from this site.
  2. The Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration: Learn a little more about what it takes to work in health care administration from this journal.
  3. Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice: Those interested in learning more about how to integrate their nursing practice more effectively with other health care professionals will find helpful articles here.
  4. Health Care Management Review: Health care managers and aspiring nurses can find some great advice on management and patient care in this journal.
  5. The Health Care Manager: Check out this journal to learn more about management issues that will play a big role in the success of your facility.
  6. JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration: Here you’ll find information on the latest issues in nursing administration.
  7. Quality Management in Health Care: From preventing medical errors to improving team effectiveness, you’ll find a number of articles that can help you learn more in this journal.
  8. Nursing Management: Improve your leadership success by reading up on some of the articles offered by this journal.
  9. Nursing Administration Quarterly: Geared towards health care administrators, this journal provides book reviews, articles and more.
  10. Professional Case Management: This journal is written by and for case managers hoping to improve coordination of patient care, efficient use of resources, and overall the quality of care.
  11. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development: Build up your skills in employee motivation, team building, training and other staff development issues with advice from this journal.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, these directories are full of health care related journals that are free to read.

  1. Directory of Open Access Journals: Check out this site for access to hundreds of nursing and medical journals from around the world.
  2. Academic Journals: All of the journals listed on this site are free and can be a great source of education and instruction.
  3. Open Access Central: Here you’ll find access to hundreds of biomedical, chemistry and math-focused journal.
  4. Nursing Center.com: This site will provide you with loads of great, free nursing journals.
  5. Nursing Research: Those looking to do a little research will find journals, books, and informative articles on this site.
  6. MedScape: From journals on diabetes to those on ethics, you’ll find a range of free journals on this site.
  7. Open Access Directory: This relatively new wiki is home to a listing of the free access journals available on the web.
  8. Hindawi: Search though this site to find numerous free, delayed access and pay-per-article journals on this site.
  9. Free Medical Journals: The name says it all, as this site is full of medical and scientific journals to whet your appetite for research.
  10. NLM Journals: If you want a comprehensive listing of the medical journals out there, this government site is your best bet. Not every journal listed is free, but many are and you’ll find links to where you can access them.

Miscellaneous Topics

These journals touch upon a range of topics from proper nutrition to nursing education.

  1. Health Care Food and Nutrition Focus: If you’re interested in helping your patients, yourself or the community improve health care through nutrition you’ll appreciate this free journal.
  2. Holistic Nursing Practice: Learn to treat the whole body through this journal, providing a wide range of articles.
  3. Home Healthcare Nurse: Those working with patients in their homes can find helpful articles through this free publication.
  4. Journal of Christian Nursing: Find articles in this journal that help you improve your nursing skills through embracing your religion.
  5. Men in Nursing: While nursing has traditionally been a female-dominated field, this magazine is geared towards the men who work in this rewarding field.
  6. Nurse Educator: In many hospitals and care facilities, nurses are are not only responsible for treating patients but teaching other nurses. This journal contains some great articles on teaching nursing.


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