100 Useful Online Libraries for Nurses and Nursing Students


August 26th, 2009

By Hannah Watson

Nursing is a complex subject. Everyday ailments and injuries number into the thousands and patients are stressful to handle. With a little help from online libraries, nurses can find the professional help the need quickly and with little hassle. Here are the best online libraries for nurses and nursing students.

Nursing Libraries

Offering helpful articles and books on topics ranging from patient care to research, online libraries save students and practicing nurses a lot of time. Here are the best online libraries for nursing specific reference material.

  1. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library: Offering nurses around the world free access to dependable nursing research and information, this site has helpful tutorials and simple abstracts.
  2. National Network of Libraries of Medicine: This government library includes links to a whole host of medical resources for nurses in a range of specialties.
  3. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses: With free references materials and articles for surgical nurses, this library also includes audio lectures.
  4. Intute: A resources for nursing, midwifery and general health, this UK-based library offers easy access resources for professional use.
  5. Lippincott’s Nursing Center: Resources helping nurses provide patients with better care, this library has the newest peer evaluated articles and reference materials around.
  6. NursingWorld: Nurses are often confronted by extreme stress and complex ethical issues, this library from the American Nurses Association helps with job resources, ethics guidelines and the most up to date research.
  7. The Student Nurse Information Center: Dedicated to providing nursing students with helpful information and links, this online library has research articles, reference texts and specialty journals.
  8. Virtual Nurse: An online library of online nursing libraries, this site offers users hundreds of reference tools for various specialties.
  9. Martindaile’s Nursing Center: Offering medical courses, lectures and textbooks, this library gives nurses helpful reference material for continuing education or general professional use.
  10. Journal of Advanced Nursing: One of the most prestigious academic and research journals for nursing, this library of JAN articles covers current events and research topics relevant to healthcare.
  11. AllNurses: An online community and library for nurses, this site provides nurses with articles covering the latest in news and research.
  12. The Free Library: This free online library includes millions of articles and books on a range of topics but also contains hundreds of helpful resources for nurses.
  13. AEGiS: A library providing AIDS education an reference material, this site is a service provided by the US government.
  14. Vitual Stethoscope: This online library for nurses is provided by a Canadian medical school and focuses on training and education for auscultation or the act of listening to the internal sounds of the body.
  15. WCSU Libraries: A library for nursing students this site includes helpful tutorials and archives for research articles.
  16. SPC Library Online: A database of nursing articles and e-books, this resource also includes links to other helpful online libraries
  17. NurseUniverse.com: This library has tools and tips for students nurses trying to finish their degree or find a job.
  18. Pain Resource Center: Offering articles and guides for patients with chronic pain, this library provides pain assessment tools and information on special conditions.
  19. NurseZone.com: Journals and news effecting nurses, this library has advice, reference sources and video for nurses from every specialty.
  20. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses: Featuring research from prestigious nursing schools and labs, this library of journal articles from the AACN is a must for any critical care nurse.

Chemistry Libraries

Through drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemistry plays an important role in nurses’ work. These are great chemistry libraries providing quick reference.

  1. Common Compound Library: A quick reference guide to common chemical compounds, this resource is great for students or researchers.
  2. CHEMystery: Easy to read guides and tutorials for chemistry students, this site also offers free access to chemistry textbooks.
  3. Virtual Library Chemistry Section: An online library from the University of Liverpool, the chemistry section of this site provides academic journals and information on chemical companies.
  4. CHEMINFO: Designed by Indiana University to help students and researchers find and use chemistry resources, this library links to sites offering significant education information.
  5. Cheminformatics: A library dedicated to exploring uses for technology as a means for educating people online, this Trinity University online library provides journal articles and text.
  6. Rolf Classen’s Chemistry Index: An online library of more than 650 chemistry journals, this site makes academic research a snap.
  7. Organic Chemistry OnLine: This library of organic chemistry compounds maps complex molecules for students or researchers to use.
  8. Online Resource Guide for the Chemical Sciences: A quality collection of electronic indexes and databases for academic research in chemistry, this library provides online reference tools, search engines and bibliographic resources.
  9. Advancing the Chemical Sciences Library: Information on chemical structures, business or famous scientists, this online chemistry library offers e-books and journal articles.

Biology Libraries

Biology coursework is at the backbone of nursing studies. These online libraries have useful articles and texts relating to the study of life.

  1. BioMed Central: Open access articles published from biology journals across a range of specializations, this library makes complicated research and lab work much easier.
  2. PLoS Biology: This peer-reviewed open-access journal is published by the Public Library of Science and includes quality articles for continuing education or research.
  3. The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences: The biosciences section from one of the web’s largest online libraries, this resources includes specialties such as botany, biotechnology and genetics.
  4. The Complete Work of Charles Darwin: Charles Darwin changed science forever with his theory of evolution. While numerous detractors still argue the veracity of Darwin’s claim, his work has become widely accepted among mainstream academics. This site provides all of Darwin’s works free of charge.
  5. Biology Digital Library: This library of biology texts includes a database for articles, images and peer reviewed journals.
  6. Action Bioscience: Providing articles discussing biological and environmental issues, the work in this online library is peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality.
  7. The FASEB Journal: This journal is produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and is a bible for any researcher in the medical or biology fields.
  8. AbhayJere.com: An Indian resource, this comprehensive library of biology texts and articles includes a database for ease searches and links to scholarship opportunities.
  9. BioChemWeb.org: Guides, resources and tutorials for biochemistry students, this library offers help for all skill levels.
  10. Nature: One of the most prestigious journals covering the biological and natural worlds, Nature offers a number of its articles for free or an a trial basis.
  11. Lund University Biology Library: This resource links users to free biology and natural science textbooks

General Medical Libraries

By definition, medicine is the science and practice of curing ailments and disease. Here are the best medical libraries for nurses and nursing students.

  1. GoPubMed: A comprehensive, all-in-one database, search engine and library of medical data and information, GoPubMed is one of the Internet’s best and least known health sites for professionals or regular people.
  2. healthfinder.gov: A government library on healthy living, this resource has information on over 1600 health topics from trusted sources.
  3. Medline: Health and medical tutorials written in simple language, this library has quick reference guides to a range of medical procedures, diagnostic tests and specific conditions.
  4. OBGYN.net: A library for health professionals specializing in obstetricians and gynecologists, this site is maintained by over 500 editors with medical training.
  5. Mayo Clinic: One of the world’s most renowned medical facilities, the Mayo Clinic gives medical professionals and amateurs a host of articles, resources and tools for a variety of health related queries.
  6. GeneralPediatrics.com: Textbooks, journal articles and summaries of case studies, this library for pediatric specialists includes social networking features.
  7. Naitonal Library of Medicine: A medical library from the National Institutes of Health, this site includes resources for research and health news.
  8. PubMed Central: A free digital archive of journal articles covering health and life sciences disciplines, this library contains hundreds of journals from elite scientists, researchers and academics.
  9. eMedicine: Thousands of articles from physician contributors, this medical reference site covers medical specialties, surgeries and procedures.
  10. UAMS Library: An open access medical library for people seeking health information, this site from the University of Arkansas offers electronic books and journals.
  11. Merck & Co.: One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Merck is also one of the largest distributors of health information. This library of Merck manuals offers a number of useful medical reference tools, some of which can even be downloaded to PDAs and SmartPhone.
  12. PersonalMD: A comprehensive database of pharmaceutical drugs and medications, this site claims to have information on over 98.5 percent of all retail prescriptions, including generics.
  13. AccessMedicine: Online medical information updated regularly by the world’s leading experts, this resource includes premium and free data.
  14. MLAnet: The site for the Medical Library Association, this site includes medical journals and eBooks.
  15. Lakeridge Health Network: Free online medical journals and books giving users easy access to data, this library gives patients and professionals quality content.
  16. PDR.net: The Physicians’ Desk Reference site monitors FDA trials, offers eBooks and even offers diagnostic tools for healthcare professionals.
  17. MEI: Michigan Ear Institute provides an online library containing extensive information about ear structure, treatment and related subjects. Written by specialists at MEI, this library also has video.
  18. Clinical Neurophysiology on the Internet: A library specific to clinical neurophysiology, this resource includes diagnostic tools, technique guides and articles about new research.
  19. MedLibrary.org: A complete online library, MedLibrary.org is one of the best health resources around. This site includes updates on clinical trials, a Wiki supplement for medication info, and a host of other helpful tools and text.
  20. RxList: A drug index made simple, and easy to use by the Internet, RxList is constantly updating to include more prescriptions. The site includes a number of interesting features such as a list of the most popular drugs by search and prescriptions dispensed.
  21. FreeBooks4Doctors: Offering free electronic versions of textbooks used by top med schools, this site strives to provide unrestricted access to scientific knowledge and information.
  22. Virtual Hospital: An online library of health and medical information offered by the University of Iowa, this site includes a vast collection of articles on a range of topics from anesthesia to urology.

Anatomy Libraries

The human body is mind numbing in its intricacy. With hundreds of thousands of organs, bones, muscles and various other parts, human anatomy is mind numbing in its intricacy. Here are the best online anatomy libraries.

  1. Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body: This searchable, electronic version of the classic anatomy text includes over 13,000 entries and over 1200 drawings.
  2. A.D.A.M.: One of the most useful anatomy educators available online, this library and web tool is available in premium forms or for free on certain sites.
  3. MedicalStudent.com: A digital library of authoritative medical information for medical and nursing students.
  4. GFFI Fitness Academy: This fitness library is dedicated to all facets of the human body, including anatomy. Providing diagrams and educational articles on various systems, this site is fun to use.
  5. Anatomy Arcade: Making basic human anatomy come alive (pardon the pun), this anatomy educator teaches using flash games and linking to informative articles about the subject matter.
  6. ARTNATOMY: Focusing on the face, this resource shows wide range of facial muscles and their use in a beautiful interactive presentation.
  7. Anatomy Atlases: An anatomy library full of text books and interactive maps of the human body, this site is great for beginning med or nursing students.
  8. LUMEN Dissector: An anatomy library dedicated to the muscles of the body, this site includes helpful exams and tutorials.
  9. InnerBody.com: An online guide for human anatomy, this library includes links to news articles and impressive interact maps.
  10. The Whole Brain Atlas: An interactive map of the human brain, this anatomy library offers 3d mapping along with a library of information on normal brain functions and specific diseases.

Medical and Nursing Video Libraries

Video libraries provide new possibilities for self-education and at home reference. Here are the best video libraries focusing entirely on medical content.

  1. WebMD Health Videos: An online library of health videos, this resource from WebMD covers a range of topics like healthy tanning techniques and common illnesses.
  2. Stanford Health Video Library: Educational video on subjects from the lymphatic systems to cancer, this library from Stanford University is available on iTunes, WMV, QuickTime, or even DVD.
  3. Free Medical Video Library: Video blogs, or vlogs, from medical professionals and patients, this site offers advice for common issues like arthritis and pregnancy.
  4. EverydayHealth.com: Health videos for everyday ailments, injuries and diseases, this site posts videos from doctors and nurses offering tips and advice.
  5. YouTube: The world’s largest video sharing site includes helpful and instructive videos on a number of subjects but health is a popular subject with millions of entries. From surgeries to psychiatry, YouTube is sure to be handy no matter your needs.
  6. University of Maryland Medical Center Video Library: This library of medical videos includes tutorials and lectures for hospital management, general surgery and mental health.
  7. Emery King Video Library: This library is provided by a Detroit area hospital and mainly focuses on brain and cardiovascular information.
  8. CGSP Video Library: A library of scientific movies with the brain as its primary subject, this resource is provided by General Electric, a major manufacturer of hospital equipment.
  9. AORN Video Library: A video library for subjects like surgery and nursing, this site offers premium and free videos.
  10. IME Video Library: This medical library from the University of Wisconsin at Madison includes a large nursing section.

General Online Libraries

Education means access to books from any and all subjects. These online libraries include a wide variety of books from science standards to masterpieces of literature.

  1. NIST Virtual Library: An online library of tech books and journals, this continually updating resource includes an array of subjects like biomedical engineering and cancer research.
  2. National Science Digital Library: Providing access to high quality resources and tools that support the learning of science, technology, engineering and math, this library includes access to textbooks, tutorials and movies.
  3. Digital Book Index: A catalog of electronic books, articles and documents, this library includes tens of thousands of individual works from trusted sources.
  4. HighWire Press: Free online articles on any subject or discipline, this database from Stanford University offers update alerts and easy to use search.
  5. Free e-Books: Millions of users access publics domain works through this library of electronic books featuring science and health texts.
  6. Public Library of Science: A nonprofit organized maintains this library for researchers and physicians containing the best quality medical and scientific literature available.
  7. Library Spot: This resource offers links to libraries in a range of subjects from film and law but also medicine and nursing.
  8. Bartleby.com: One of the most respected online libraries featuring anatomy guides, classic works of literature and reference texts.
  9. The Free Library: Featuring articles and textbooks on any subject like engineering or cooking, this resource contains over five million different works.
  10. Questia: A complete resource for students working on research projects or studying, this library contains over two million articles and 70,000 books.
  11. Encyclopedia.com: Offering 49 different encyclopedias from trusted sources like Oxford and Columbia Universities, this reference site helps students do their work faster.
  12. Read Print: Free online books library for students, teachers or anyone looking for reading material, this site contains classic works in the public domain.
  13. bibliomania: Free online literature of over 2000 classic texts, this site also has tutorials, study guides and research tools.
  14. NHS Evidence: A British mental health library provided by the government’s medical system, this site includes articles featuring the latest research and news.
  15. Scielo: The Scientific Electronic Library Online this resource connects students with free material from scientific journals.
  16. ScienceDirect: A science library for subjects as varied as engineering and medicine, this site also contains audio and video.

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