100 Useful Social Sites for Travel Nurses


August 25th, 2009

By Hannah Watson

Whether you want to keep in touch with friends and family, network and share stories with other nurses, or get a little help and advice before your next move, the web is a great resource for travel nurses working all over the world. Here are a few great social sites that will make it easy to chat, find information, and prepare for work at home and abroad.

General Nursing

These sites are great places for nurses in all specialties to connect, give and get advice and network.

  1. NurseConnect: This site will make it easy to find friends and former colleagues throughout your nursing career.
  2. NurseLinkUp: Here you’ll find a social network created just for nursing professionals– no matter the specialization.
  3. ANA Nursespace: Keep up with the activities of the ANA through this site.
  4. Nurse’s Cafe: Join this site to talk to other nurses and keep in touch with other friends.
  5. Nurses Lounge: If you join this site you’ll be able to create a profile and find others working in travel nursing.
  6. Nursing Link: Post your own photos and videos, chat in the forum and read great articles on this social site.
  7. All Nurses: This online community for nurses is home to information, blogs, articles, news and more.
  8. Nurse.com: From education to jobs this site provides advice, information and a chance to connect.
  9. NurseZone: This site has sections for just about every kind of nursing, including travel nursing.
  10. International Council of Nurses: Talk with nurses around the world by joining this network.
  11. NursingDiscussions: This site offers a range of discussion topics for nurses.
  12. MyNurseBook: Like Facebook for nurses, this site offers a range of social networking capabilities.
  13. Nurses Forum: Here you can find information and discussion about a range of nursing professions.
  14. Nursing Center: This site offers both professional resources and an online community.
  15. Virtual Nursing: Here you’ll find a great directory that can point you in the direction of many nursing groups and organizations.
  16. The Nursing Organizations Alliance: If you don’t already belong to a nursing organization this site can hook you up with information on how to do it and let you know what kind of groups are out there.
  17. Everyday Nurses: Chat in this forum about what it’s really like being a nurse.
  18. NurseChat: This online discussion board is a free place for nurses to discuss personal and professional topics.
  19. Nurse TV Forum: Join the discussion on this site to talk about everything nursing, including a special section for travel nurses.
  20. Nursing Voices: This site features talk from nurses around the world on everything from technology to being a student.

Travel Nursing

These social sites focus on connecting travel nurses and providing great information.

  1. HealthCare Gypsy: Create a profile on this site to network and share experiences with other travel nurses.
  2. Travel Nursing Blog: Through this site you can not only read great articles but start your own blog as well.
  3. Healthcare Travelbook: This site aims to connect mobile health care professionals all over the US.
  4. Travel Nurse and Therapist Forum: Join this organization to connect with travel nurses and therapists of all kinds.
  5. Highway Hypodermics: You’ll find all the information and advice you need to make the most of your travel nursing career here.
  6. Travel Nursing Headquarters: Share your experiences as a travel nurse with others on this community site.
  7. Ultimate Nurse: This site hosts a forum dedicated to travel nurse discussions.
  8. PAN Travelers: Create an account on this site to read articles and share experiences in the field.
  9. Travel Nursing Central: Here you’ll get all the information you could need and be able to create a public profile and talk with other nurses.
  10. Healthcare Traveler: This online magazine can be a great source of information, advice and more.
  11. Ask Conrad: Ask all your questions about travel nursing on this great answer blog.
  12. Travel Nurse Coach: Learn about this travel nurse’s experiences, get advice and communicate through the blog.

Finding a Job

If you’re on the hunt for a new job in a new city, these sites can help you make connections, share your resume, and find employment.

  1. Medical Mingle: This social site lets medical professionals, including nurses, network with one another and meet their professional goals.
  2. Nurse Jobs: Seek out new opportunities and jobs through this nursing-focused site.
  3. Hospital Jobs Locator: This site lets you search through thousands of jobs and connect with employers all over.
  4. Medzilla: Here you’ll not only find a great collection of job listings but a thriving community of health care job seekers.
  5. StaffNurse: Create a profile on this site to share your resume, search for jobs and network with employers.
  6. HealthCareerWeb: Through this site you can search for jobs and post all kinds of questions and thoughts in the forum.
  7. NursingJobs: Use this site as a portal to a host of nursing job resources and employers.
  8. Nurse Job Shop: Create an account on this site to post your resume and find great jobs in your location and elsewhere.
  9. MedHunters: Check out this site to search for a job, talk to others, post your resume and more.
  10. Nursing Jobs Help: This site can help you find a nursing job that is right for you.
  11. LinkedIn: This social networking site is focused on professional profiles and can be a great place to share your information.
  12. Nurse Recruiter: This job search portal has loads of listings for travel nurses, helpful articles and lots of other nursing resources.
  13. Nurse Options: Go through this service to get help with your job search and find work no matter where you want to work.
  14. Nurse Groups: This site focuses on hooking up nurses with jobs and providing listings of nursing information nationwide.

Travel Nurses in Training

If you’re planning on becoming a travel nurse but are still in nursing school right now, these sites will be a great help to you.

  1. CampusRN2RN: Use this site to create a profile, write in a blog, participate in a forum and connect with other nurses and nursing students.
  2. Nursing Network: Meet mentors and find out what travel nursing is all about through this social site.
  3. The Nursing Site Network: Whether you’re already a nurse or just a student, you can connect with others through this site.
  4. Diagnostic Medical Blog: This site lets you read articles by health care professionals on a wide variety of technologies and resources.
  5. Healthcare 2.0: Here you’ll find resources and a network created just for the next generation of healthcare professionals.
  6. Student Nurses’ Station: Meet loads of other nursing students through this online network.
  7. LVN to RN: Created by nurses and made for nursing students, this site and its blog are a great place to get advice and support.
  8. Toxic Nurse: This social network can put you in touch with other working nurses and nursing students.


These social sites focus on travel, giving advice about new locations and information directly from locals about where to go and what to do–a great resource when you’re new to a city.

  1. Brave New Traveler: You can participate in the travel community on this site or just read some of the great articles.
  2. TravelPod: Share your experiences traveling or read about those of others on this user-focused site.
  3. Dopplr: Here you can get travel advice from other travelers or find other people who are going to the same destination as you.
  4. Trip Wolf: No matter where you decide to practice nursing in the world you’ll be able to find travel advice from this site.
  5. Trip Say: This site offers personalized travel recommendations created by users just like you.
  6. Driftr: Check out this site to keep track of your travels, share photos with friends, keep a blog and research where you’re going before you get there.
  7. TripIt: This site can help take the worry out of a move, letting your family know where you’ll be and when you should arrive.
  8. TripAdvisor: Get reviews on everything from restaurants to tours with this extremely helpful site.
  9. Traveller’s Point: Through this site you’ll be able to talk with others about destinations worldwide so you’ll know what to expect when you get there.
  10. Globosapiens: Join this travel community to connect with others who love to see the world.

Moving and Settling In

These sites offer you a chance to get information and connect with others when you’re moving and getting used to a new place.

  1. First30Days: This social site is dedicated to helping you through life changes– including moving to a new city.
  2. WhiteFence: Use this service to get in touch with local businesses and find out which is going to be the best deal for your needs.
  3. Yelp: This user-contributed site is an ideal place to find everything from a place to eat to a place to get your dry cleaning done in a new city.
  4. Homes for Healthcare Travelers: This online community can help you find a short or long-term place to live while you’re working as a travel nurse.
  5. Moving Center: Check out this site to get in touch with moving companies, insurers, realtors and more.
  6. Moving.com: From finding a moving company to finding out which neighborhoods are the best, this site offers loads of moving resources.
  7. Homefair.com: Sign into this site to learn all about the important things you need to know when you make a move.
  8. Trip: Use this site to get budget accommodations while you’re moving or find a super cheap rental car. You’ll be able to read reviews so you’ll know what you’re getting into before you get there.
  9. Apartment Ratings: Find out what other people had to say about the apartments you’re considering moving into with this helpful site.
  10. Home Forums: Talk about everything from decorating to how to care for your basil on this home-focused site.

Making New Friends and Keeping Old Ones

Check out these helpful sites to keep in touch with friends and family and find new things to do in your city.

  1. Facebook: Just about everyone these days has a Facebook account which can make it easy to keep in touch with friends and family no matter where you are.
  2. Twitter: Update the people you care about with what you’re doing using this microblogging tool.
  3. Meetup: Whether you’re trying to meet up with people you already know or want to find groups and clubs in your new city, this site makes it easy.
  4. Eventful: Here you’ll find an online community and loads of listings for local events.
  5. Upcoming: This site allows you to find out about local events and manage a contact list of new friends and old.
  6. MySpace: As one of the most popular social networking sites, MySpace offers a chance to keep up with all your friends.
  7. Brazen Careerist: Focused on the Gen Y worker, this site offers career advice and communities for young professionals like yourself.
  8. iMantri: If you want to find a mentor who can guide you in your travel nursing career check out this social site.
  9. Family 2.0: Keep up with all your family members through a portal on this site.
  10. Kincafe: Here you’ll find a platform that makes it easy to connect with everyone you care about.
  11. NetFriendships: If you’re in need of companionship this site can help you connect with others on the web.
  12. Going.com: Find out what is going on in your new city with this site and create a list of friends you can choose to invite to events as well.
  13. NursesReconnected: This social site aims to help nurses get back in touch with others they’ve worked with in the past.

Medical Advocacy

Nurses who want to get more closely involved with patient care and support causes can check out these social sites.

  1. WegoHealth: This site is a home for health activists where medical professionals and patients can connect and help each other.
  2. Cancer Action Network: Join this site to learn what you can do to support the fight against cancer.
  3. Center for Nursing Advocacy: You can participate in this organization’s mission through their site and letter writing campaigns.
  4. Daily Strength: Here you’ll find patient support groups that you can visit to give advice and motivation.
  5. MedHelp: This site can help you monitor your own health or participate in health-focused online communities.
  6. Healia: Talk to others in the communities and blogs located on this health care site.
  7. HopeCube: Here you’ll find a social site with a simple goal of providing encouraging words and hope to those who have serious medical conditions.

Blogging and Journaling

Let your family, friends and the whole Internet know about your personal experiences as a travel nurse through these blogging platforms.

  1. WordPress: This free platform will let you do just about anything you’d like with a blog.
  2. Blogger: Try out this blogging platform to connect you with your loved ones and share your travel experiences.
  3. LiveJournal: If you want o create a blog that’s more like a personal journal, consider this site.
  4. TypePad: Here you’ll find a blogging platform that’s flexible and easy to use.
  5. Moveable Type: If you know a little more about technology and the internet then this blogging site might be right for you.
  6. MedSqod: This site will teach you how to blog and podcast, with a focus on the medical community. You can listen to and read the information on the site and leave your own feedback and comments.

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