100 Useful Twitter Feeds for Nursing Students


August 3rd, 2010

Nursing education is an ongoing process. Even if you’re enrolled in a nursing school, your learning should extend beyond the classroom. You can stay tuned in to nursing any time by just following these Twitter feeds for nursing students.

Health & Nursing News

Find health and nursing news on these Twitter feeds.

  1. @NYTimesHealth: Find warnings, vaccines, and other health articles from the New York Times.
  2. @health: Follow @health for news from Health News Blog.
  3. @msnbc_health: Find health headlines from MSNBC.
  4. @HealthHive: @HealthHive has live health news.
  5. @AmJnurs: You’ll find relevant articles for nurses on the American Journal of Nursing tweets.
  6. @WebMD: Find valuable health information from @WebMD.
  7. @DiscHealthPR: Discovery Health offers links and discussions on health topics.
  8. @medlineplus4you: Medline Plus has the latest news and information on health and medicine.
  9. @goodhealth: @goodhealth features Health Magazine.
  10. @digg_health: See what’s popular in health news from @digg_health.
  11. @NEJM: Read tweets from the New England Journal of Medicine.
  12. @AmerNurse2day: American Nurse Today is the official journal of the American Nurses Association.
  13. @NursingTimes: Read this feed about news and opinions from Nursing Times.
  14. @NPRhealth: Check out this Twitter feed for the latest health news.
  15. @CDCemergency: Get prepared for and respond to national public emergencies with @CDCemergency.
  16. @WSJHealthBlog: This blog offers an excellent source for health and healthcare news.
  17. @WorldwideHealth: @WorldwideHealth is an alternative medicine and health hub.
  18. @cnnhealth: Find the latest health headlines here.


Check out these Twitter feeds to find resources for your nursing career.

  1. @GetNursingJobs: @GetNursingJobs has jobs, careers, and community.
  2. @RNsearch: @RNsearch is an online career concierge for nurses.
  3. @NursesJobs: @NursesJobs tweets tips and job listings for UK nurses.
  4. @NursingJobsPlus: Find the nursing job you’re looking for with @NursingJobsPlus.
  5. @Nursingjobcast: You will stay up to date on nursing jobs with @Nursingjobcast.
  6. @onwardhealth: Find nursing and physical therapy jobs with @onwardhealth.
  7. @TexasNurseJobs: Find nursing jobs throughout Texas with @TexasNurseJobs.
  8. @WorkingNurse: Check out Working Nurse to find articles and jobs for nurses.
  9. @trustaff: @trustaff places nurses in facilities nationwide.
  10. @rnjob: Read this feed to find out how to become an RN and find nursing jobs.
  11. @travelnursejob: TravelMax Nursing is a travel nurse staffing agency for direct placement and travel nursing jobs.


Learn about nursing from those who teach it best.

  1. @HeatherRN: Heather is a nurse educator.
  2. @HarvardHealth: Harvard Health discusses the latest in news and developments.
  3. @UTMedSchool: Follow UT’s medical school to stay on top of research and more.
  4. @sumedicine: @sumedicine has tweets from one of the nation’s top medical schools.
  5. @harvardmed: Check out @harvardmed to find research and faculty clips.
  6. @SarahStewart: Here you’ll find tweets from a health professional and educator.
  7. @vusm: @vusm shares the official tweets from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


Follow along in the nursing school experience with these nursing student Twitter feeds.

  1. @CTStudentNurse: Irene is a soon to be nursing student.
  2. @Kat_SN: Kat is a nursing student from North Carolina.
  3. @MyRoadtoRN: Be nice to Hope-she might be your nurse someday.
  4. @NurseKarma: @NurseKarma is a mom, wife, and nursing student.
  5. @HeatherErhard: Heather is going to school for nursing and works at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Information & Resources

Check out these Twitter feeds to find nursing information and resources.

  1. @nursingideas: @nursingideas has ideas and passion for improving nursing.
  2. @Ausmed: @Ausmed shares health care education and learning tools for nurses.
  3. @nursingbooks: @nursingbooks highlights the best nursing books out there.
  4. @minoritynurse: @minoritynurse has career, education, and health resources for diversity in the nursing community.
  5. @diseaseaday: Learn about a new disease every day on @diseaseaday.
  6. @DermNursing: This institute is an educational forum for nursing practice and patient care.
  7. @NurseJobsUSA: Read this feed to find fresh nursing job listings.
  8. @freenursetutor: @freenursetutor has free educational tools for nursing students and instructors.
  9. @InformedNurse: This is the Twitter page for the RN Pocket Guide.
  10. @druginfo: This community shares drug related questions and stories anonymously.


Learn from these nurses on the front lines.

  1. @Emergiblog: Kim McAllister discusses emergency nursing.
  2. @linda_miner: Linda is a nutritionist and wellness guide.
  3. @GeekNurse: This engineer turned into a psych RN.
  4. @JennaMahanayRN: Jenna tweets about nursing, health, and more.
  5. @podmedic: Jamie Davis is an RN paramedic, educator, podcaster, and speaker.
  6. @Nicurnmama: Laura somehow manages to juggle being a NICU nurse with motherhood.
  7. @TeriRN: Teri specializes in hospice travel nursing.
  8. @ernursek: Nurse K is your friendly neighborhood ER nurse…who is also critical.
  9. @mrsmc: This nurse likes bourbon.
  10. @interponurse: This nurse works in healthcare information technology.
  11. @marandalee: @marandalee is a SuperNurse.
  12. @PMRN: @PMRN is a PM and RN.
  13. @KenBBavier: Ken is a critical care RN and Duke alum.
  14. @crzegrl15: Here you’ll read about the life of a flight nurse and Commander in the US Army Reserve.
  15. @NurseForHealth: Suzan is bringing back the DO NO HARM philosophy of medicine.
  16. @ChristianNurse: @ChristianNurse points out news and resources for Christian nurses and more.
  17. @nursemidwife: Angel is a Certified Nurse Midwife specializing in health and wellness.
  18. @karlaRN: Karla is an RN, mom, and grandma.
  19. @shototsu: Alicia left IT to become a nurse.
  20. @impactednurse: Ian Miller works in the ER of a teaching hospital in Australia.
  21. @nursepickle: @nursepickle offers her perspective on nursing.
  22. @NurseDan: Dan Weberg is an ER nurse with a masters in healthcare innovation.
  23. @humglum: @humglum works as a prison nurse.


Get the official word from these organizations and institutions.

  1. @NurseJanIAm: Jan is an oncology RN working for the California Nurses Association.
  2. @happyhospitalis: Explore a happy hospital through this Twitter feed.
  3. @NIHforHealth: Read this feed for updates from the NIH.
  4. @NationalNurses: @NationalNurses has tweets from National Nurses United.
  5. @mayoclinic: Find news, articles, and more from the Mayo Clinic.
  6. @aorn: @aorn offers tweets from the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses.
  7. @whonews: Find out about pandemics, outbreaks, and world health from the World Health Organization.
  8. @MedSurgNurses: Follow the AMSN for adult health and medical surgical nurses.
  9. @FutureofNursing: @FutureofNursing discusses solutions for improving quality and patient care.
  10. @NotesOnNursing: @NotesOnNursing offers the Hartford Foundation’s look on health and medical issues for older adults.
  11. @AmerMedicalAssn: Check out the AMA’s tweets about the latest health issues.
  12. @AmbCareNursing: Follow the AAACN for tweets about excellence in ambulatory care.
  13. @MedicalConnect: Read tweets from the Worldwide Medical Association here.
  14. @RedCross: Find safety tips and more from the American Red Cross.
  15. @connectedhealth: @connected health works on delivering quality patient care outside of the traditional medical setting.
  16. @ANNAnurses: ANNA advances nephrology nursing practice.
  17. @LIVESTRONGCEO: Doug Ulman is the President and CEO of Livestrong.
  18. @WebMD_Blogs: WebMD shares a variety of health information.

Fun & Community

Experience the lighter side of nursing in these feeds.

  1. @FunnyNurse: Here you’ll find a humor magazine for nurses.
  2. @nurseuncut: Nurse Uncut is a site for nurses, by nurses.
  3. @allnurses: This nursing community has more than 416,000 nurses connected.
  4. @WhatNursesDo: Read this feed to find out what nurses do.
  5. @medxcentral: @medxcentral is a healthcare social networking service.
  6. @NursesDailyDose: Read this Twitter feed to find funny nursing anecdotes.


Check out these Twitter feeds to learn about health care reform.

  1. @2healthguru: Gregg Masters is a health system reformer.
  2. @michlr: Michael Rosseel became a nurse to change healthcare through care redesign and e-learning.

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