20 Incredible iPhone Apps for Troubled Sleepers


April 10th, 2011

If you have trouble sleeping, you know that your frustration leads to a vicious cycle: the more pressure you put on falling asleep quickly, the harder it is to relax, and the worse you feel the next day. If you’re a light sleeper, suffer from a sleep disorder or just can’t fall asleep, use your iPhone as a tool to help improve the quality of your rest. Good sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle, so stop settling for a mediocre night’s rest.

Falling Asleep

Use these apps to help you fall asleep quickly.

  1. AmbiScience: The apps from this developer are each designed to help you take the ultimate power nap or full night’s rest. Appropriate songs to help you sleep are loaded onto the nap, and the app also comes with an alarm and volume control.
  2. Relax and Sleep Well: This app runs 27+ minutes and uses a self-hypnosis meditation technique to lull you to sleep.
  3. Sleep+: Choose from different song sets like Indian sky, First snow or Diamond to help you overcome sleep problems due to health or just poor sleep quality.
  4. SleepStream: Get voice sessions, binaural beat modes and sound generators for better sleep.
  5. 20 Minute Deeply Relaxing Sleep: With hypnosis and soothing music, you’ll be able to relax yourself into meaningful sleep.
  6. Short Sleep!: You can relax more easily when you know your cat nap is being timed with this customizable alarm.
  7. SleepFan: This app makes it easier to fall asleep on a train, plane or in another public or unfamiliar place by drowning out background noise with a steady fan.
  8. ZonkOut sleep timer: Select songs to help you fall asleep, and then customize how long you want them to play before fading out.
  9. Deep Chopra Sleep Meditation: If Deepak Chopra can’t help you sleep with these meditation tips, we’re not sure who can.
  10. Sleep Mood for iPhone free: Create your own fall-asleep mixes with this app.

Good Sleeping Habits

From eating right to tracking your sleep, here are more apps for better sleep.

  1. myZeo: You can actually track your sleep with this app, which records and charts total sleep, and different types of sleep — light, deep, REM and how many times you woke up.
  2. Sleep Hacks: Get tips to control your sleep with this app.
  3. Alarm Clock Music Sleep Timer: You can set regular bed and sleep times with this app that also shuffles iPod music on random to help you fall asleep and wake up the right way.
  4. Sleep Tracker TYLENOL: Keep a sleep journal with the help of this app to remember your mood, how fast you fell asleep, tricks that helped you sleep, and sleeping routines.
  5. The ABC of Better Sleep: Learn how to relax and enjoy higher quality sleep with this app.
  6. Sleep Talker: Find out if you’re a sleep talker or a snorer when you use this recording app.
  7. Yoga Breathing Techniques: Doing these during the day can help you stay relaxed longer, and you can try these breathing techniques as you fall asleep, too.
  8. iEatHealthy: Eating healthier can help you lose weight and also make you feel better during the day, making it easier to sleep at night.
  9. Understanding sleep: Learn about sleep disorders and children, teens and adults here.
  10. Pedometer 24/7 Free: Encourage yourself to exercise more with this app, improving sleep quality.

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