40 Awesome Blogs for Midlife Moms


May 16th, 2011

Whether it’s due to career, infertility, or simply personal choice, many women these days are becoming moms later in life. So many are first-time moms in midlife, with different concerns and needs than that of their younger counterparts. Read on to learn about 40 blogs written by and for moms in midlife.

  1. Nurture: Nurture offers a collection of stories for new midlife mothers.
  2. Antique Mommy: This mom had her first and only child at nearly 44, and prefers to be called “antique.”
  3. First Time Mom Over 40: This blogger became a first time mom at 42, and highlights other women who have given birth after 35 and 40.
  4. My Year of Spending Less and Living More: Follow this blog to learn about a midlife mom on a financial mission.
  5. Midlife Mom: Rebecca Haynes discusses navigating the teen years and beyond as a midlife mom.
  6. Home on the Range: On this blog, a midlife mom shares her love on the Maine wilderness, her family, and horses.
  7. In Sock Monkey Slippers: Read this blog for musings from a midlife mom wearing sock monkey slippers.
  8. Mid Life Mommy: Danielle feels as though she was woken up to life as it was meant to be when she had her daughter.
  9. MidAge Mom: Midlife meets motherhood on Jennifer Bingham Hull’s blog.
  10. In the Mind of a Thirtysomething Mom: On this blog, you’ll look into the thoughts of a thirtysomething mom.
  11. MomAgain@40: Karen is a mom with a two year old and a teenager over the age of 40.
  12. Just a Minute Mom: Just a Minute Mom is all about life as ordinary, middle aged moms of tweens, teens, and beyond.
  13. Tiramisu Mom: Tiramisu Mom shares her life as a thirtysomething mom, including bathing suit shopping for the formerly hot.
  14. Motherhood Later Than Sooner: Motherhood Later Than Sooner is written for moms with more life experience than baby experience.
  15. Mothering in the Middle: Mothering in the Middle shares news and resources for new midlife moms.
  16. Midlife Mom: Melissa Lee shares her random thoughts as she becomes a mom in her forties.
  17. Musings of a Middle Aged Mom: Lisa shares her life as a mom of twins and mother in law.
  18. You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40s: This blog discusses how you can get pregnant at age 40 or even beyond.
  19. Infertility Blog: Dr. Licciardi’s blog offers help for those who have trouble conceiving.
  20. Pregnancy Over 44: On this blog, you’ll read stories of pregnancy and birth past 44 years old.
  21. A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50: Find out what this mom’s life is like after 50.
  22. Fertility Blog: Follow this blog for information about fertility, IVF, and TTC.
  23. Midlife Army Wife: Read this blog about a new midlife Army wife and homeschool mom.
  24. 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility: If you’re having trouble conceiving in midlife, laugh at infertility with this blog.
  25. New Midlife Mommy: This blogger discusses becoming a midlife mom after fertility.
  26. Kat Wilder: Kat Wilder is a divorced single mom in midlife.
  27. Confessions of a Mean Mommy: Denise writes about her thoughts on becoming a middle aged mom.
  28. Midlife Mama: This 40ish single mom shares her life with her daughters on this blog.
  29. The Midlife Woman: The Midlife Woman discusses home, family, food, and blogging.
  30. Mom to the Screaming Masses: Carmen is a middle aged mom to 6, and yes, she knows how it happened.
  31. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom: Darlene writes about being a middle aged mom to two teens, and almost being done with the daily heavy lifting job of being a mom.
  32. Refresh Moments: Mary Pielenz Hampton is a midlife mom turning the daily into devotion on her blog.
  33. Diaries of an Older Mom: Deborah Owensby Moore loves to discuss her life as an older mom.
  34. Ponderings of a Middle-Aged Mom: Read this mom’s thoughts on life, family, and everything in between.
  35. The MisAdventures of an (almost) Midlife Mom: This mom is ready to take on midlife-almost.
  36. Diary of a Middle Aged Mom: Carrie’s blog takes a look at the life of a middle aged mom.
  37. My So-Called Midlife: Karina Bland writes about meatloaf cupcakes, the blessings of insomnia, and other joys of midlife motherhood.
  38. Flower Power Mom: Flower Power Mom shares the truth about after-40 motherhood.
  39. Digital Mom Blog: Written for moms of any age, this blog is great for modern moms with careers.
  40. Pregnancy Stories by Age: Read these pregnancy stories of women in their 40s and beyond.

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