40 Blogs to Follow for Parkinson’s Awareness Month


April 19th, 2011

Thanks to the efforts of numerous activists worldwide, the general public possesses some modicum of knowledge about Parkinson’s Disease. Unfortunately, however, myths still persist regarding what the condition actually entails, and a cure has yet to be discovered. Although the following blogs do not take the place of professional medical consultation — yes, even the ones written by doctors themselves — they do make for a diverse start when learning more about how a Parkinson’s diagnosis impacts patients, their loved ones and their caretakers.

  1. Shake, Rattle and Roll: Kate Kelsall does not allow Parkinson’s to interfere with the life she loves, and she dedicates her blog to spreading awareness of the realities behind having it.

  2. Wobbly Williams: Humor makes for a valuable educational tool, and the bloggers here at Wobbly Williams use it to promote Parkinson’s awareness and dispel many of the myths associated with the disease.

  3. Recently Diagnosed with PD: Anyone adjusting to life with Parkinson’s Disease should head to this blog first, which overflows with myriad resources and inspiration for patients and loved ones alike.

  4. Life With Shaky: Despite its comparatively infrequent update schedule, Life With Shaky makes for a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking insight into day-to-day dealings with Parkinson’s.

  5. Positively Parkinson’s: Turn to Bob Kuhn’s blog for excellent advice and altruistic support when looking for Parkinson’s information and inspiration.

  6. Studio Foxhoven: Terri Reinhart opens up about Parkinson’s and Dystonia, chronicling her experiences with the hopes of shedding light on the ups and downs of life with both.

  7. Off and On: Off and On largely covers Parkinson’s as it relates to Alaskan news, views and experiences, but anyone living anywhere can still benefit from the research and stories it relays.

  8. Walking My Path with Parkinson’s: Art and Parkinson’s therapy collide in one simultaneously educational and emotional read about learning to take life with the disease one day at a time.

  9. Bibmomma’s Blog: New patients recently diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s will find Bibmomma’s Blog a nice sea of solidarity amidst the confusion and adjustments.

  10. Today with Pokie Too and Parkinson’s, Acute Arthritis and Epilepsy: This blog’s 2011 updates have been sparse, but the extensive archives provide great support for Parkinson’s patients dealing with other diseases and conditions on top of everything else.

  11. bobology: A Midwestern Parkinson’s patient proves that the condition challenges, but does not always prevent, patients from doing the things they love most.

  12. Sitting Comfortably?: Despite Andy Daly’s desire to avoid the subject of Parkinson’s, he nevertheless does delve into the subject on occasion — particularly how he earnestly attempts to avoid thinking about it.

  13. Parkinsons Journey: Whether a patient, caregiver or loved one, Parkinsons Journey kindly covers all the questions and concerns people have about living with it, including medication and exercise advice.

  14. My own Arcadia Blog: Individuals and families dealing with Parkinson’s who prefer Spanish-language resources must absolutely bookmark My own Arcadia Blog.

  15. METAMORPHOSIS of BTRFLYNANA/LIFE WITH LYME DISEASE: Despite the title, this blog also covers plenty of topics associated with typical and atypical Parkinson’s in addition to Lyme disease.

  16. But This is the Hand that I Shoot With: Consult Marc Sherman’s little corner of the web when looking for comfort and inspiration when Parkinson’s-related challenges arise.

  17. Bill Schmalfeldt: Musings of a Parky Pundit: This writer serves up Parkinson’s advice and information with a hefty helping of social commentary, politics, humor and plenty more.

  18. Parker’s Climb: The Parker’s Climb crew hope to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro with the hopes of raising money for Parkinson’s research, which they hope to accomplish in July 2011. Follow their training and goal progress here.

  19. Moving Forward: Take a look at Parkinson’s from a clinical (and activisist) lens, courtesy of neurologists at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  20. Partnerships for Parkinson’s: This organization brings together patients, loved ones, researchers and businesses together to work towards finding a safe, effective Parkinson’s cure.

  21. pearlies of wisdom: Children of Parkinson’s patients — most especially those tasked with caretaker duties — can turn towards pearlies of wisdom for inspiration, advice and resources for making sure their parents live as happily and healthily as possible.

  22. About Parkinson’s Disease: Blogs are not a replacement for medical advice, but caretakers and patients considering natural and homeopathic cures might find this one interesting and informative. Make sure to consult a doctor before embarking on any of the discussed strategies, of course.

  23. Talk Parkinson’s: Parkinson’s UK, consisting of patients, family, friends, medical professionals and other supporters, wants to put its resources towards discovering a cure and dispelling many of the myths associated with the disease.

  24. Sarasota Neurology: Not all of the content provided by The Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center’s neurology blog revolves around Parkinson’s, but it is one of their most frequently covered subjects.

  25. Caregiving.com: This general caregiving resource provides a great boon to anyone assisting a Parkinson’s patient — or others suffering from a similarly difficult, degenerative condition.

  26. Uniquely Young Onset: Neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Short works with Parkinson’s sufferers and family members, devoting his blog to individuals struggling against a diagnosis at a particularly young age.

  27. On the Blog: Updated monthly, this blog by the National Parkinson Foundation discusses strides made in researching the disease. Though the target audience is comprised of medical professionals, patients and their loved ones still greatly benefit from the information posted.

  28. Team Fox: Both the Team Fox blog and website promotes efforts of activists worldwide, who host events with the hope of raising money for Parkinson’s research.

  29. The Value of Openness: PatientsLikeMe keeps a general blog meant to inspire and empower individuals with various conditions, but it does frequently cover issues of interest to the Parkinson’s community.

  30. Parkinson’s Unity Walk: Parkinson’s patients, their loved ones, medical professionals and supporters should hit this blog if they’re interested in following this fundraising and awareness event.

  31. Parkinson’s Resource Center of Spokane: Both a blog and a useful website, the PRCS posts up relevant local events as well as national and international news and views regarding Parkinson’s.

  32. Ask the Doctor: Ask the Doctor, Weekly Journal and Programs and Events — all presented by the Parkinson Research Foundation — blend blogging and forum posting together in order to address various concerns and news relating to the disease.

  33. Clinical Research News: PDTrials keeps visitors updated on the latest findings in Parkinson’s studies, with particular attention paid to treatment options.

  34. News: Presented by the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, this feed looks at the disease from a clinical perspective, focusing mainly on all the latest research.

  35. HeroTeo — The Parkinson’s Journey: Teo Kim Hoe chronicles his battle with Parkinson’s in both book and blog form, hoping to inspire others in the situation and pass on information about exercise, medication and plenty more.

  36. Ride with Larry: A blog, website and documentary all in one, Ride with Larry serves as an inspiration to anyone impacted by Parkinson’s, be they patient, caretaker or loved one.

  37. Dr. Diane’s Blog: This busy professional discusses brain disorders, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS and other neurological issues. Her schedule may be sporadic, but she does have some valuable things to say.

  38. Day by Day with a Movement Disorder: Blogger Rosemary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Peripheral Neuropathy, but later discovered it was Essential Myoclonus. Here, she provides an intimate glimpse at coping with life when suffering from any sort of neurological or movement disorder — including Parkinson’s, for which she links to some incredibly valuable resources.

  39. On Being a Christian With Parkinson’s Disease: Not everybody afflicted with Parkinson’s will find solace in faith, but those who do — particularly if they adhere to Christine doctrines — might find this blog inspirational.

  40. Move 4 Parkinson’s: This new read hasn’t been around for too long, but the content it features still opens up a broader understanding of how Parkinson’s impacts people — and the exercise and nutrition suggestions they may want to try.

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