50 Best Blogs for Cleaner Eating


June 23rd, 2010

If you want to start changing how you eat, you’re not alone. There are thousands of other people out there just like you who want to start paying more attention to the food they put into their bodies and making sure it’s fresh, healthy and chemical-free. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to get your diet to be healthy and green, these blogs offer some indispensable resources to help you along.

Clean Eating

These blogs focus on promoting and explaining the clean food movement.

  1. Eat Clean Diet Blog: Writer and fitness guru Tosca Reno maintains this clean eating blog.
  2. The Clean Eating Mama: Learn how to help everyone in your family eat clean with help from this blogging mom.
  3. Eating Clean Works: This blog will teach you how to not only change your eating but your lifestyle as well.
  4. Clean Food: An Adventure In Eating: Follow this blogger as she attempts to eat clean and healthy.
  5. The Gracious Pantry: If you’re looking for clean eating recipes, try out this blog for some delicious ideas.
  6. SimplyClean: This blogger shares her tips and recipes for eating clean as well as staying fit.
  7. Clean Eating Machines: Learn just what it means to eat clean from this blog.
  8. Terry Walters Blog: This blog is home to Terry Walters, the author of the cookbook Clean Food.

Raw Foods

Check out these blogs for advice on eating more raw foods.

  1. ChoosingRaw: Go all-natural and raw with advice and help from this nutritionist and blogger.
  2. We Like It Raw: This blog will show you recipes for foods you didn’t even know were possible to make from raw ingredients.
  3. Raw Food Blog: Find all kinds of posts on raw eating and raw recipes on this site.
  4. Raw Food Right Now: This couple shares their ideas for eating raw through this blog.
  5. Awesome to be Rawsome: Follow along as this blogger attempts to go all-raw for her diet.
  6. High Raw Food With Jessica: On this blog, you’ll find inspirational pictures and ideas for eating raw from blogger Jessica.
  7. LovingRaw: Here, blogger Philip McClusky shares his healthy living and raw eating tips with readers.
  8. Rawmazing: Learn how to choose and prepare raw foods from this blog.
  9. Rediscover Raw Food: This blog will teach you why raw food eating can give you more energy and help your overall health.
  10. Raw Food Passion: Yoga instructor and raw food enthusiast April shares photos of food and tips about fitness on this blog.

Seasonal and Local Eating

These blogs will teach you how to eat more local and in-season fruits and veggies.

  1. The Local Cook: Get recipes that will help you to cook more locally on this blog.
  2. Goddess of the Garden: This blogger offers some tips on using garden-grow foods in your kitchen.
  3. Molly’s Local Foods Blog: Check out this About.com blog for tips and ideas about eating locally.
  4. La Vida Locavore: Learn to live the lifestyle of a locavore with information found here from this organization.
  5. Diary of a Locavore: You’ll find mouth-watering photos of local food on this blog that will make you really want to eat local.
  6. Lighthearted Locavore: This blog is full of beautiful photos and enticing recipes that use ingredients local to the east coast.
  7. Seasonal Ontario Food: Find out what’s in season in Ontario and how you can change your own eating habits on this blog.
  8. Slow Food USA Blog: This organization’s blog is an excellent place to learn about eating local and healthy food.

Healthy Eating

Get some pointers on eating healthy from these bloggers.

  1. Kath Eats Real Food: You, too, can be like blogger Kath and start eating healthy. Read through her blog for some tips and ideas.
  2. Greens and Jeans: This blog helps to make eating healthy simple and appealing.
  3. Eat Right or Kryptonite: Learn some helpful ways to eat cleaner and healthier from this blog.
  4. Cheap Healthy Good: This blog proves that eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  5. The Front Burner: This blogger has the mission to make eating healthy the normal way to eat.
  6. Laurel On Health Food: Check out this blog for cookbook reviews, recipes, and healthy eating tips.
  7. Healthy Flavors: Learn how to make your healthy foods taste flavorful and delicious with the recipes on this site.
  8. Kitchen Courage: Blogger Betherann will teach you how to live a more balanced and healthy life here.
  9. Noshtopia: Here, you can read posts from Steph that promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan and Veggie

If you want to cut down on the meat in your diet, or cut it out altogether, these blogs are a great place to find recipes and advice.

  1. Love Veggies and Yoga: This blogger shares her work as a yoga teacher and her veggie-focused diet tips here.
  2. Eco-Vegan Gal: Learn how to eat not only more vegan foods but greener ones as well.
  3. Healthy Vegan: This vegan blogger posts a wide variety of recipes you can try out at home.
  4. Vegan Diva’s Blog: This Chicago-based blogger posts recipes and dining out options for vegans.
  5. SuperVegan: Need a few vegan recipes to add to your repertoire? This blog can help.
  6. Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen: This blog will teach you to not only eat vegan but healthier as well.
  7. Bok Choy Bohemia: This blogger shares kosher, vegan and vegetarian recipes.
  8. Herbavoracious: Blogger Michael Natkin offers up some truly delicious-looking recipes for vegetarian eats on this site.
  9. Savvy Vegetarian: Check out this blog for simple vegetarian recipes anyone can make.
  10. In the Vegetarian Kitchen: Those in search of veggie recipes need look no further than this blog by cookbook author Nava Atlas.
  11. Eat Drink and Be Vegan: On this site, you’ll get some great inspiration on how to eat vegan.

Organic Foods

Check out these blogs for tips on eating more organically grown foods.

  1. Organic Authority: Find the latest news on organic foods through this blog.
  2. Organic Food Blog: Learn more about how and why to eat organic here.
  3. The Daily Table: This blog will teach you to make more sustainable food choices.
  4. OrganicToBe.org: Read interesting stories about organic products and producers on this blog.

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