50 Best Blogs for Dealing With Addiction


May 13th, 2010

Addiction is one of the hardest things to come to terms with and fight, whether it’s you who has the problem or someone you love. While it may be an uphill battle, there are people out there who are willing to offer help and advice to help you take the first steps. Here’s a great collection of blogs all about addiction, including resources on the basics, getting medical and psychological treatment and the effects it has on family and friends.


These blogs will introduce you to addiction, explain the science and inform you of the latest news on drugs, alcohol and addiction.

  1. Addiction Inbox: This blog studies the science of substance abuse.
  2. Women and Substance Abuse: If you’re a woman struggling with addition, or a family member of one, this blog is an excellent resource.
  3. Drug Monkey: Learn more about drugs, legal and illegal alike, and their affect on the human body and mind from this blog.
  4. All About Addiction: This blog offers information on alcohol, drug, gambling and sex addictions.
  5. Dopamine Dialogue: Check out this blog for inspirational stories and helpful facts.
  6. Drug War Chronicle: If you want to learn more about the War on Drugs, read this blog.
  7. Everything Addiction: From drug-related news to help with addiction treatment, this site offers a wealth of useful posts.
  8. Addiction and Recovery News: Read this blog for the latest news on the subject.
  9. Brain Blogger: This blog will help you better understand how the human mind works, and why some brains struggle with addiction more than others.
  10. The Frontal Cortex: Hear from writer Jonah Lehrer on this blog that discusses neuroscience and human behavior.
  11. Core Psych Blog: While this blog is about psychology more generally, you will find numerous posts on addition and treatment.
  12. Addiction: This blog will teach you about alternative solutions for fighting addiction.
  13. Addiction in Society: Dr. Stanton Peele, author of the book 7 Tools to Beat Addiction, maintains this great Psychology Today blog.


These blogs are by alcoholics in recovery or aim to help those struggling with alcohol addiction.

  1. Being Sober: This blogger has been sober since 1984 and continues to share her experiences with AA on this blog.
  2. The Discovering Alcoholic: Follow along as this blogger battles his addiction demons.
  3. The Alcohol Freedom Blog: Dr. Michael Pearlman offers his professional advice on alcohol addiction here.
  4. The High-Functioning Alcoholic: Being an alcoholic doesn’t always mean being unsuccessful, as this blog by mental health counselor Sarah Allen Benton proves.
  5. dryblog: You’ll find resources, quotes and tips for taking recovery one day at a time here.
  6. SoberNuggets: This blog is intended to be a place for recovering alcoholics and addicts to share their experiences with sober life.
  7. Early Recovery From Addiction Blog: If you’re a newcomer to sobriety, you’ll find support and information here.
  8. Calm Acceptance: This blogger shares her thoughts on being a woman in recovery.
  9. Journey in the Spirit of Hope: Blogger Jess offers spiritual advice to those trying to overcome addiction on this blog.
  10. Living a Principled Life: Read this blog to learn about a man who’s trying to apply what he learned in AA to other areas of life as well.
  11. Alcohol Self-Help News: Learn about how you can help yourself as you’re working through recovery on this blog.

Drug Abuse

No matter what the drug, these blogs deal with the trials of drug addition and offer help finding a way out.

  1. Opiate Addiction: Learn about the impact of opiate addiction here.
  2. Drug Addiction Treatment Blog: If you’re struggling with drug addition, this blog provides information and news that can help you get on the right track.
  3. Drug Addiction Support: Find support and information on drug addiction here.
  4. Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Community Blog: You can learn about the wide variety of treatment centers out there using this blog.
  5. Prescription Addiction Radio.com: Here you can read posts and listen to podcasts dealing with prescription drug addiction.
  6. Gledwood Vol 2: This blogger shares his experiences as a recovering addict.
  7. My Recovery: Check our this blog to share in the experiences of a mom trying to get her life on track.
  8. Addiction Free Pain Management: Many people become hooked on pain medication when they are injured, but this blog will show you alternative treatments that won’t have you rushing to drugs for the answer.

Loved Ones of Addicts

See first-hand how addiction affects others from these blogs.

  1. Mother of a Drug Addict: This mom shares her often frustrating experiences with her addict child on this blog.
  2. Alcoholic Daze: This blogger is the wife of a man slowly sinking into alcoholism.
  3. Addicted Son: Read this blog to see the true impact of a drug addict on these parents’ lives.
  4. Hopelessly Hoping: Listen as this mother of three recounts her experiences of her son’s heroin addiction on this site.
  5. Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction: A Mother’s Story: On this blog, a mother shares the pain and worry her son’s addiction brought.
  6. An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom: These parents share their struggles to get their son into treatment on this award-winning blog.
  7. Love in the Time of Addiction: Check out this blog to read the story of a woman who went from newlywed to divorcee because of her husband’s sex addiction.

Sexual Addiction

If your addiction doesn’t stem from substances, but sexual experiences, try out these blogs.

  1. Sexual Addiction Blog: Maureen Canning, MA, LMFT, and Clinical Consultant, offers help and advice on sexual disorders here.
  2. My Sex Drug: Follow along with this blogger as he struggles everyday to stick with his sex addiction program.
  3. Eli Hornby: This blogger is a dad, husband and pastor. He’s also a sex addict. Learn about his story here.
  4. Betrayed by Cybersex: If you, or someone you love, has an uncontrollable need for porn or cybersex, you can find support here.

Help and Recovery

Finally, here are some excellent blogs to help get you or the addict in your life on the path to recovery.

  1. Addiction Blog: From taking the first steps to rehab to finding a program that works for you, this blog is all about helping you fight addiction.
  2. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab: This blog covers news and information all about drug abuse and treatment.
  3. Addiction and Treatment Blog: Visit this blog to read information and opinions on drug and alcohol treatment.
  4. Addiction Recovery Helper: Learn where to turn to for help and the latest news on addiction here.
  5. Addiction and Recovery Blog: No matter where you live in the US, you’ll find tips and information to help you beat addiction on this site.
  6. Addiction Recovery Blog: This blog offers ideas that can help you stay on the sober path.
  7. Addiction Treatment Challenges: No one said getting clean would be easy, but this blog aims to give you some support and advice to help.