50 Best Blogs for Pharma Students


October 24th, 2010

There’s a lot to learn as a pharmacy student, from the chemistry behind common medications to working with patients who come in for advice. You can help improve your knowledge of the field and how to work well in it by keeping up with the industry and learning from pharmacists and professionals already in the field. These blogs offer pharmacy students a wealth of information on topics related to their major – no matter where they are in their studies.

News and Views

Keep up with the latest happenings in the pharma world with these blogs focused on news stories and commentary.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry: Business Exchange offers up the latest in pharmaceutical news through this blog.
  2. Consumer Reports Prescription Drugs: Read updates about what drugs are in question, new products on the market and those that are most effective on this consumer-focused site.
  3. Rx Times: This site is full of news stories related to pharmacy, from finding jobs to prescribing drugs.
  4. Pharma Industry Buzz: Find out what’s going on with big pharmaceutical businesses through this BNET blog.
  5. PostScript: This blog from Community Catalyst is full of viewpoints and opinions on prescription drug issues.
  6. MedAdNews: Keep your finger on the pulse of the pharma industry with help from the news posts on this site.
  7. The In Vivo Blog: Here you’ll find daily commentary on the biopharmaceuticals industry– from research to public policy.
  8. Science-Based Pharmacy: This blog takes a critical look at the pharma industry from a scientific standpoint.
  9. Online Pharmacy and Prescription Drug Review: Issues with prescription drugs are something that most pharmacists will want to keep up-to-date on as professionals. Find all the information you’ll need on this news blog.
  10. American Pharmacists Association Blog: Through this blog you’ll be able to stay in the know about the activities of this professional organization for pharmacists.


Here you’ll find blogs publishing posts on the latest research being done on medications and treatments.

  1. Pharmacist Case Studies: Find out how new medications and treatments are working, or not working, from this blog.
  2. R&D Directions: Study new research and development being done by drug companies here.
  3. PharmaMics: This blog offers updates on medical research findings of all kinds, from cancer treatments to help for gout.
  4. Omics! Omics!: This computational biologist shares his thoughts on the discovery of new drugs on his blog.


Get insights into what it’s really like to work as a pharmacist, both the good and the bad, from these blogs.

  1. Retail Pharmacy, Life, and General Lunacy: Find out about the frustrations and issues that go along with working in a retail pharmacy from this blog.
  2. The Angry Pharmacist: You’re bound to encounter some things that annoy you about working in your field, and this pharmacist uses a blog as a place to vent about them.
  3. The Angriest Pharmacist: If you thought that last blogger was angry, well, this pharmacist is even more annoyed, sharing the sometimes frustrating parts of his career.
  4. Your Pharmacist May Hate You: Many pharmacists love their work but are sometimes flabbergasted by their patients and coworkers. This is one such pharmacist.
  5. The Pharmacy Chick:Follow along with the daily life of this working pharmacist on her blog.
  6. Jim Plagakis: Read all about life as a pharmacist working in a drug store through this popular blog.
  7. Counsel Me: You’ll get some insights into issues you may face while working as a pharmacist from this blog.
  8. Guzzo Extempore: Read through this blog by Michael Guzzo, a pharmacist in Arizona, that touches on everything from anti-smoking campaigns to health care reform.
  9. The Blonde Pharmacist: This pharmacist posts on a wide range of health care topics related to pharmacy, mostly commenting on current news stories.
  10. Mrs. Pharmacist: Here you’ll read the posts of one hospital pharmacist with a hectic, busy life inside and out of work.
  11. Eric, Pharmacist: This blogger attempts to keep the complaining to a minimum and offer up some solutions to problems pharmacists often face.

Pharmaceutical Industry

If you want to work in research or sales or just have a curiosity about the industry, you can learn more through these great blogs.

  1. In the Pipeline: Derek Lowe, an organic chemist and pharmaceutical developer, posts about research being done for drugs to treat Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis and more on this site.
  2. Placebo Effect: This blog is an excellent place to read news stories and commentary that address the pharma industry.
  3. PharmExecBlog: Find out what life is like on the business side of pharmaceuticals from this blog.
  4. Pharmaceutical – Life Sciences- Industry Services, Globalization & Consultants: This blog will teach you how the pharmaceutical industry is changing and adapting.
  5. Pharma Marketing Blog: Gain a better understanding of how pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold by reading this blog.
  6. Fierce Pharma: You’ll find all kinds of interesting stories related to big pharma, from business to politics, on this blog.
  7. Pharma Strategy Blog: Sally Church, PhD of Icarus Consultants provides business insights into the pharmaceuticals industry here.
  8. Pharmagather: If you don’t have time to read a bunch of individual blogs, consider following this one, which brings together posts from the best ones in the pharmaceutical industry.

Students and Academics

You’ll hear from pharmacy students, professors and academics in these blogs.

  1. Monash University Ask a Student: Have a question about pharmacy school? Get answers from real students through this blog.
  2. PharmApplicants: If you’re in the process of applying to pharmacy school, this blog offers some great posts that can help.
  3. Terra Sigillata: This blog is an excellent place to read about pharma from an academic and research standpoint.
  4. Pharmacist’s Place: Started by a pharmacy student, this blog aims to be forum for those in the field to discuss their experiences and issues.
  5. Black Triangle: Dr. Anthony Cox, a professor at Aston University and professional Pharmacovigilanec Pharmacist, shares interesting stories and commentary on this blog.
  6. Lancashire Care Library and Information Service: Looking for a little light reading on current medical research? Check out this blog to get pointed in the right direction.
  7. I Want to Be a Pharmacist: Follow along with the trials and tribulations of this pharmacy student.
  8. Current Events in Pharmacology and Toxicology: Published by Michigan State University, this blog is a great place to look for updates on research, conferences and more in the field.

Politics and Policy

Get insights into current issues in government related to medicine and pharmaceuticals from these politically-charged blogs and news sources.

  1. DrugWonks: This popular blog is an excellent source of information for the debate on many of our nation’s drug policies.
  2. PharmaGossip: Get the inside scoop on what’s going on with many big pharmaceutical companies from this blog.
  3. Eye on the FDA: Learn more about FDA approval and other issues related to pharma communications, planning and business from this blog.
  4. DrugChannels:This blog provides lots of information and insights into the economics and politics of the drug distribution system.
  5. Pharmalot: Keep up with political and legal issues related to pharmaceuticals with this blog.

Related Topics

Check out these blogs for information on chemistry, information technology and other topics related to pharmacology.

  1. Totally Synthetic: If you can’t get enough chemistry, you’ll love this blog about medicinal chemistry.
  2. The ChemBL-OG: Read about new discoveries in the field of drug chemistry.
  3. Infectious Disease News: As a pharmacist, you’ll be helping to provide medications and vaccinations that can prevent the spread of the diseases. You can read about them here.
  4. Jerry Fahrni: Learn more about pharmacy informatics and technology from this blog.

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