50 Best Blogs for the Low-Carb Lifestyle


October 25th, 2010

Whether looking to lose weight or just want to get in shape, many believe that cutting back on carbs can be a great way to accomplish your goals. You can learn more about how to follow a low-carb diet, understand the benefits it can inspire, and learn the science behind it from these great blogs written by doctors, nurses, dieticians and low-carb enthusiasts.


These blogs offer news, general information and all the essentials you’ll need to know about eating low-carb.

  1. Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: This blog by Jimmy Moore is one of the most popular low-carb blogs out there and is chock-full of information on the subject. Recommended Posts: “Barbaric Vegan Activists Hurl Cayenne Pepper Pie Into “The Vegetarian Myth: Author Lierre Keith’s Face and “Low-Carb Community Responds To Whole Foods Exclusively Marketing A Low-Fat, Vegetarian Diet.”
  2. About.com Low Carb Diets: Here you’ll find an excellent resource for learning the basics of low-carb eating. Recommended Posts: “List of High-Protein Foods and Amount of Protein in Each” and “Flax Seed: The Low Carb Whole Grain.”
  3. Low Carb Blogs.net: This blog brings together posts from a wide range of low-carb blogs, letting you read them all in one place. Recommended Posts: “Serbian English Language Student Sasa Lazic Presents Lecture Shunning Carbs, Embracing Fat For Health” and “CrossFit Limitations.”
  4. Secrets of a Low Carb Diet: Check out this blog to learn some of the things you’ll need to know to start a personal low-carb diet. Recommended Posts: “A Weight Loss Program That Works” and “What Do Supplements Do for Us?
  5. Carbwire: Get your fill of low-carb news, reviews and recipes on this site. Recommended Posts: “Summertime 2010 Book Review Series: “Cereal Killer: By Alan Watson” and “New Study Damning The Atkins Diet Isn’t The Atkins Diet.”
  6. Lovin’ It Low Carb: Look to this blog for some low-carb lifestyle and nutrition pointers. Recommended Posts: “Insulin, Fat and Longevity” and “The Low-Carb Induction Diet.”
  7. Free the Animal: This blog will teach you how to embrace your primal side and eat more meat and fewer carbs. Recommended Posts: “Paleo Diet Problems” and “Metabolism & Digestion: A Key to Weight Loss & Health.”
  8. Low Carb Age: Stop focusing on low-fat diets and learn more about low-carb eating with help from this blog. Recommended Posts: “Cancer, Fructose and Ketogenic Diets” and “Low Carb Gaining Ground.”


Going low-carb doesn’t have to mean giving up flavor and yummy foods, as the recipes on these blogs help to prove.

  1. The Divine Lowcarb: Find fast and delicious recipes on this site that will help you stick to a low-carb diet and lose weight as well. Recommended Posts: “Chili Verde, geared to lowest-carb” and “Midnight Munchies and the Ode to Carbs.”
  2. Low Carb: If you’re looking for some new recipes for your low-carb lifestyle, read through this blog for new ideas. Recommended posts: “Low Carb Creamy Mushroom Chicken Recipe” and “What Is Your Low Carb Diet?
  3. Your Lighter Side: Learn new ways to prepare light, healthy and low-carb foods from this blog. Recommended Posts: “Beef jerky recipes” and “Cauliflower as Lasagna?
  4. All Day I Dream About Food: This blog offers up some amazing recipes, most of which are low-carb and delicious. Recommended Posts: “Sesame Roasted Salmon with Wasabi Mayonnaise” and “Chocolate Nut Energy Bars (Low Carb and Gluten Free).”
  5. Dr. Mary Dan Eades: This doctor offers up some recipes that will help you stick to your low-carb diet but still indulge. Recommended Posts: “Lardy, lardy when will they learn?” and “Essential Cookbooks on my Shelf.”
  6. Low Carb Confidential: Find a wealth of delicious recipes and posts about weight loss on this great low-carb blog. Recommended Posts: “The New Atkins for a New You” and “Baby Broccoli Salad.”

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight with a low-carb diet, check out these blogs for inspiration and education.

  1. The Bionic Broad’s Low-Carb Blog: Find food reviews, posts about eating and weight loss advice on this blog. Recommended Posts: “Cringe Eating” and “Chinny Whiskers and Chili Rellenos.”
  2. PastaQueen: Learn how this woman lost loads of weight through eating right and working out. Recommended Posts: “How to lose 192 pounds in 7 seconds” and “Reader recipe request: Bok choy and ginger root.”
  3. Fat Free Mind: This blog will teach you how to lose the obesity mindset and deal with weight loss and related surgery. Recommended Posts: “The Twelve Days of Christmas for Food Lovers” and “The Top 21 Things WLS People Can Do Instead of Overeat During the Holidays.”
  4. Slow Burn Fitness: This blog will teach you how to exercise and eat right to get in the best shape of your life. Recommended Posts: “Weight Training Injuries” and “Are you eating enough protein?
  5. Sweat.: Don’t know as much as you’d like about working out? This blog can teach you how to exercise and eat to best fuel your body. Recommended Posts: “What does Primal look like?” and “So what is kombucha?
  6. MizFit: Get fitness and health tips for women on this blog. Recommended Posts: “Mizfit Home Exercise Videos” and “How I Learned to Love the Gym.”

Diet Specific

In these blogs, you’ll find posts that reference specific low card diets like Atkin’s, South Beach and the Primal Diet.

  1. Atkin’s Diet Bulletin Board: You’ll find a wide range of posts and ideas for eating right the Atkin’s way on this blog. Recommended Posts: “Couch Potato to 5K training: Week 2, Day 1” and “Need to know.”
  2. Nutritionist’s Blog: Get support that will help you keep up with your Atkin’s diet on this blog. Recommended Posts: “How You Can Lose Weight While Building Muscle Through Exercise and Atkins?” and “New Research, New Directions: Further Indications that Low-Carb Is Good for Your Health and Your Waistline.”
  3. Atkin’s Diet Plan Blog: This blog is a great way to get the help and guidance you need to stick to eating low-carb. Recommended Posts: “Create an Atkins Diet Menu Plan from the Atkins Diet Food List” and “The Atkins Diet Plan Simplified…Atkins Diet Plans & Low Carb Recipes.”
  4. Primal 30 Day Challenge: If you’re interested in trying out the primal eating challenge, give this blog a read. Recommended Posts: “What Can I Snack On?” and “Challenge #1 Eat lots of Plants and Animals.”
  5. Living Atkin’s Everyday: Find recipes, inspiration and advice on eating in accordance with the Atkin’s diet here. Recommended Posts: “Enjoying all the fresh produce..” and “Closing in on 2 years back on Atkins.”
  6. Kalyn’s Kitchen: South Beach dieters will find loads of delicious recipes on this site. Recommended Posts: “Recipe Favorites: Egg Muffins Revisited, Again” and “Recipe for Grilled Pork Kabobs with Spicy Peanut Butter, Sesame, and Soy Sauce Marinade.”
  7. Son of Grok: This blog is an excellent place to find all kinds of great information on primal diets. Recommended Posts: “Recipe: Carrot Cake Caveman Cookies ” and “My Workout Structure.”
  8. Robb Wolf: Find blogisodes about the Paleo Solution Diet from author Robb Wolf here. Recommended Posts: “TRF: Home Cooking! Butternut Squash ala Pressure Cooker!” and “How to Jump the Shark with Fish oil and Moderation.”
  9. Mark’s Daily Apple: Learn more about primal eating from one of the leading proponents of the diet, Mark Sisson. Recommended Posts: “Why Grains Are Unhealthy” and “Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

Health and Nutrition

These blogs focus on good health and nutrition, covering a wide range of low-carb eating topics as well.

  1. DietBlog: You’ll find a wide range of general diet information on this blog, with many posts related to low-carb options as well. Recommended Posts: “HOW TO: Calculate Your Daily Calorie Needs” and “Female Body Shape in the 20th Century.”
  2. Hannah Sutter: Learn more about weight loss and eating healthy through this blog from Hannah Sutter. Recommended Posts: “Diets don’t work” and “Let’s hear it for meat.”
  3. That Health Rules: Need some health advice? Check out this blog for just the facts on eating, watching television and staying healthy. Recommended Posts: “Carbohydrate Fanatics and the Heart” and “Foods To Eat If You Have High Cholesterol.”
  4. Weight Loss Diet Watch: This blog will teach you about the ins and outs of all the diets out there. Recommended Posts: “A Revelation Of The 10 ‘Top Secret’ Foods Of The Healthiest People In The World” and “Do Vitamins Help Weight Loss?
  5. Fat Head: Follow along with this blog to learn about many of the myths surrounding food. Recommended Posts: “A Few Reasons To Avoid Statins” and “The Low-Fat Craze: Let’s Go Back in TIME.”
  6. Mike Roussell: Learn new ways to live a healthier and fitter life from this blog. Recommended Posts: “Dead-On Weight Loss Advice From an Unusual Source” and “Ketogenic Diets: Effective, But Are They Healthy?
  7. The Spark of Reason: Take a look at the scientific side of health and nutrition, with a low-carb slant, on this blog. Recommended Posts: “A Gut Feeling About Insulin” and “Why Do You Eat Grains?
  8. Anthony Colpo: Here you’ll find all kinds of posts on eating fewer carbs, gaining muscle, getting healthy and looking good. Recommended Posts: “Can Low-Carb Diets Make You Crazy?” and “Is cholesterol really harmful? Is insulin really the key to fat loss?

From the Pros

Learn more about low-carb living from doctors and nurses on these blogs.

  1. Hold the Toast!: Nutrition expert Dana Carpender provides insights and information on eating low-carb here. Recommended Posts: “What About Whey Low?” and “I Use Too Much Junk?
  2. Carb Essentials: Learn some easy ways to eat right from Ray Powell, M.D. Recommended Posts: “The History of Carbessentials, The Easy Way to Eat Right” and “Low Carbs vs. Low Sugar vs. Net Carbs.”
  3. Healthy Fellow: JP, a natural health consultant, researcher and writer, posts to this blog about a variety of relevant remedies and diets. Recommended Posts: “Raw Food Diet Revolution” and “Soy Guide for Men.”
  4. Controlled Carbohydrate Nutrition: Nurse Jacqueline Eberstein provides advice on eating low-carb foods on this blog. Recommended Posts: “The Best Way to Lower High Triglycerides: What Health Authorities and the Media Won’t Tell You” and “What Are Americans Afraid Of?
  5. Dr Briffa: Dr. Briffa offers some great insights into weight loss, nutrition and eating right here. Recommended Posts: “More evidence that artificial sweeteners don’t help weight loss” and “Evidence supports the incorporation of nuts in the diet.”
  6. Dr. Jonny Bowden: Best-selling author, speaker and nutritionist Dr. Bowden offers up healthy living tips on this blog. Recommended Posts: “Why I Am Not A Vegetarian: The China Study” and “Top 10 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar.”
  7. The Heart Scan Blog: Check out this blog for tips for reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke and other conditions caused by clogged arteries. Recommended Posts: “Food sources of vitamin K2” and “Goodbye, Fructose.
  8. Whole Health Source: Stephan Guyenet, a professor with a PhD in neurobiology, offers up his tips to maintain health and well-being in this blog. Recommended Posts: “Full-fat Dairy for Cardiovascular Health” and “The Dirty Little Secret of the Diet-Heart Hypothesis.”

Protein Focused

Even if you’re not taking in carbs you’ve still got to eat something. These blogs offer up some ways to get all the protein you need to stay strong and healthy.

  1. Tender Grassfed Meat: Learn more about avoiding processed foods and eating meat that is grassfed rather than cornfed as part of a healthy diet. Recommended Posts: “Don’t Fear the Natural Trans Fats in Grassfed Meat and Butter” and “No Jail for Selling Real Food! Oppose S.3767.”
  2. Animal Pharm: Learn about what pharmacology can tell you about why a low-carb, high fat diet could be good for you. Recommended Posts: “Cardio Controversies: Lp(a) Dangerous at ANY Value” and “Benefits of High-Saturated Fat Diets (Part II): Centenarians, CETP, TYP Diet Part 3.”
  3. Hyperlipid: Find out why you should get your calories from fat instead of carbs from this blog. Recommended Posts: “Low carbohydrate, high protein and ApoE-/- mice” and “Fruit and vegetables re post.”
  4. Ideal Protein Blog: Here you’ll get a great selection of health and fitness advice, with special attention to getting enough protein and eating low-carb. Recommended Posts: “The Importance of Drinking Water” and “Ideal Protein.”
  5. Protein Power: Dr. Michael R. Eades promotes a low-carb, high protein diet on this blog as well as providing a wealth of other health and nutrition information. Recommended Posts: “The Vegetarian Myth” and “Metabolism and ketosis.”

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