50 Best Blogs for Your Children’s Nutrition


March 14th, 2011

Eating well is important at any age, but especially so for young children who need the right vitamins, minerals and nutrition to help them grow and develop. Lucky for parents, you don’t need a medical or nursing degree in nutrition science to understand the basics of eating a balanced, healthy diet. March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to celebrate than by learning more about nutrition for your family? With some common sense, trial and error and the help of professionals like these bloggers, you’ll be on the track towards better nutrition for your kids before you know it.


These blogs will teach you the basics of good nutrition for kids.

  1. Nourishing Thoughts: Parents can learn how to teach their kids about nutrition, what kids should be eating and much more on this great blog. Recommended post: “Pyramid Power vs the Junk Food Bandits- Animated Videos Promoting Eating Healthy Foods.”
  2. Dayton’s Children: This pediatrics blog is a great place to read not only about nutrition, but a whole host of other issues related to children’s health. Recommended post: “Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle.”
  3. Super Kids Nutrition Blog: You’ll get a ton of great ideas to encourage kids to eat right with the help of this site, including recipes, ways to make good food fun and healthy choices you can make as a parent. Recommended post: “Starting a Family Garden.”
  4. Healthy Kids Challenge: No matter where your kids are getting a meal, at school, at home or at a friend’s house, this blog will help you challenge them to eat better and be healthier. Recommended post: “3 Steps Schools Can Take Today for Healthy Meals.”
  5. Meals Matter Blog: If you have trouble getting healthy meals on the table, this blog may be able to help. It’s packed with meal-planning advice that can make healthy eating much easier for busy families. Recommended post: “Meals Matter Moms- Insider Advice on Feeding Families.”
  6. Nutrition for the Future: This blog will help you feed your kids the foods they need to grow up healthy, strong and with a good sense of what to eat. Recommended post: “Fun Ways to Enrich Family Mealtimes: At Restaurants.”
  7. Food Fun Health: Want your kids to want to eat healthy? Take some advice from this blog, dedicated to helping parents get their children hooked on real foods. Recommended post: “5 Reasons Why Family Meals Matter.”
  8. Little Stomaks: If you’ve got picky toddlers or fussy young children, this blog is a great place to look for healthy recipes and stories. Recommended post: “Surprising Easy Solution for Preventing Childhood Obesity.”
  9. Healthy Kids, Healthy Families: This blogging mom has a PhD in nutrition and shares her thoughts on getting kids to eat right for optimal health. Recommended post: “Veggies First.”
  10. SchoolMenu.com: Want to see what your kids are eating for lunch? This site will help you do that and help you stay educated about children’s nutrition issues. Recommended post: “Apricots for March.”
  11. Momma Data: From exaggerated claims to clear biases, sometimes children’s health news isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Read this blog to get the true story behind these news articles. Recommended post: “Best Parenting Books of 2009: The First Annual Momma Data Book Awards.”

Family Focused

These blogs help you find ways to get your whole family eating right– not just your children.

  1. Family Health and Nutrition: Visit this blog to read about the latest nutrition news and get ideas on what you can cook that your whole family will enjoy. Recommended post: “It’s WE TRIED IT! Friday. This Week: Green Smoothies.”
  2. Dinner Together: From healthy meal ideas to the studies showing dinner together as a family truly is beneficial, this blog is an excellent resource for parents. Recommended post: “Involving Kids in the Kitchen: A Developmental Perspective.”
  3. Family Feeding Dynamics: This blog addresses a wide range of nutritional questions parents might have. Recommended post: “Is it OK to put a fat baby on a diet, but not a lean one?
  4. Nourish Family Nutrition: Find a range of recipes and news items here for whole family nutrition. Recommended post: “Tricky Veggies for Kids.”
  5. Whole Family Nutrition: A blogger shares what he’s eating and what he’s making for his kids here. Recommended post: “Embarrassingly Healthy School Lunches.”
  6. Nutri-Savvy: This blogger, dietician and mom believes that eating right shouldn’t be a chore. Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for your family here. Recommended post: “Kids Eat Right: Family mealtime.”
  7. Real Mom Nutrition: Busy moms and dads will find a number of great ideas and strategies they can use to put together healthy meals on this blog. Recommended post: “Tied to My Apron Strings.”


If you’re looking for recipes your kids won’t turn their noses up at, these sites are for you.

  1. Meal Makeover Moms: These moms will show you how to cook meals that are not only healthy, but kid-friendly as well. Recommended post: “School Lunch Reform: An Interview with Chef Ann Cooper (Podcast #120).”
  2. Just the Right Byte: Both you and your kids will appreciate the tasty meals and recipes posted to this blog. Recommended post: “Alphabet Soup! B is for Vitamin B Complex.”
  3. Keep Your Diet Real: Whether you’re cooking for adults or little ones, these recipes use whole foods and healthy ingredients to create healthy meals you’ll want to eat. Recommended post: “10 Healthy Breakfasts in 10 minutes or Less.”
  4. WeeklyBite: This blogger shares stories about her life, but also amazing recipes that use fresh-picked, seasonal foods. Recommended post: “Easy Blueberry Muffins.”
  5. Simple Bites: Here you’ll get access to recipes that focus on using whole foods to create meals that are family friendly (and tasty to boot). Recommended post: “How to Make the Best Zucchini Bread Ever.”
  6. Fix Me a Snack: Short on healthy snack ideas for your kids? Pay this blog a visit for some great recipes. Recommended post: “Homemade Polka Dot Fruit Roll Ups.”
  7. Vegan Dad: If you’re a parent trying to raise your kids without eating animal products, then get some quick and easy recipes for dinner and more here. Recommended post: “Creamy Mac and Cheeze.”
  8. Raise Healthy Eaters: Maryann is a mom and a registered dietician, so she knows the score when it comes to getting kids to eat right. On her blog, you’ll find a range of recipes and meal plans that can be a big help in feeding your family. Recommended post: “10 of the Best Cereals for Kids.”
  9. A Life Less Sweet: If you feel like your family is eating far too much sugar and not enough of the good stuff, check out this blog for some great healthy recipes and more. Recommended post: “Cowboy Pizza.”


Get some advice from the professionals on these blogs.

  1. Inspired RD: Whether you want to get in shape or focus on keeping your kids healthy (or maybe both), this blog is full of great ideas, suggestions and tutorials. Recommended post: “Lessons I Have Learned as a Mom.”
  2. My Kitchen Nutrition: Julie Negrin aims to teach both parents and kids how to eat right through her work and her blog. Recommended post: “Kudos to Cooking Dads!
  3. Mommy Dietitian: Angela Lemond is a dietician and a mother of two. On this blog, she shares ideas on eating right as a parent and helping keep your whole family healthy. Recommended post: “Wellness Lock-In: A ‘Must Do’ For All Families.”
  4. Carrots and a Cupcake: This dietician and mom shares ways that parents can help their kids eat right most of the time, with a few indulgences now and then. Recommended post: “Sweet on Sweet Potatoes.”
  5. Dietician Mom: Elizabeth Ward’s blog on USA Today is one of the best blog resources for parents looking for creative ways to help families eat better. Recommended post: “2010 Dietary Guidelines: What They Mean for You and Your Family.”
  6. Emma Fogt: From healthy after school snacks to the basics of children’s nutrition, this dietician provides some seriously great information for nutrition-conscious parents. Recommended post: “Should Parents Hide the Veggies?
  7. Nourish My Kids: Registered dietician Christina Fitzgerald doesn’t just provide healthy eating advice for adults– she also shares some helpful ideas that can make dinnertime a healthy, fun experience for families. Recommended post: “Dieting and the Drive for Thinness – Eating Disorder Awareness Week.”
  8. Nurturing Nutrition: Who better to educate you on children’s nutrition than a pediatric dietician? That’s just what you’ll find here, with ideas on getting your kids the balanced meals they need. Recommended post: “Your Kids Calories.”


Learn how to nurture your little ones the natural way from these bloggers.

  1. Pure Mamas: These mamas will show you how to use natural ingredients to create amazing, healthy meals your whole family will enjoy. Recommended post: “Homemade Muesli & a Play Doh Party!
  2. Hounds in the Kitchen: These bloggers try to make as much of their food as they can, and you can learn a whole lot about eating the old fashioned way from their urban homestead blog. Recommended post: “Kids Cook Green Monster Smoothie and Kale Chips.”
  3. Healthy Child, Healthy World: Here, you can learn ways to reduce the amount of chemicals your kids eat– hopefully making them happier and healthier as they grow. Recommended post: “Our Intimate Relationship with Food: A Complex Truth.”
  4. Nature Moms Blog: Learn how to raise all natural kids and cook all natural food from this blog. Recommended post: “Save Money on Healthy Organic Foods.”


These blogs address food safety issues, including helping your children avoid foods to which they might be allergic.

  1. Food Safety News: You’ll find everything you need to stay in-the-loop when it comes to any and all food safety issues, from BPA bottles to restaurant inspections. Recommended post: “Students Still Get Too Many Sugary Beverages.”
  2. Food Insight: The International Food Information Council maintains this blog that is an excellent resource for families who want to learn more about food safety issues. Recommended post: “Red Isn’t Just for Roses on Valentine’s Day: The Role of Colors in Our Favorite Red Foods.”
  3. Food Politics: This blog will help you learn about food safety issues as well as focusing on exposing the truth behind claims, advertising and more. Recommended post: “Chocolate toddler formula?
  4. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts: This blog is a great place to read about food allergies, especially those related to nuts– essential for any parent with an allergic child. Recommended post: “Food Allergies, Bullying.”
  5. The Allergic Kid: Parents will find some amazing advice on raising a healthy kids with allergies on this site. Recommended post: “Mini Meatball and Fruit Kebab Lunchbox.”

Pregnancy and Baby

Good nutrition starts before your baby even enters this world. These blogs will help you care for yourself and your unborn child and provide for the little tyke in the first few months following birth.

  1. Beyond Prenatals: Learn what you can do to get the right nutrition you need beyond taking vitamins if you’re pregnant or hoping to conceive. Recommended post: “Vitamin D in Pregnancy and Beyond.”
  2. Expect the Best: This blog will help moms eat healthy before, during and after their pregnancies. Recommended post: “Quick Healthy Meals for Your Family.”
  3. Fresh Start Nutrition: This site is full of great advice and ideas for parents and little ones alike. Recommended post: “How to Choose a Fish Oil Supplement.”
  4. Cassandra Forsythe: Check out this blog for stories and help for pregnant women on what to eat, how to stay fit and how to feed your baby. Recommended post: “Whole Grains are GREAT.”
  5. Your Baby Eats WHAT?: If you’re on a mission to make your own baby food and baby meals, this blog is a must-read. Recommended post: “Futari– pumpkin and yam stew for baby led weaning.”
  6. Mama Knows Breast: For newborns, there’s little better for them to eat than breast milk. Learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding here. Recommended post: “The IRS and Breast Pumps.”

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