50 Best Blogs in the Dentalsphere


April 12th, 2010

If you’re a dentist, student, or just love tooth health, you should check out some of the excellent dental blogs available online. You can read about specialties, dentist resources, and more. Read our list to find the 50 best blogs in the dentalsphere.


Take a general look at dentistry through these blogs.

  1. WorlDental: Find free dentistry information and news on WorlDental.
  2. DMD Student: Here you’ll find a dental school student blog.
  3. Dentist Love: 1 800 Dentist offers dental advice for real people.
  4. Dental Care Blog: Dental Care Blog shares complete dental health care advice.
  5. Dale Dental’s Blog: Read about Dale Dental products, people, and more on this blog.
  6. About Dental Care: About Dental Care is your guide to dentistry and dental care.
  7. TeethRemoval: This blog encourages you to think twice before removing wisdom teeth.
  8. Dental Blogs: Dental Blogs offers dental news for dentists from the best minds in dentistry.
  9. FlullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog: This blog offers news and commentary on the dental world.
  10. Dental Heroes: Dental Heroes shares dental news and marketing for dental professionals.

Advice & Resources

Find advice and resources for marketing, products, and much more in these blogs.

  1. The Inci-Dental Blog: The Inci-Dental Blog is all about dentists helping dentists succeed.
  2. Dr. Bicuspid: Dr. Bicuspid writes about the industry, products, dental cases, and more.
  3. Sane Dentist Blog: Get your daily dentist dose from this blog.
  4. The Visible Dentist: Find dental marketing ideas from The Visible Dentist.
  5. Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Check out this blog to find dental business advice.
  6. Exceptional Dental Practice Management: This blog offers great advice for dental practice management.
  7. Open Wide: Kevin McGonigal’s blog covers dentistry, business, and life.
  8. Dr. Practice: Read the Dr. Practice blog to make your practice perfect.
  9. The Dental Blog: Find advice for your dental practice on this blog.
  10. Niche Dental Arts: Niche Dental Arts discusses finding a profitable corner of the dental market.
  11. Dentist Marketers: Read this blog to get free tips and marketing strategies for dentists.
  12. Dental Marketing Blog: Find marketing tools and more in this blog for dentists.
  13. Dental CPAs: Find financial guidance for dentists on this blog.
  14. The TAO of Dentistry: The TAO of Dentistry encourages readers to create a practice philosophy through open dialogue.
  15. Dental Practice Marketing and Management: Jim Du Molin’s blog is all about advancing your dental practice.


You’ll read about dental technology in these blogs.

  1. Dr. Paul’s Dental Technology: Dr. Paul’s blog discusses resources for the dental community with a concentration on technology.
  2. Technically Dental: Technically Dental writes about technology in the dental practice.
  3. John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog: John Flucke writes about dental technology on this blog.
  4. The Digital Dentist: The Digital Dentist offers advice on adding to or upgrading dental technology systems.
  5. Teeth, Tech, and Truth: Dr. Jeff Rohde blogs about teeth, technology, and truth here.
  6. Marty Jablow: Marty Jablow shares dental news and technology for your practice.


Learn about the dental career straight from dentists themselves on these blogs.

  1. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog: Dr. Hans Skariah shares his musings about dentistry, science, and more on the Tooth Booth.
  2. Dr. Jafari’s Dental Blog: Dr. Rez Jafari writes about cosmetic and family dentistry.
  3. Prisma Dental: Explore dental care in Costa Rica through this blog.
  4. The Daily Grind: The Daily Grind will give you a look into the life of a general dentist practicing today.
  5. Dr. Chetan: Dr. Chetan’s blog covers dentistry and dental information.
  6. Flap’s Dentistry Blog: Read this blog for Flap’s comments on the dental world and more.


Focus on specialties in these dental blogs.

  1. Inspired Hygiene: Inspired Hygiene helps dentists tap in to hygiene’s profit potential.
  2. The Endo Blog: The Endo Blog discusses the clinical practice of endontics.
  3. Pediatric Dentistry: This blog is dedicated to pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.
  4. Lance Timmerman: See the latest in cosmetic dentistry advances with Lance Timmerman’s blog.
  5. Cosmetic Dentistry Blog: This blog offers advice and a source for cosmetic dentists.
  6. Brookside Dental’s Blog: These dentists discuss cosmetic and preventive dentistry.
  7. Big Tooth Blog: You’ll learn about cosmetic dentistry on the Big Tooth Blog.
  8. Dr. Tom Farley DDS: Dr. Tom Farley discusses his cosmetic dentistry practice on this blog.
  9. The Dental Implant Blog: The Dental Implant Blog shares insight into the world of dentistry-implant and otherwise.
  10. Dental Implant Professional: Dental Implant Professional focuses on dental implant surgery and periodontal disease control.
  11. Orthodontics Today: Orthodontics Today discusses braces from an orthodontics patient perspective.
  12. Los Angeles Orthodontics Blog: Dr. Nikaeen offers insight into the world of orthodontics.
  13. Wu Orthodontics: Wu Orthodontics will keep you up to date on Invisalign and damon braces.

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