50 Best Diabetes Blogs


July 19th, 2010

Whether you’re a student in nursing school hoping to learn more about diabetes, or if you suffer from the condition yourself, there is a lot of information out there on the web that can be pretty enlightening. Here are 50 blogs that provide information, news, and support on everything diabetes related.

Inspiring Reads

These blogs are great reads for finding help and support for diabetes.

  1. Diabetes Mine: For over five years this blog has been offering readers ideas and support to help them live better with diabetes, from what to eat to what to read and everything in between. Recommended posts: “An Open Letter to Steve Jobs” and “Teens with Diabetes: Freedom is Their Secret Drug.
  2. Six Until Me: Blogger Kerry Morrone Sparling shares her experiences living with diabetes, as she explains, “diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.” Recommended posts: “Little Hands” and “Found.
  3. Diabetes Stories: This blog can be a great source of motivational tips for improving your diabetes management and quality of life, largely though personal stories and discoveries of the author. Recommended posts: “New approach to type 2 diabetes management” and “Just a little bionic.
  4. Inspired by Diabetes: Whether you have diabetes or love someone who does, you’ll find inspirational stories and new ideas on this blog. Recommended posts: “John’s Story” and “Thankful that I am diabetic- Brian.


Here you’ll find blogs that are written by or geared towards medical professionals.

  1. Dr. Bill Quick: Dr. Bill Quick is a diabetes expert who is suffering from the disease himself. Read this blog to learn about new medications and treatments. Recommended posts: “Same Song, Second Verse” and “Bret Michaels: A Rockin’ Role Model for Celebrities with Diabetes.
  2. GI News: Here you’ll find the Glycemic Index Newsletter, full of the latest medical and health care information on blood glucose monitoring. Recommended posts: “Food for Thought” and “Renovate Your Recipes.”
  3. D-Log Cabin: This EMT is working towards her RN degree and sharing her commentary about living with diabetes on this blog. Recommended posts: “The Ozprah Effect” and “Blue Cross Blues.”
  4. Diabetes In Control: Even if you’re not a medical professional you can find a wealth of important news and information that can help you better control your diabetes here. Recommended posts: “A Spoonful of Vinegar Helps the Sugar Go Down” and “Security Guidelines for Traveling With Diabetes.”
  5. Diabetes Education Voices: The American Association of Diabetes Educators maintains this blog, with interesting commentary and advice on life with diabetes and improving your medical care. Recommended posts: “Faith in Diabetes Management” and “Maximize Your ZZZzzs.”
  6. JJS Diabetes: This medical practice is focused on treating patients with diabetes and offers links to relevant articles and information on its blog. Recommended posts: “That’s One Small Step For The FDA And One More Delay For MannKind” and “Things Are Different Now.”


Find the latest news in diabetes research and care on these blogs.

  1. Diabetes 24-7: This type one diabetic, mother and blogger shares helpful news about the latest in diabetes care here. Recommended posts: “Diabetes and Venture Capitalism: a Bright Spot for the Economy and Patients” and “Diabetes Blogosphere: Relaunching in an Evolving Community.”
  2. Diebetologica: Read about a wide range of diabetes and health care issues on this blog. Recommended posts: “A Non-invasive Glucose Sensor?” and “Weight Loss May Beat Intensive Insulin Therapy …
  3. About.com Type 2 Diabetes: If you’ve got Type 2 diabetes, you’ll find helpful articles on the basics and new research here. Recommended posts: “Can Cinnamon Help Lower Blood Glucose and Cholesterol?” and “Trying to Lose Weight? Fall in Love with Vegetables.”
  4. AOL Health Diabetes: Learn to take better care of yourself and live well with diabetes with help from this blog. Recommended posts: “Gum Disease Patients Have High Diabetes Risk” and “Diabetes Success Stories.”
  5. Scott’s Web Log: Scott Strumello offers literature and commentary on Type 1 diabetes on this blog, so sufferers can make better informed decisions about their care. Recommended posts: “Tell the FDA +/- 20% Is Not “Good Enough” … Today!” and “Redefining ‘Normal’.”
  6. Diabetes Update: Blogger and diabetic Jenny aims to share helpful information and research about diabetes that can help you better manage your care. Recommended posts: “Antioxidant Vitamins Raise Insulin Resistance and Render Exercise Useless” and “Why Weight Loss Stops on Long Term Low Carb Diets.”
  7. Battle Diabetes: Get a little help in learning how to control your diabetes and what it means for your life from this blog. Recommended posts: “Natural Foods and Supplements to Reduce Your Blood Sugar” and “100 Beers That Can Raise Your Blood Sugar and Produce Hyperglycemia.”
  8. Science Daily Diabetes News: Read the latest news about scientific developments related to diabetes on this site. Recommended posts: “Why Low Vitamin D Raises Heart Disease Risks In Diabetics” and “Is Inhaled Insulin Delivery Still A Possibility? Why Has It Been A Commercial Failure?.”
  9. Diabetes Self-Management: These bloggers offer tips on how to better take care of your diabetes, from eating right to taking medication. Recommended posts: “A Good Forum is Not So Hard to Find” and “High-Fructose Corn Syrup: The Controversy Continues.”
  10. dLife Today: This site is an excellent source of new and exciting diabetes news. Recommended posts: “World Diabetes Day” and “Artificial Pancreas Shows Real Promise.”
  11. Diabetic Live: Through this blog, you’ll be able to learn more about diabetes care, financial concerns, and overall health. Recommended posts: “Record Breaking Cyclist Tackles Diabetes” and “Hitting the Bulls Eye: Coming to Terms with Diabetes.”
  12. Daily Diabetic: This blogger shares products and ideas for better diabetes care. Recommended posts: “ADA Diabetes Cookbook is Best in the World” and “Gardenia Fruit Still A Hot Diabetes Topic.”

Diabetic Men

Here you can get a male perspective on what it’s like to live with diabetes.

  1. David Mendosa Type 2: Here, David Mendosa shares his experiences living with diabetes as well as some information about diabetes activism. Recommended posts: “Broken Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Health” and “The Trouble with Diet Soda.”
  2. Type 1 Rider: Read this blog to learn how one diabetic man is taking to the road, training and caring for his diabetes as a cyclist. Recommended posts: “Thursday, April 30, 2009” and “Sunday, January 31, 2010.”
  3. The Diabetic’s Corner Booth: Michael Hoskins uses this blog to offer his point of view on living with diabetes for over 25 years. Recommended posts: “Politics of Diabetes” and “The Marveling D-Universe: Intro.”
  4. Scott’s Diabetes Journal: This blog is home to Scott Johnson, a Type 1 diabetic who wants to share the struggles of living with diabetes with others suffering from the disease. Recommended posts: “Food Issues & Type 1 Diabetes” and “I Didn’t Have A Chance…
  5. Type 2 Diabetes: A Personal Journey: This Aussie blogger offers up his health and nutrition advice to help manage Type 2 diabetes on this blog. Recommended posts: “Testing on a Budget” and “Painless Pricks.”
  6. Diabetiville: Here you’ll find a wide range of posts on living and managing diabetes from Mark-John Clifford. Recommended posts: “What Is It Like To Be Diabetic?” and “Product Review Day…Myabetic! Making A Difference In Lives!
  7. A Consequence of Hypoglycemia: This blog offers a lot of personal posts, but also commentary on living with diabetes. Recommended posts: “There Will Be Cupcakes” and “Dodging Diabetes.”

Diabetic Women

In these blogs, women talk about diabetes care and living with the disease.

  1. Dorkabetic: Find posts on everything from glucose levels to gaming on this blog by Hannah. Recommended posts: “Love in the Time of Insulin Dependence” and “The Crackpot Nutritionist.”
  2. Managing the Sweetness Within: Thinking about getting pregnant but worried about your diabetes? Get some advice from this mom who’s done it twice. Recommended posts: “At What Cost?” and “Dude, Where’s My Pump?
  3. I Run On Insulin: Blogger Alexis is a great resource for information about diabetes as she not only has the disease herself, but works at a pharmaceutical company that makes diabetes drugs. Recommended posts: “Good timing ‘betes! But is that a cop-out?” and “The Friday Rundown: Top 10 Bolus-Worthy Foods.”
  4. Bitter-Sweet: Read about the life of this Type 1 diabetic as she lives with her disease here. Recommended posts: “Blue for World Diabetes Day” and “Diabetes In My Dreams.”
  5. Beyond Your Peripheral Vision: Here you’ll find posts from a woman trying to be healthy and live well with diabetes. Recommended posts: “Pancremaniacs at the Tour de Cure 2010” and “DBW Follow Up Thoughts.”
  6. Type 1 Diabetic’s Health Kick: This blogger is a PhD student in computer science and this blog reflects a love of technology when it comes to diabetes care. Recommended posts: “Goddess of Insurance Wisdom” and “Animas, I’m Embarrassed for You.”
  7. Lemonade Life: This blog covers topics like health, fitness, finances, relationships and travel from the perspective of someone with Type 1 diabetes. Recommended posts: “Diabetes On Your Wedding Day” and “Is That Your Test Strip?
  8. Diabetes Talk Fest: Visit this blog to read and discuss issues related to diabetes, both personal and medical. Recommended posts: “What a day….” and “5th Annual D-Blog Day 2009.”
  9. Diabetic Domestic Diva: Windy shares information about diabetes and her experience as a wife, mom and teacher on this blog. Recommended posts: “Eyes Eyes Eyes” and “Walking Pneumonia and Type 1 Diabetes.”
  10. Allie’s Voice: Share in the experiences of this blogger as she struggles through transplants and trying to get a handle on her diabetes. Recommended posts: “Next Step After the Kidney Transplant” and “LA Times Article About Tight Diabetes.”
  11. Annetics: Get inspired by this blog to compete in your own triathlon as a diabetic and an athlete. Recommended posts: “A Taste of Triabetes” and “I Sort of Missed You, Pump.”
  12. Every Day Every Hour Every Minute: Blogger Cara shares her lifelong battle with diabetes on this blog. Recommended posts: “Elliot Yamin” and “Why I Blog.”
  13. Living With Diabetes: This blogger shares her experiences with diabetes treatments as well as getting lapband surgery. Recommended posts: “Still Losing weight and still adjusting insulin” and “No wonder I’ve been hitting the 300’s.”
  14. Diabetesaliciousness: Learn to look at the lighter side of diabetes with help from this funny but informative blog. Recommended posts: “Meters= Diabetes GPS System” and “Dear Health Insurance Companies.”

Multi-Blog Sites and Social Networks

Connect with others who have diabetes through these blogs from blogging and social networks.

  1. Diabetes Blog Network: Check out this site to find blogs from hundreds of people like you who are dealing with diabetes. Recommended posts: “Frozen” and “Raise Your Voice- Realities of Type 1 Diabetes.”
  2. Diabetes Daily: You’ll find everything from food advice to posts from all kinds of bloggers on this great diabetes resource. Recommended posts: “How to Hit Mute, Speak Yiddish & Improve Life with Diabetes” and “Side Conversations: Motivation and Emotion.”
  3. Blogabetes: Join in the conversation about diabetes on this blog, part of a much larger diabetes-focused site. Recommended posts: “Diabetes Life Balance” and “The Amazing Diabetes Boy.”
  4. Divabetic: Find your fellow female diabetics on this site and read news on this informative blog. Recommended posts: “Get Up and Get Moving by Jill Knapp” and “Keepin’ on keepin on.”
  5. Tudiabetes: This online community of diabetics maintains this blog with news and personal stories for you to enjoy. Recommended posts: “Swimming In Insulin” and “Where in the world is Type 1 diabetes most prevalent?.”
  6. Diabetes Sisters: Through this site, you can connect with other women who have diabetes. Read the blog for information on both types of diabetes, pregnancy, school and more. Recommended posts: “PMS and BS” and “Diabetes Role Model.”
  7. diabetes1.org: With a community, informative articles and advice on living well with diabetes, this site is a must read for diabetics. Recommended posts: “FDA Calls for Solutions to Insulin Pump Problems” and “Transcendental Meditation – A New Way to Manage Diabetes.”

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