50 Best Food Allergy Blogs


September 12th, 2010

Food allergies, to those who do not personally experience or know someone who personally experiences, may seem like mere trivialities to some outside observers. No different than the sniffles one gets from dust mites or pollen. In reality, however, they are serious medical conditions that can prove potentially life-threatening to those who suffer from them. Fortunately, the tireless efforts of patients, parents, doctors and other activists have brought this serious issue into well-deserved prominence, and the internet has provided them with a wonderful way to connect with others in order to promote a greater understanding of what exactly food allergies entail. The following blogs, listed in no particular order, have lent their voices to the community at large as a means of shedding light on the undeniably challenging trials they must face. With deeply personal stories, recipes, research and commentary, they take to the web and find ways to quell the suffering of those for whom gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, seafood, tree nuts, peanuts and much more may mean anything from short-term illness to death. Their perseverance, strength and sociopolitical efforts ought not go ignored or brushed aside.

However, please do not take the statements here as medical fact. What works in one patient may not necessarily prove worthwhile for another’s needs. Nothing replaces expert consultation with a medical professional  the blogs here merely provide support and suggestions.

  1. The Food Allergy Queen

    Kishari Sing loves food, even working as a caterer for a while. Unfortunately, she also suffers from a number of different allergies including rice, soy, tomatoes, garlic, wheat, tree nuts and much more. But she has applied her creativity and culinary experience to creating excellent recipes for others in her situation, and The Food Allergy Queen is essential reading because of it.

  2. Food Allergy Assistant

    Food Allergy Assistant provides detailed information on life with various food allergies, with plenty of resources available on support groups, coaches, recipes and more.

  3. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts

    A social worker who both suffers from and works with food allergies keeps an absolutely essential blog about maneuvering through life saddled with such conditions. Anyone with any sort of food-related allergy or asthma needs to bookmark or subscribe immediately.

  4. Allergy Moms

    Parents of children with strict food allergies band together to exchange ideas, information and recipes to keep them as safe and healthy as possible. Be sure to check out the rest of the website as well!

  5. Planet Lactose

    Planet Lactose Publishing specializes in dairy-free, kosher and vegan cookbooks for anyone with staunch dietary restrictions. They keep a great blog to inform readers of their latest offerings.

  6. Food Allergy Buzz

    Keep up with all the latest news, views and trends within the food allergy community, connecting with others in similar situations and exchanging ideas for staying healthy and safe in as many environments as possible.

  7. AllergySense Blog

    Though ostensibly about general allergy issues, most of this blog’s content revolves around the needs of parents whose children cannot handle certain foods, typically peanuts, tree nuts and gluten.

  8. Gluten Free Goddess

    Gluten allergies and sensitivities are incredibly common, though recipes and products that work around them are sadly not so much. Fortunately, Gluten Free Goddess is on hand to offer up fabulous recipes and valuable lifestyle hacks for those in need of her advice.

  9. Learning to Eat Allergy-Free

    Colette Martin’s son suffers from a checklist of different food allergies, and from her perspective as a parent she blogs about working in such dietary restrictions into often hectic daily life.

  10. Go Eggless

    Go Eggless makes for an excellent resource for anyone allergic to eggs or preferring to stick with a vegetarian or vegan diet, with product information and restaurant recommendations comprising most of the content.

  11. The Nut-Free Mom

    Parents whose children suffer from potentially fatal peanut or tree nut allergies will find this blog an incredibly valuable resource on keeping them safe and healthy in a world where such foods are seemingly everywhere.

  12. Food Allergies Rock

    Kyle Dine makes music for kids with food allergies as a way of keeping them positive and upbeat during tough times, hopefully fostering a sense of solidarity in the community as well.

  13. Go Dairy Free

    Get valuable recipes, advice, product reviews and more regarding the dairy-free lifestyle, whether it be for allergy or vegetarian/vegan reasons.

  14. Live Corn Free

    Although a relatively new blog, Live Corn Free has plenty of useful snippets of advice for those allergic to the seemingly omnipresent plant.

  15. No Whey, Mama

    A mother raising a daughter with dairy allergies provides recipes, offers advice and shares experiences with other parents who find themselves in the exact same situation.

  16. Lisa Cooks Allergen Free

    The fabulous Lisa Williams illustrates how individuals with food allergies can still eat, drink, shop and dine out without missing out on too much.

  17. Beyond Allergy

    Beyond Allergy does exist as a general resource, but it contains plenty of worthwhile content related to protection from some of the more common food issues.

  18. Avoiding Milk Blog

    Read product reviews and recipes suitable for dairy-free diets at this excellent blog, which also occasionally covers other food allergies as well.

  19. Peanut Patrol

    As its title suggests, Peanut Patrol concerns itself with running a household free of the eponymous legume, a rather daunting task considering its prevalence.

  20. Kids Food Allergies

    Parents of children suffering from food allergies in search of a few good blogs for valuable, potentially life-saving pointers should definitely consider what this one has to say.

  21. Sure Foods Living

    Alison St. Sure stays gluten-free and raises a child with food allergies, keeping an incredibly informative blog on Celiac disease and effectively staying away from corn, nuts, dairy, soy and much more.

  22. The Allergic Kid

    For parents whose kids have to avoid shellfish, eggs, nuts, milk and/or red meat, this excellent blog provides plenty of recipes, tips and tricks for keeping them out of harm’s way.

  23. Dairy Free “Tried and True”

    Anyone searching for some tasty meals and treats devoid of dairy will love the bounty of beautiful recipes to be found here.

  24. YummyAllergenFree

    The recipes, tips, tricks and anecdotes at YummyAllergenFree will be of particular interest to those who must live without eggs, dairy, nuts, beef, gluten, lamb, beef, cantaloupe, bananas, mustard and/or garlic. Vegetarians and vegans with food allergies will also appreciate many of these recipes as well!

  25. A Foodie’s Fall From Grace

    Ardent food aficionado Melanie Jennings has to rediscover her love of all things culinary through a gluten-free filter, a very relatable read for gourmands who find themselves faced with stringent dietary restrictions.

  26. Allergy Life in Loudoun

    A mother whose daughter suffers from at least 5 different life-threatening food allergies maintains a blog that reaches out to those in similar situations, providing them with lessons gleaned from her own difficult experiences.

  27. Got No Milk

    Just because one has to cut dairy from a diet does not mean that he or she has to go without delicious dishes. This “dairy-free zone” hosts some amazing recipes for the lactose intolerant or sensitive home chef.

  28. Must Follow Recipes

    It may not update as frequently as some of the other blogs on this list, but anyone needing recipes without peanuts, dairy and eggs should still check out what it has to offer.

  29. Welcoming Kitchen

    All of the recipes featured at the thoroughly essential Welcoming Kitchen are entirely free of gluten, shellfish, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, soy, peanuts and fish — and vegan-friendly! — for those on stringent dietary restrictions.

  30. Eat Nut-Free

    Avoiding peanuts and tree nuts means lifestyle changes beyond the culinary, and in spite of this blog’s title it does cover more than just shifts in eating habits.

  31. SPEWD Free

    Despite its less-than-frequent update schedule, SPWD Free hosts an extensive archive chronicling the significant adjustments people and families have to make in order to avoid contact with soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and dairy products.

  32. The Essential Gluten-Free Blog

    Celiacs or individuals with gluten allergies or sensitivities need to bookmark this blog immediately. With product reviews, restaurant suggestions, recipes and much, much more, it certainly helps ease the transition into a gluten-free lifestyle.

  33. [ReFresh]

    Follow this stylish little blog for recipes and stories involving soy allergies and how to live a satisfying, tasty life without it.

  34. The Celiac Maniac

    Celiac disease and gluten or wheat allergies may not be the exact same thing, but there’s enough overlap when it comes to lifestyle adjustments to make this blog of particular interest. Especially considering the cache of scrumptious recipes!

  35. Our Story: The Good, The Bad, And The Food Allergies

    Like many families with a member afflicted with food allergies, more than just the patient have to make sacrifices in the interest of overall health and safety.

  36. The Intolerant Gourmet

    Drool over daily recipes specifically catering to home chefs with myriad food allergies, proof positive that making the adjustment can still mean the enjoyment of amazing meals.

  37. Live a Thriving Life with Allergies!

    Jennifer Ames packs her blog full of recipes, advice, restaurant tips and even links to a mini-course designed specifically to make life easier for those with various food allergies.

  38. The Sensitive Pantry

    Browse The Sensitive Pantry for fantastic recipes for those who must go without gluten, eggs or dairy. Vegans will greatly appreciate inclusion here as well!

  39. Mom To Food Allergy Kid

    Another incredibly insightful blog by a mother who must protect her young son from contact with wheat, eggs, dairy and peanuts because of his severe allergies.

  40. Gluten-free tries Vegan

    One woman suffering from IBS and gluten and dairy intolerance tries to stick with a vegan, raw-food diet to keep her digestive tract from acting up. Be sure to check out her amazing recipes and restaurant and product reviews, too!!

  41. Milk Allergy Mom

    Jamie Kaufmann’s sons, between them, suffer from allergies involving oats, peanuts, eggs and milk. From this vantage point, she provides an amazing bevy of news, resources, recipes and even money-saving tips for other parents in her situation.

  42. Gluten Free Blog

    For both the allergic and the Celiac, Gluten Free Blog provides extremely valuable information on staying healthy and safe without wheat.

  43. The Particular Kitchen

    Those who must go without dairy, eggs and soy should drop by The Particular Kitchen for recipes catering to their needs in addition to useful information on general food intolerance topics.

  44. Book of Yum

    This blog caters largely to those living a gluten-free or vegetarian lifestyle, but it does not ignore the needs of readers allergic (or parenting a child who is allergic) to eggs, soy, dairy, rice, corn and nuts. Pescatarians, vegans, raw foodists, diabetics, hypoglycemic and those who must limit their carbohydrates also have a home here, too!

  45. Mallergies

    Anyone suffering from a severe food allergy (or associated with someone who is!) absolutely must bookmark Mallergies. People around the community band together to share the latest news, views, politics, products, literature and research regarding their conditions, providing support, hope, recipes and advice on life in a frequently less-than-accommodating climate.

  46. Peanuts In Eden

    Susan Weissman’s son must avoid certain foodstuffs in order to stay healthy and safe, alive, even. Her blog chronicles her family’s struggle to accommodate his needs as well as any asthma and allergy news items that pique her interest.

  47. Pig in the Kitchen

    The recipes available at the delightful Pig in the Kitchen are suitable for those who have to avoid eggs, nuts, mustard and/or dairy for allergy reasons.

  48. No Nuttin’ Notes

    Hit up this blog for commentary on the latest news and issues from around the food allergy community, featuring a number of general topics.

  49. Wheatless & Meatless

    Gluten-free (as well as those who have to go without dairy) and vegetarian readers can certainly appreciate this tasty resource on all things dietary that meet their restrictive needs.

  50. Food Allergy Mama

    Through recipes, testimonials, news stories, commentaries and much, much more, author and activist Kelly Rudnicki seeks to promote awareness of the various food allergies.

This listing does not mean to ignore the contributions of other food allergy blogs, electing to include those with both the most dedicated update schedule and quality content. Be sure to seek out their counsel as well, as anyone with a food allergy story to tell still has something to give to the community as a whole. However, none of the blogs listed here take the place of professional medical advice. Turn to them for support, information and recipes, but make no definitive decisions without first consulting with a nurse or doctor.

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