50 Best Health Coach Blogs You Should Be Reading


April 29th, 2010

50 Best Health Coach Blogs You Should Be Reading

Even the most fitness and health savvy amongst us can use a little advice, inspiration and help when it comes to staying fit and eating well. That’s where finding a health coach can come in handy. These blogs will help you to get motivated to work out, eat right, lose weight and put more care and attention into your medical issues so you can live a longer, happier life.

General Health

These health coach blogs focus on general health and well being.

  1. Byrd Wellness Concepts: Here you’ll find health coaching that can even be carried over into the business environment.
  2. Christian Health Coach’s Blog: This health coach offers advice on a wide range of health topics.
  3. Michigan Health Coach: Through this blog, you’ll find out helpful information like the difference between a dietician and nutritionist and much more.
  4. Amelia Burton: This Australian health and fitness coach will help you learn to work out, eat right and live better.
  5. Coastal Mommies Health and Wellness Coach: Moms who want a little help learning to be healthy need look no further than this coach and mom’s blog.
  6. Lifestyle Wellness Coach.com: This blog offers tips on health issues to help you live life to the fullest.
  7. Dr. Karen Wolfe’s Health and Wellness Blog: Here, you’ll find trustworthy health advice from an Australian physician and wellness coach.
  8. Good Health Coach: This blog aims to help women overcome their chronic health challenges.
  9. Renee McLaughlin: Renee offers advice on her blog to those hoping to lose weight and feel better about themselves.
  10. Kathi Casey: Those who are moving into retirement age will appreciate the health and wellness tips found here.
  11. Health for Parents: If you’re a parent committed to living healthier both for yourself and your children, give this coaching blog a read.


Check with these blogs for advice on happiness, natural care, mental health and more.

  1. The Personal Growth Network: Through this blog you’ll learn to improve the level of prosperity and balance in your life.
  2. North Star Mental Fitness Blog: Learn how to get your brain in shape from coach Dr. Hal.
  3. WellnessCoachConnection Blog: From quitting smoking to recognizing a heart attack, this blog covers a wide range of wellness issues.
  4. Shari Lyon, Wellness Coach: This blogger is not only a wellness coach but a massage therapist as well, helping people live a more natural and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Coach Meg’s Blog: Bring your life under control with a little assistance from Coach Meg.
  6. Feel Great Coaching: This blog is not only about health but about getting readers motivated and feeling good.

Eating Right

Get tips and advice on eating well from these bloggers.

  1. Laurel on Health Food: Make sure you’re getting all the fruits and veggies you need with guidance found here.
  2. Delicious Life: This blog aims to help you get healthy, bite by bite.
  3. The Nutrition Coach: If you’re in need of some advice on what you should be eating, try out this blog.
  4. Exercise Nutrition Coach Blog: Here, you’ll learn what to eat to maximize the benefit of your workouts.
  5. Nutrition for You: Manuel Villacorta, a registered dietician, shares health and nutrition coaching on this blog.
  6. My Journey Making Peace With Food: Learn how to change your relationship with food from this site.
  7. Ask the Diet Coach: Laurie Beebe is a registered dietician who gives advice and answers diet questions on her blog.
  8. The Cravings Coach: On this blog, you’ll learn how to battle all your unhealthy cravings.
  9. Fit Food Coach’s Blog: This fitness coach will show you how to eat your way to feeling better.
  10. The Food Allergy Coach: You may not be aware of the impact food allergies are having on your health, but you’ll find loads of resources here.
  11. Sandi Thompson: This nutritional wellness coach explains the basics of nutrition and good eating on her blog.
  12. Dawn Linklater: Those who want help getting pointed in the right direction when it comes to food and fitness will appreciate the advice on this blog.
  13. Radiant Health Coach Blog: Amanda Moxley shares her expertise on holistic nutrition and life balance here.

Weight Loss

These health coaches will help you trim down.

  1. Lovin’ Life, Losin’ Weight: Health coach Maria Lesetz can help you begin your weight loss journey here.
  2. DietBlog: Learn how to eat right and get healthy from this blog.
  3. Our Lady of Weight Loss: Janice Taylor will provide you with the motivation to kick your weight loss into gear.
  4. Dr. Jonny Bowden Blog: Bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist and weight loss coach Dr. Jonny Bowden shares his perspective here.
  5. ThinWithin: Get tips on the best ways to lose weight from blogger and coach Marna.
  6. Body Transformation By KJ: Stop struggling with your weight and learn how to bring it under control with help from this site.
  7. Advanced Fat Loss Coaching: If you’re looking to cut out the fat, take a look at this blog from Dr. Brad Campbell.

Working Out

Want to get fit and build muscle? Consider these blogs for a source of advice.

  1. Personal Fit Coach: Coach Jenn will help you learn how to work out and see the results you want.
  2. Becky Williamson: If you’re part of the baby boomer generation, then you’ll find a wealth of information on fitness here.
  3. Here’s Health USA: Find recommendations on products, workouts and general fitness here.
  4. America’s Fitness Coach: Dave Hubbard will help you tweak your workouts to ensure you’re getting the greatest results for your effort.
  5. Ask the Fitness Coach: If you’ve got a fitness question, consider asking or seeking out the answer here.
  6. Yoga Fitness Coach: This blog is a great resource for those who want to learn more about fitness training through yoga.
  7. Team Beach Body: Learn how to get your body beach-ready from this blog.
  8. Body Transformation Coach Blog: You’ll find helpful videos and articles to get you fit here.
  9. Observations from a Strength Coach: Strength coach Robert dos Remdios offers his expertise on this blog.
  10. Workout IQ: Coach Denis Kanygin’s Blog offers some workout tips and routines.
  11. Strength Coach.com: Optimize your strength training with information found here.

Becoming a Coach

Those in the medical profession with an interest in becoming a coach themselves will find help here.

  1. Coaches Training Blog: Learn how to train to be a great wellness coach on this site.
  2. Health Coach Training: Here you’ll find news and views on the field of health coaching.