50 Best Sports Psychology Blogs


March 23rd, 2010

Psychology plays a big part in sports success. With the right attitude, athletes can achieve even more than before. Follow our collection of sports psychology blogs to learn more about the field.


These blogs take a general look at the psychology of sports.

  1. Dr. Jack Singer: This psychologist takes a look at sports psychology and beyond.
  2. The Confidence Coach’s Sports Psychology Blog: Martin Perry’s blog shares insights on sporting events from the perspective of sports psychology.
  3. AMPED Sports: AMPED Sports discusses psychology, sports, and more.
  4. Sports Are 80 Percent Mental: In this blog, you’ll learn about the latest in sports science and fitness research.
  5. Podium Sports Journal: The Podium Sports Journal covers sports psychology research from world class consultants.
  6. Stay in the Zone: Follow this blog to stay in the zone of sports psychology.
  7. Geoff Greenwood: Geoff Greenwood can help you improve performance in sports and beyond.
  8. Exercise Psychology: Study the research of exercise psychology with this blog.
  9. Su’a Sports Psychology: Check out this blog about your future sports performance.
  10. Athletic Insight: Athletic Insight offers an online journal of sport psychology.
  11. Women Talk Sports: This aggregator is dedicated to the latest in sports psychology for women.
  12. One Sport Voice: Nicole M. LaVoi writes critically about sports psychology and beyond.
  13. Shrunken Mind: Shrunken mind covers positive psychology for mastering sports.
  14. iStatia: Check out iStadia to find the latest in sports psychology blog posts.

Performance Sports

These blogs focus on psychology in performance sports.

  1. Dr. Cohn’s Sports Psychology Blog: Read Dr. Cohn’s blog about peak performance sports psychology.
  2. Sports Psychology: Check out this blog about defining sports performance.
  3. Sports Psychology for Life: Dr. Gregg Steinberg will help you master your emotions and master your world.
  4. Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter: Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter writes this blog about your performing edge.
  5. Performance Psychology Blog: Rob Robson discusses sports psychology and more in this blog.
  6. Sports Psychology Blog: In this blog, you’ll learn about bridging the gap between potential and performance.
  7. Sports Motivation: Sports Motivation follows peak performance sports motivation.


Check out these blogs for a look into the psychology of competition.

  1. Competitive Advantage: Competitive Advantage covers sports psychology and mental toughness.
  2. Combat Sport Psychology: Study the psychology of combat sports with this blog.
  3. Psychology Today: Sport and Competition: Look at sports and competition through Psychology Today.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Through this blog, you will learn about giving yourself a competitive advantage in sports psychology.
  5. SportsPsychology2: On this blog, you will learn about success, winning mentalities, and more.
  6. Sports Training Blog: Find ideas for coaches and athletes preparing for competition with this blog.
  7. Professional Sport Psychology Symposium: In Professional Sport Psychology Symposium, you’ll learn about player development and sport psychology.


Learn how you can use psychology in coaching from these blogs.

  1. Louise Ellis: Louise Ellis is a sports psychology consultant focusing on sports mind coaching.
  2. Swim Coaching Brain: Read Swim Coaching Brain for advice in swimming success.
  3. Volleyball Training Tips: Find discussions on motivation, self confidence, and more.
  4. Confident Cheerleading: Confident Cheerleading covers performance tips for cheerleaders and their coaches.
  5. Gymnastics Coaching: Study the psychology of gymnastics coaching through this blog.
  6. Sports Coaching Brain: Wayne Goldsmith offers expert advice for sports coaching success.
  7. Psychology of Coaching: Read this class blog to learn about the psychology of coaching.

Mental Strength

These blogs discuss developing mental strength for sports.

  1. Warrior Mind Coach: Warrior Mind Coach offers mental strength coaching for sports.
  2. Baseball Mental Game Tips: This blog offers mental toughness strategies for success.
  3. Online Mental Trainer: The Online Mental Trainer discusses mental training for sports.
  4. Mental Management Systems: Check out this blog about controlling your mind under pressure.
  5. Sports Mind Skills: Sports Mind Skills offers high performance thinking for sports.
  6. InnerTactics: InnerTactics will help you discover your unique decision making pattern.
  7. Pitch Invasion: Pitch Invasion explores football culture around the world.


Explore hypnotism for sports with these blogs.

  1. Philly Hypnosis: Find out how to change your mind for sports in this blog.
  2. Sports Hypnosis: Check out this blog to learn about coaching methods for peak performance.


In these blogs, you’ll learn about sports psychology for kids.

  1. The Sports Parenting Blog: The Sports Parenting Blog offers answers for sports parents.
  2. Sports Psychology for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents: Read Dr. Patrick Cohn’s blog about issues in sports psychology for students.
  3. Youth Sports Parents: You can learn about parents in youth sports with this blog.
  4. Youth Sports Psychology Blog: The Ultimate Sports Parent offers this blog about youth sports psychology.
  5. Sports Psychology for Tennis: Check out this blog for tennis psychology for junior to pro tournament players.
  6. Youth Sports Tips for Parents: Through this blog, you’ll learn how to build kids’ confidence and success.