50 Effective Feng Shui Tips For Your Dorm Room


April 4th, 2010

Feng shui is all about improving the flow of energy through your living space–what better way to address a small, crowded place like a dorm room. From the way you arrange your desk to the colors you use for decorating, use these feng shui recommendations for your living space at school. If your college dorm room and your life could use a burst of positive energy, then be sure to give these 50 tips a try.


Use these tips to make sure your sleeping time provides you with the best rest and energy flow.

  1. Foot of the bed. Don’t place the foot of your bed directly facing the door–this is known as the death position. If you can’t move your bed, then place something between the bed and the door.
  2. Computer away from head. Try to keep your computer away from where you put your head to sleep. Again, if you can’t avoid this placement, then turn off and cover your computer at night.
  3. Books. Books are considered cutting instruments, so do not place them so they are facing your body or head as this can “cut” into your sleep or study time.
  4. Windows. Place your bed so that it is not directly under or next to a window. If your bed must be in this position, keep a heavy curtain over the window at night.
  5. Plants. Keep plants away from the head or foot of your bed to avoid their taking chi from you while you sleep.
  6. Headboard. Make sure your headboard is along a sturdy wall.
  7. Sharp points. Try to avoid having any sharp points, such as from the edge of a desk or bookshelf, directly across from the bed. If you can’t avoid these sharp points, put soft child-safety covers on the edges to soften them.
  8. Mirrors. Keep mirrors away from the bed as this can take energy away from you when you are sleeping–a time your body and mind is recharging.
  9. Bathroom in the bedroom. If your dorm room has a bathroom that leads into the bedroom, make sure you keep the bathroom door closed and keep the bathroom clean at all times.
  10. No TV. Gasp! No TV? According to feng shui, TV in the room where you sleep is a major no-no. See if you can live without a TV in your room. If you just can’t, try to set up a place for watching TV that is separate from where you sleep.


Where you put your desk and what you keep on it can affect the energy in your dorm room.

  1. Placement. If possible, put your desk in the northeast corner, the area of knowledge.
  2. Fountain. Put a small fountain or some other type of water feature on your desk. Water brings energy and provides calm.
  3. Organized. Keeping your desk organized will help you stay focused and relaxed as you study. Cluttered piles of paper can be straightened up and stacked neatly if they can’t be filed.
  4. Cords. Keep cords neatly in place and out of sight. Tangled cords dangling everywhere can inhibit the flow of chi.
  5. Reference material. Keep dictionaries and other reference material at the left side of your desk to promote knowledge.
  6. Back to the wall. Sit at your desk so that your back is to the wall. This provides symbolic support as you study.
  7. Face the door. When sitting at your desk, face the door. If you can’t do this, put a mirror in front of you so you can see the door.
  8. Bamboo. A small bamboo in water is a great item to keep on your desk. Bamboo is lucky, and you have both water and a plant nearby.
  9. No dead plants. If you forget to water that bamboo and it dies, get rid of it immediately. Dead plants weaken the energy in your room.

Nine Areas

In feng shui, there are nine areas of the room or house that are associated with growth in specific parts of your life. Focus on these areas with the right colors and decor to boost everything from creativity to romance.

  1. Career. The entrance to the room is associated with your career. Be sure to keep it clear to allow chi to enter. Decorate with black here.
  2. Knowledge. Knowledge is represented in the corner to the left of the door. Put books, hanging plants, and wood here and include black, blue, and green.
  3. Prosperity. Prosperity is associated with the back left corner of the room. Decorate this spot with royal colors such as green, purple, and black. It is also a good place to keep valuables.
  4. Fame. The center back wall is where you can encourage fame. Use fire symbols such as candles, lamps, and red items here as well as mirrors.
  5. Relationships. The back right corner is associated with relationships. Decorate with red, pink, and white. Add a light in the southwest corner to encourage a busy social life. Decorate with pairs of objects to encourage strong relationships.
  6. Health. The center of the room represents your health and innermost being. Leave this place open and use soft yellow, tan, sage green and other neutral colors. Some recommend using this spot for practicing yoga.
  7. Family. Family relationships are associated with the left, center part of the room. Have wood, plants, and green items here to strengthen family ties.
  8. Creativity. The middle right area of your dorm room represents creativity. Decorate this area with the color white and metal, such as a metal desk, chair, or lamp.
  9. Helpful people & travel. If you want to invite helpful people and travel into your life, decorate the front right corner with white, purple, and metal items. Put buddhas or angels here as well as images that represent where you want to travel.

Colors and Elements

One principle of feng shui is that a room should incorporate the five elements of water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Another principle is related to the colors used in the room. Find out how you can incorporate elements and colors to your best advantage.

  1. Wood. To represent the element of wood, or personal growth, in your dorm room, use plants, flowers, pictures of trees, columns, and stripes.
  2. Fire. Since using actual fire is probably discouraged in your dorm, instead use lamps, electric candles, images of summer, and triangles to represent fire–or the idea of expansion and transformation in life.
  3. Earth. Use pottery, stones, brick, and squares in your room to represent the slowing and grounding energy of earth.
  4. Metal. It is easy to include gold, silver, or brass in your room to have metal present, which represents intelligence and creativity.
  5. Water. Besides the obvious aquarium or fountain, use glass, mirrors, and free-flowing forms to represent water for renewal and personal wisdom.
  6. Blue. Blue is calm and soothing, associated with water, and a good color for your bedding.
  7. Purple. This color holds a special place in feng shui, representing physical and mental healing and spiritual awareness.
  8. Red. This color is thought to bring good things, including power and luck. Red is a fire color and associated with high energy.
  9. Green. This color is associated with health, prosperity, and personal growth and a color of the element of wood.
  10. Orange. This is a stimulating fire color and a good one to associate with studying since it brings organization and creativity.
  11. Yellow. Yellow provides energy and is another good studying color. A bright yellow represents fire while a soft yellow represents earth.


Being able to decorate your dorm room the way you want is a part of personalizing your space. Find out what you should include in the decorating to make the most of the positive energy.

  1. Mirrors. Mirrors not only make the room feel bigger and lighter, they also bring energy into a room.
  2. Flowers. The type of flowers you keep in your dorm room can bring specific energy. White narcissus brings success in your career and a chrysanthemum brings a life of ease and balance.
  3. Clutter. Having messy clutter prevents the flow of chi and makes you stressed. Pick up dirty clothes, keep books and papers stacked neatly or filed away, and make your bed each morning. If your space feels too small for all your stuff, try using storage containers and organizational units.
  4. Wall color. If you aren’t allowed to paint the walls in your dorm room, cover the walls in paper or fabric, or use posters to change the color.
  5. Florescent lights. If your room is equipped with florescent lights, then you know they are harsh. They also can reduce chi, so use natural lighting or other types of indoor lighting instead.
  6. Nature. Decorate with pictures of nature or elements of nature such as branches, flowers, and plants. Nature is a soothing element.
  7. Wind chimes. Place metal wind chimes at the front right corner of your room to trap negative chi as it enters the room.
  8. Sage. If you would like to have something to soak up the negative energy in your room, place bowls of sage and uncooked rice in your dorm.
  9. Plants. Including plants in your decor will help absorb the “poison arrows” of bad luck that can come shooting off sharp objects. Plants at the door keep negative energy from entering.
  10. Water. Water is another good item to have by the door, as it also keeps negative energy out.
  11. Year of the Tiger. 2010 is the year of the tiger, which is represented by white metal. Decorate your dorm room in white, silver, and metal this year for bring fortune your way.