50 Excellent Blogs for Fertility Support


November 21st, 2010

Infertility can be a hard thing for couples to cope with, especially when they’ve tried a variety of methods to improve fertility and become pregnant. With one in eight American couples experiencing infertility, you’re certainly not alone — even if it may feel like it. Many choose to struggle in silence, but others are willing to reach out, share their stories and offer support to others who are going through the same things. If you or someone you know is in need of fertility support, these blogs are an ideal place to find information, guidance, medical advice from doctors and nurses and much more.

News and Basic Information

These blogs share news and information about the latest fertility treatments, living with infertility and other topics that can help women and their partners learn more about fertility.

  1. Seedlings: Here you’ll find a great collection of news items from an IVF clinic in Pittsburgh.
  2. Conceive: This online magazine and blog is an excellent resource for everything fertility related, from what to eat to breaking medical news.
  3. Fertility Blog: This blog from About.com will teach you some of the basics of infertility, offering insights into treatments, increasing your fertility naturally and much more.
  4. Natural Fertility Info: From coping with the pain of a miscarriage to finding ways to naturally boost your fertility, this blog is a great source of information and support.
  5. Fertility Authority: This site offers up several different blog feeds, including everything from tips from a fertility specialist to news on celebrity infertility struggles.
  6. Fertility Fan: This blog addresses everything couples who are trying to conceive could possibly want to know about.
  7. Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility: If you’re looking for helpful posts, articles and information on fertility issues, this blog has plenty to offer both men and women.


These blogs are essential reads for couples looking for support during their infertility struggles.

  1. Stirrup Queens: On this popular and comprehensive blog, you’ll get posts from Melissa, a mom who shares her struggles to conceive. Readers can find support in the online community there and off in her book on infertility and pregnancy loss.
  2. A Little Pregnant: On this site, you’ll read about Julie, a mom who conceived her son after four rounds of IVF, an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage.
  3. Fertility Stories: Get answers to questions, read news and share your experiences with infertility on this blog.
  4. Infertility-Fertility Over 40: Check out this blog if you’re over forty and trying to conceive. You’ll get the latest news and personal stories from blogger Sandy.
  5. This Cross I Embrace: If you’re a religious person, you’ll appreciate this faith-filled take on many of the issues surrounding infertility.
  6. Parenthood for Me: If you’re a couple trying to get through infertility, you’ll find an excellent resource in this organization that offers grants and support for families trying to have a child.
  7. Pregosaur: Find support from other women on this blog, as they share stories of trying to conceive, handling miscarriage and making it through pregnancy and childbirth.
  8. Path to Fertility: Blogger Lisa Rosenthal offers women support in their journey towards fertility through this blog, with posts on fertility specialists, ways women can feel empowered , and other infertility-related topics.
  9. In Due Time: This young woman has been sharing her infertility, family and personal stories on this blog since 2004.

Success Stories

Many of these bloggers have struggled with infertility for years and are now proud parents. Check out their sites for inspiration in your own journey and a reminder to hang in there when things get rough.

  1. Fertility Now!: This blogger and now mom lost five pregnancies before finally conceiving her son through IVF. Read about her struggles on this blog.
  2. Rantings and Ravings of an Infertile Turtle: Through this blog, you can share in the struggles on one woman to become a mother.
  3. Baby, Interrupted: This mom went through a lot to get pregnant, including years of infertility and multiple IVF treatments, but finally gave birth just this year.
  4. So Close: South African blogger Tertia Loebenberg shares her story of trying and being close to conceiving for so long, and finally having the child she very much desired on this blog.
  5. Stress Free Infertility: This mom advocates lowering your stress when you’re facing infertility, something she went through herself in her journey to have her three children.
  6. No Swimmers in the Tubes, No Bun in the Oven: This blog chronicles a long journey through infertility, including miscarriage, IVF and finally giving birth in 2009.

Dealing With Loss

For many couples out there, miscarriage is a sad and all-too-common phenomenon. You can get help with healing and coming to terms with your loss on these blogs.

  1. Naptime Confessional: If you’ve had a miscarriage, you’ll be able to relate to this mom’s pain after losing her daughter at 36 weeks.
  2. Accepting the Unexpected: Through this blog, you’ll be able to share in the pain and uncertainty that infertility and miscarriage bring into your life, with this blogger sharing her experiences.
  3. Semi-Fertile: Watching other mothers with children or who are pregnant can be extremely painful when you’ve lost your own, something this woman and blogger shares openly.
  4. One to Keep: On this blog, you’ll get support for the depression and pain that can follow miscarriage.
  5. My Life After Loss: This mom may have finally given birth to two healthy babies, but that doesn’t numb the pain of losing three others and having additional miscarriages.
  6. Waiting for Baby: Here, you’ll find a log of one woman’s journey through pregnancy, loss and infertility.
  7. My Words Fly Up: Sometimes, even when you think you’re over the pain of a lost child, it will sneak up on you. Share in this blogger’s pain and drive to become a mother in this blog.


These bloggers take a humorous approach to their fertility problems, making them a great read if you need a laugh.

  1. 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility: Take a humorous look at the sometimes painful realities that many couples struggling with infertility face.
  2. La Belette Rouge: This blogger is full of humor when sharing her stories about trying to have children, hating where she lives and working as a therapist.
  3. Womb for Improvement: You’ll find plenty of heartbreak on this blog from a woman who’s been trying to conceive for four years, but plenty to laugh at as well.
  4. Maybe If You Just Relax: Take your fertility with a dose of sarcasm with posts on this blog.

The Experts

Here you’ll find medical advice from doctors, clinics and fertility experts.

  1. Infertility Blog: Here, Dr. Licciardi, a New York based fertility doctor, shares news about the latest developments in fertility treatments, offers advice to patients and explains many aspects of fertility.
  2. Attain Fertility: This blog is an excellent place to find answers to your fertility questions from the doctors and experts most well-versed in it.
  3. Fertility File: A reproductive endocrinologist shares insights into his life and work on this blog– offering great information and hope for couples.
  4. Women’s Health and Fertility: Dr. Edward Ramirez posts to this blog about some of the latest advances in women’s infertility treatments.


Check out these blogs to read about bloggers who’ve gone through IVF, sometimes more than once, one of the most common and often most successful fertility treatments.

  1. Lifeslurper: If you can’t become pregnant even with repeated IVF treatments, read this blog by an Australian woman doing everything she can to have a baby.
  2. Wishing 4 One: This couple went through multiple IVF treatments, tubal pregnancies and fertility issues before finally having success in October of this year.
  3. Fertility Challenged In Florida: This couple spent years trying all kinds of treatments until four years later, after IVF, they finally have a son to call their own.
  4. Life and Love in the Petri Dish: Follow along as this couple tries to conceive, battling through miscarriage and multiple IVF treatments.
  5. Reproductive Jeans: On this blog, you’ll find posts dealing with male infertility, IVF, and finally giving birth after years of trying.
  6. Single Infertile Female: This woman is definitely a 21st century lady, skipping past finding a man and going through the babymaking process on her own– and having a little difficulty due to infertility.

Living With Infertility

On these blogs, you’ll find couples who’ve come to terms with their infertility and have chosen to either not have children or adopt.

  1. Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed: This blogger deals with many of the issues infertile women take on, like faith and womanhood, while herself choosing to pursue adoption in the face of infertility.
  2. A Fresh Start: Check out Pamela Jeanne’s blog. It’s full of great information on living with infertility and so is her book Silent Sorority.
  3. A Greater Yes: Blogger Jess shares her story of infertility from IUI to failed adoptions to finally having a child through embryo adoption on this blog.
  4. Upon Awakening: Infertility can take a hefty toll on a person and a marriage. Learn more about both in this blog.
  5. Apron Strings for Emily: For some women, infertility will end up in child-free living. If you think that’s the road you might want to take, check out this blog for some support and guidance.
  6. Tales From The Stirrups: This blogger dealt with infertility through adoption, sharing her passion and pain on this blog– a great resource for couples looking for alternative options.
  7. Just Being: When you’re facing infertility, you might wonder, “why me.” This blogger deals with those concerns and long-term struggles with trying to conceive.

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