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November 3rd, 2010

It takes a lot of commitment and soul-searching to get up the courage to see a therapist. For some, admitting that we can’t help ourselves all alone is troublesome, while others are embarrassed to share deeply personal issues that negatively impact their families and lives. If you’re still working up the nerve to see a therapist or want to learn a little more about a disease or friend’s mental health condition before seeking professional help, therapists’ blogs are a great educational resource. They can’t substitute for in-person treatment, but these 50 therapists are excellent virtual substitutes until you can make an appointment with someone in your area.

Child and Family Therapists

To help children and teens cope with issues, read these blogs.

  1. The Kid Counselor: Breanna formerly ran a child therapy practice, and while she’s now a full-time mom, she blogs to share tips and resources with other parents. Recommended Posts: Common Sources of Behavior Problems in Children and Raising Kids: Wisdom from The Dog Whisperer
  2. Cognitive Therapy for Kids: Elisa Nebolsine has a master’s in clinical social work and was named a “top therapist” by other therapists in her area. Read her blog for stories on mental health and kids, ADHD, and more. Recommended Posts: Social rejection in kids linked to 3 factors and Exercise can help kids mental ability
  3. Family Dysfunction and Mental Health Blog: David Allen helps exasperated parents cut through the myths and scare tactics to solve family problems. Recommended Posts: Teacher, Teacher, I Declare and Shooting Down Helicopters
  4. Mental Notes Recommended Posts: Child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist Dr Jim Baker works in and blogs from Dallas. Read posts about common issues related to mental health, sleep disorders and ADHD. Recommended Posts: Is being a couch potato genetic? and Why email and texting feel addicting
  5. Child in Mind: Former child psychiatrist and now pediatrician Claudia M. Gold writes this blog about child-parent relationships and more. Recommended Posts: True Empathy: A Physical Sensation and Dyadic Therapy: Working with the Parent-Child Relationship
  6. The Thoughtful Parent: This blog is maintained by Amy Webb, a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences, and explains complicated research in a way that’s accessible for the average parent. Recommended Posts: Are Picture Books Just for Babies? and Attachment Theory Part 2
  7. Teen Mental Health Blog: Dr. Stan Kutcher and a team of experts blog to help teens, parents and other counselors learn more about common issues and problems, and provide healthy advice. Recommended Posts: So what is the allure of the drugs and alcohol and creativity connection? and When is behavior an illness?
  8. Practice What I Preach: From Child Psychiatrist to Parent and Writer: Child and adolescent psychiatry specialist Dawn Barker is a parent and expectant mother who blogs about writing a book and child development. Recommended Posts: Autism in Children and Fear and the attachment system
  9. The Teen Advice Blog: Licensed Marriage and Family therapist Sandra Dupont helps teens answer tough life questions here. Recommended Posts: Teens: Need to Tame Your Anger? and Puberty Freaking You Out?
  10. Child Psychology Research Blog: Those in the industry and who want to really educate themselves on psychiatry can read this blog from various therapists who comment on current issues like bullying, stress, and more. Recommended Posts: Effects of bullying on children with special needs and ADHD and Conduct Disorder: Delinquency in teens with ADHD and other conditions

Relationships and Marriage Therapists

Open communication lines, overcome infidelity, and work through common marital issues with the help from these therapists.

  1. A Marriage Therapist’s Blog: Jay Slupesky is a licensed marriage and family therapist has also received counseling for his own marriage. Recommended Posts: The Three Phases and Believing in the One You’re With
  2. NYC Therapist tells all…okay some: Dr. DeMarco is the founder of Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy of New York blogs and writes about mental health news, bullying, and more. Recommended Posts: Surprises and Fun in LTRs and Quote of the day: “I tried to cry but my antidepressants won’t allow it.”
  3. The Marriage Counseling Blog: Posts on this popular blog cover family issues, self-help, friendship, and marriage. Recommended Posts: What’s a Half-Day Intensive? and Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?
  4. San Diego Therapist Blog: Expert Advice on Building a Healthy Marriage: Jennine Estes is a family and marriage therapist in San Diego who shares quick tips, relationship advice and common issues for all types of couples. Recommended Posts: How to Keep My Marriage Alive: A Simple Step to Maintain the Bond and From Single to Hitched: Tips to help make the adjustment to the marriage
  5. Couples Transformations: Jesse and Melva Johnson offer relationship therapy and counseling here, for various types of couples. Recommended Posts: Marriages Strained by Couples Wanting a Child and Being Supportive
  6. Marriage Counseling: Robert Heard is a therapist with an extensive background in therapy and counseling, and here he writes about the different stages of marriage and general advice for struggling couples. Recommended Posts: Stage 1: Passion and Stage 3: Rebellion
  7. MarriageAdvice.com Blog: Get marriage advice on all kinds of topics from expert therapists. Recommended Posts: What to Throw Overboard When Your Marriage Is In Trouble and Codependency
  8. Barbara Massey, LMFT: Find quizzes, tips, advice, support and more for stress management, abuse, general relationship problems, and more. Recommended Posts: Talking About Money in a Marriage and Marriage Conflict Styles
  9. Advice: Advice is the name of MFT Lisa Brookes Kift’s blog, where you’ll find tips on intimacy, premarital counseling, and more. Recommended Posts: My Girlfriend is Depressed and My Fiance Won’t Give Me Time to Myself!
  10. Long Island Marriage Counseling: Dr. Diane Kramer is a marriage counselor and psychologist who blogs about the counseling process and how to deal with common problems in your marriage. Recommended Posts: You Can’t Change Your Spouse and What is Polarization?

Addiction and Abuse

If you want to learn about addiction, recovery options and rehab, listen to these therapists.

  1. Bay Area Sex Addiction Blog: If you want to learn more about sex addiction, read this new blog from various sex therapists in the Bay Area. Recommended Posts: Dopamine: why it’s so hard to “just say no” and thoughts on addiction and grace
  2. Addiction and Recovery Blog: Find an addiction therapist through this blog or just read state-specific stories and news about detox, rehab and other issues. Recommended Posts: Unconventional Options for Addiction Treatment for Drug Abuse in Nebraska and Holistic Detox for Alcoholism Treatment in Kentucky
  3. Addiction Recovery, Drug Rehab and Recovery Resources Blog: The PineGrove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services therapists blog here. Recommended Posts: Dr. Scott Hambleton talks Eating Disorders and Energy Drinks and Recovery: A Dangerous Mix by Scott Hambleton, MD
  4. Addiction in Society: Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., blogs for Psychology Today considers how addiction is influenced by and impacts society. Recommended Posts: Problems We’ll Never Solve — Coddled College Students and Other Cultural Addictions and The New World of Alcohol
  5. The Canyon Rehab Blog: The Canyon rehab and abuse treatment center keeps a blog full of tips, information about addiction, and more. Recommended Posts: Drug Cravings Related to Stress and Support and 7 Stages of Alcohol Addiction
  6. Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Blog: Get drug rehab information and advice from Cirque Lodge. Recommended Posts: Taking the Steps to Recover and The Struggle of Prescription Drug Abuse
  7. The High-Functioning Alcoholic: Here is another blog for Psychology Today that reveals surprising statistics and personality traits of a “hidden class of alcoholics.” Recommended Posts: The Great Wine Myth and Summertime parties and the beach! A Quick Guide to Coping with Alcohol Cravings
  8. Making Connections for Recovery: The Treatment Solutions Network educates while encouraging troubled individuals to get help. Recommended Posts: Managing Stress and 10 Reasons Not to Try Meth
  9. Safe Harbor Blogs: This women’s treatment center blogs about different types of drug rehab, alcohol recovery, PTSD, and more. Recommended Posts: Rapid Detox and Long Term Drug Rehab
  10. Life in the Recovery Room: Learn about today’s recovery and rehab programs from Jamie Huysman, PsyD, LCSW, CAP. Recommended Posts: It’s the Weekend — Do Not Isolate! and Are Mel and Lindsay the Only Addicts We Care About?
  11. Counselor Magazine Blog: Addiction therapists get together on this blog, but it’s a great resource for anyone wanting to research treatment and addiction issues. Recommended Posts: Present Perfect and Learning to Let Go of Resistance and Attachments

Specialty Therapists

Here you’ll find blogs from therapists who specialize in conditions like OCD, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders.

  1. The Therapist Within Blog: Learn more about anxiety disorders and treatment here. Recommended Posts: How to Make Faster, Better Decisions and Are Your Panic Attacks “Wrong?”
  2. Dr. Shock: Dutch psychiatrist Walter van den Broek writes about his work with electroconvulsive therapy and depression. Recommended Posts: Adolescents’ Narcissism on Facebook and 5 Differences between Psychotic and Nonpsychotic Depression
  3. Beck Institute Blog: Learn more about cognitive behavior therapy research and the industry from this blog. Recommended Posts: Family Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is Effective for Youth With OCD and Anorexia Nervosa Relapse Prevention Benefited by CBT
  4. Phoenix Men’s Counseling: Jason Fierstein is a men’s therapist and counselor who blogs about all types of mental health, relationship, emotional and life issues. Recommended Posts: The Anger Handbook: On How To Deal With Anger Effectively and The Problem with Open Marriages
  5. Bipolar You: University of Virginia Director of counseling and psychological services Russ Federman, Ph.D., ABPP, blogs monthly about bipolar triggers, struggles and more. Recommended Posts: Why Is Bipolar So Hard To Treat? and University Life, Bipolar Disorder and Inadequate Sleep: A Risky Combination
  6. Shari Cohn: Certified sex therapist Shari Cohn dispenses advice about addiction and treatment here. Recommended Posts: Partners-Spouses of Sex Addicts Are Traumatized and Isolated and Sex Addicts and Partners Calling For Help Is Hard
  7. Thin From Within: Dr. Katz comments on the inner conflict behind eating disorders. Recommended Posts: Meeting Your Inner Obstacles and Different Paths to Peace With Food
  8. Anxiety Files: Learn how to deal with everyday stress without becoming overly anxious. Recommended Posts: The Worst Advice for a Worrier and Why Thought Stopping Doesn’t Work
  9. OCD Center of Los Angeles: Learn more about OCD and recovery from this blog. Recommended Posts: Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Teens and Memory Hoarding in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


For blogs about general mental health concerns, turn to these therapists’ sites.

  1. Niall McLaren’s Psychiatry Blog: This Australian psychiatrist writes to bring psychiatry into the mainstream scientific discussion, too. Recommended Posts: Psychosis Risk Syndrome: Pseudoscience gets a name and Concept of Borderline Personality Disorder
  2. Blog Therapy: GoodTherapy.org’s blog is written by Topic Experts — therapist from all specialties who share advice, news and stories to help families and individuals through their issues. Recommended Posts: and Recession’s Psychological Fallout Isn’t Limited to the Unemployed and Antidepressants Reduce Aggression by Altering Moral Judgment
  3. American Counseling Association Weblog: Counselors and therapists blog for each other on this active blog, which features posts about career-related topics, idealism, different diagnoses, and more. Recommended Posts: Will I Be an Awful Counselor? and Does the Group Dynamic Fumble?
  4. Shrink Rap: This is a blog for psychiatrists and therapists to share news, humor, questions, lessons learned, and more. Recommended Posts: What I Learned Part 1 and Why Can’t We Be Sad?
  5. The Best Counseling Blog: Tina Cannon, PhD, LMHC, writes about positivity, family issues, marriage counseling, and a lot more. Recommended Posts: Marriage Counseling: Three Danger Stages In Your Marriage and How to Change the Negative to Positive in Your Life
  6. Chicago Counseling Blog: Counselor Tinley Park is based out of Chicago but blogs for people everywhere who want help dealing with depression, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Recommended Posts: Coping with Depression: One Writer’s Description and 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Counseling
  7. Psych Central Blogs: Get the latest stream of posts from experts and therapists blogging for Psych Central, on a range of issues. Recommended Posts: Finding a New Therapist is Like Dating and Shorter Sleep Duration Linked to Mental Distress
  8. Shrink Central: Dr. Katrina Wood’s blog covers topics like parenting, marriage and relationship counseling, communication, depression, addiction, and more. Recommended Posts: Getting to know triggers from the past and Vision boarding: A compass for your life
  9. MentalHealth.net: Find various blogs from experts, therapists and counselors on everyday topics as well as more serious conditions and mental health diseases. Recommended Posts: Do I Have Bipolar II Disorder? and Did You Know? Some Surprising Data about Stress
  10. Dr. Roher Psychotherapy Blog: Dr. Daniela Roher has been a practicing therapist and counselor for over 30 years, and she covers “all things psychological” on this comprehensive blog. Recommended Posts: Do I Suffer From Social Anxiety Disorder? and Couples Who Survive Infidelity

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