50 Helpful Health Blogs for Seniors


February 10th, 2011

As Baby Boomers age and take on even more responsibilities caring for their parents and themselves, seniors are taking over the web. Whether you’re a geriatrics nurse, planning for retirement, having trouble with your health insurance company, or trying to take better care of family members, turn to these helpful health blogs.

Healthy Living

Get all kinds of advice and support from these blogs, which cover senior nutrition, the transition to retirement, fitness in your later years, and more.

  1. Changing Aging: Dr. Bill Thomas wants to change your negative ideas about aging so that through “growth-oriented alternatives” you can enjoy your later years.
  2. Still Clickin: This blog covers a range of topics for retired seniors, including healthy living choices to help you feel engaged and active.
  3. Better Than I Ever Expected: Joan Price discusses sex in your golden years on her blog.
  4. Well: This NYT blog is for people of all ages but is a good resource for seniors wanting daily tips on step-by-step health goals and improving their quality of life.
  5. Fun, Fit and 60!: This 60-something blogger logs fitness and exercise activities to help him reach his cycling goals.
  6. Over 50 Website: From healthy recipe sharing to health insurance woes, this blog for boomers and seniors offers a dynamic conversation on all relevant topics.
  7. Better Health: After watching the news, read this blog to find out what all the dietary guidelines, recalls and warnings really mean for you and your health.
  8. Laurel on Health Food: Learn more about healthy food, vitamins, nutrition and healthy recipes from Laurel, a certified holistic health counselor and health coach.
  9. Wesley Homes Retirement Resources: Healthy, simple recipes punctuate posts about living in a retirement community, and living healthfully at home.
  10. AARP Health: The AARP’s guide to healthy living, caregiving, health care and health policy includes a great mix of tips, news, tools and advice for every day.
  11. ThirdAge: Get advice on aging well, tips for dealing with specific conditions, and stories and news about retirement and relationships on this blog.
  12. Seniors Site: This regularly updated blog shares posts about caregiving, common health conditions and questions from seniors, and a guide to living healthy.
  13. RebootYou: Lee Callaway blogs to help seniors rethink their ideas about health, retirement, and aging. Posts cover weight loss and fitness, mental health, and more.
  14. Senior Nutrition Blog: Christian Senior Services’ blog is run by Celeste Carpenter, the registered dietitian with Meals on Wheels of San Antonio.
  15. Good Health, Sharp Mind and Great Sex after 40: Even if you think 40 is young, this blog has good tips for the over 60 set, too.

News and Pharma

New laws, drug regulations, reformatory acts and debates can affect your own care and treatment in hospitals, nursing homes and at the pharmacy counter. As as a senior, it’s important for you to keep up with health care news and policy so that you’re always aware of your rights.

  1. Health Blog: The WSJ health blog reports on drug companies, FDA studies and general health trends.
  2. Consumer Reports Health Blog: Written for all types of readers, you’ll find information on government health guidelines, health and medical technology, tips on nutrition, and health care.
  3. Alliance for Aging Research: The Alliance’s blog reports on timely news stories and also studies and research in aging.
  4. A4M Events Blog: The World Anti-Aging Congress and Exposition posts more than events on their blog: it’s also a good resource for learning about new treatments and research in Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more.
  5. The New Old Age: The NYT’s senior health blog discusses draining retirement funds, the new shingles vaccine, caregiving, and other issues affecting seniors today.
  6. HealthLawProf Blog: Keep up with this blog so that you can avoid scams and stand up for your own medical rights.
  7. Healthwatch: THE HILL’s health care blog reports on the latest health care news from Washington.
  8. Health Beat: Here, you’ll find a comprehensive summary of what’s going on in America in terms of health care, from cancer stories to mental health care reform to emergency care and patients’ rights.
  9. Health Wonk Review: This bi-weekly collection will quickly update you on the top stories on other health policy blogs, so that you don’t have to sort through pages of posts to stay informed.
  10. Prescriptions: This blog covers “the business of health care,” including drug news, different types of health insurance, and more.

Mental Health

From Alzheimer’s to brain fitness, these mental health blogs will encourage and inspire you.

  1. Alzheimer’s Blog: Angela Lunde, education outreach coordinator for the Mayo Clinic, blogs about Alzheimer’s caregiving, early symptoms, and more.
  2. Emeritus Senior Living Blog: Learn how to live well as you age, even if you have Alzheimer’s or another mental illness.
  3. Senior Reading Room: This encouraging blog posts stories and research-related news about Alzheimer’s, and also has a page for caregivers.
  4. Family Relationships: Women of the Boomer generation get support and advice for caring for parents and other family members.
  5. Mental Health Gym Seniors’ Blog: From resolutions to mental fitness exercises, you can care of your mental health here.
  6. World of Psychology: PsychCentral’s blog touches on a range of psychology and mental health topics for the general public. Categories include bipolar disorder, the winter blues, self-confidence, and sleep.
  7. The Alzheimer’s Care Blog: Here, research studies are simplified, giving you authoritative but accessible information on prevention, symptoms, and treatment.
  8. EarlyOnset Alzheimer’s: Written to “encourage, inspire and inform,, this blog on Alzheimer’s is written by a long-time volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Health Care and Insurance

These blogs cover health care and policy, health insurance, and caregiving — from professionals and family.

  1. GeriPal: This geriatrics and palliative care blog posts about aging patient care, hospice, research, and more.
  2. Health Insurance Navigator: Let Lisa Zamosky clarify confusing health insurance policies and trends for you on this blog.
  3. The Professional Geriatric Care Manager’s Blog: For patients, family members and professional caregivers, this blog explores the industry and gives tips on finding care for the aging patient.
  4. Health Agenda: The John A. Hartford Foundation blog, Health Agenda, aims to get more people talking about senior health care and geriatrics. Read posts from smart contributors on health care policy, education, Medicare and more.
  5. Home Sweet Home Care Blog: “The Eldercare Specialists” at Home Sweet Home Care maintain this informative blog, which includes a mix of nutrition tips, caregiving support and tips, and senior health news and views.
  6. Disease Management Care Blog: If you’re going to need long-term care, read this blog to learn about new medical homes, the chronic care model, payment options and other key topics.
  7. Senior Care Blog: This newsletter and blog shares updates on health care, statistics on senior health in America, and options for finding adequate care.
  8. HealthBlawg: Often focusing on health care issues and reform, this blog is a good follow if you want to learn more about assisted living, home health care, Medicaid, new hospital technology and e-prescriptions, and other changing aspects of health care.
  9. InsureBlog: Get news and commentary on health insurance topics in the U.S.
  10. AAHPM Blog: Learn more about the hospice system and geriatrics in this blog for physicians, care givers, and those who are serious about the ins and outs of palliative care.
  11. Elder Senior Care Blog: Boca Home Care Services educates aging Americans and their families on what it’s like to ease into home care, assisted living, and similar situations.
  12. Medicare News Blog: Keep up with Medicare enrollment deadlines, legislation and other issues here.
  13. Mothering Mother and More: This is a great blog for caregivers and their parents who need a little extra support transitioning into their new roles.

Specific Conditions and Treatments

If you’d like to learn more about Parkinson’s, arthritis, or diabetes, check these blogs.

  1. Diabetes Daily: Join this community, or just browse the blogs to learn all about diabetes, from dealing with the disease to seeking treatment to planning meals.
  2. About Parkinson’s Disease: Find Q&As, research reports, early symptom tips, and more support and resources here.
  3. Conquering Diabetes: Dr. Michael Dansinger blogs for WebMD on dealing with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.
  4. All Flared Up: This arthritis blog has tips for “living, rather than wallowing.”

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