50 Online Tests and Tools to Calculate Your Health & Wellness


July 10th, 2008

By Megan Jones

Everyone has concerns about their health. Whether they worry about their risk of getting a hereditary disease or just feel they aren’t getting the right nutrition, it can be hard sometimes to figure out just how healthy you might be. While going to the doctor is the only real way to ensure you have a clean bill of health, these online calculators and tests can help you determine if you’re at risk and should consult a physician or just help you determine some fitness and health goals for yourself.


Put your diet to the test with these helpful tools.

  1. Nutritional Needs Calculator: Determine how many calories you should be taking in each day with this online calculator.
  2. Nutrition Quotient Test: How much do you know about nutrition? This test will show you how much you do or don’t know about eating well so you can improve your diet.
  3. Is Your Diet Healthy? Quiz: You may think you’re eating healthy but there are many foods that aren’t as good for you as they seem. Take this quiz to find out if you’re getting the nutrition you need.
  4. Summer Hydration Quiz: Test yourself on what it will take to keep you hydrated this summer.
  5. Healthy Snacks Calculator: Find out what portion size makes up a healthy snack using this online calculator.
  6. Daily Carbohydrate Requirement: Carbs may get a bad rap but they are what fuels your body and lets you keep going. Find out how much you should be eating each day.
  7. Food Calories and Nutrition Calculator: Get the lowdown on just what is in all your favorite foods using this helpful calculator.
  8. Nutrition IQ Test: This test lets you showcase your knowledge, or lack thereof, on a wide variety of nutrition related issues.


Optimize your workouts with a little help from these tools.

  1. BMI Calculator: This calculator can help you get an estimate of your body fat percentage.
  2. Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator: The waist to hip ratio has been shown to be a fairly accurate indicator of health in both men and women. Find out if you fall within the healthy range with this calculator.
  3. Target Heart Rate Calculator: Use this tool to get an estimate of what heart rate you should aim for when doing cardio.
  4. Activity Calorie Burn Rate Calculator: Find out just how many calories your workout is burning using this helpful activity calculator.
  5. Ideal Body Weight Calculator: While everyone has a different personal ideal, this calculator can help you get an ideal of what weight you should be aiming for in your fitness plan.
  6. Exercise Savvy Test: How much do you really know about working out? This test can help you find out.
  7. Pace Calculator: Those aiming to improve their time running a mile (or several) can use this calculator to find out what pace they need to maintain to meet their goals.
  8. Weight Room Quiz: Weight training is an important part of any workout routine, but are you doing it right? This quiz can help expose any gaps in your knowledge.
  9. Walk/Run Metabolic Calculator: This calculator helps give you a somewhat scientific result of your metabolic rate based on how fast you’re walking or running.
  10. Age Equivalency Calculator: Tailor your workouts to your age using this calculator, which gives you age appropriate equivalents to most exercises.

Illness and Disease

These tests can help you get an idea of your risk level for certain illnesses.

  1. Diabetes Risk Test: Does diabetes run in your family? Find out just how high of a risk you have for becoming diabetic by taking this test.
  2. Hereditary Cancer Quiz: If you have several family members who’ve had cancer, it’s worth your time to take this test to determine your risk of getting the same condition.
  3. Stroke Quiz: Find out how much you know and don’t know about strokes by taking this quick quiz.
  4. Herbal Remedies Quiz: If you prefer to go the natural remedies route, test your knowledge of what herbs work best on this site.
  5. Cold, Flu or Allergies Quiz: Keep yourself from taking unnecessary medications by using this quiz to determine whether you’re suffering from a cold, the flu or just allergies.
  6. High Blood Pressure Risk Quiz: Hypertension can cause a myriad of health problems, so take this quiz to find out if you’re at risk for developing it.
  7. Headache Impact Test: Do you suffer from persistent headaches? This test lets you figure out just how much these migraines are impacting your life and what you can do to get some relief.
  8. Cholesterol IQ Quiz: See if you know what it takes to keep your cholesterol under control in this American Heart Association sponsored quiz.
  9. Medicine Quiz: This quiz will give you an idea of what you should be doing to take your medication properly.
  10. Osteoporosis Risk Test: Many older women may be at risk of developing osteoporosis. Determine your risk by taking this bone health test.
  11. Asthma Zone Calculator: If you use an inhaler, this calculator can help you to determine just how much help you might need from it.
  12. Breast Cancer Risk Assessment: Breast cancer kills thousands of women each year, so find out what your risk is using this quiz and what you can do to prevent it.

Overall Wellness

Test your general wellness with these sites.

  1. Real Age Test: You may not actually be that old but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t feeling older. Take this test to determine your real age.
  2. Wellness Inventory: Evaluate every aspect of your personal wellness using this comprehensive site.
  3. Sleep Hygiene Test: Sleeping well is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, so use this test to figure out if you can’t help yourself sleep better and more soundly every night.
  4. Smoking Calculator: Smoking takes a huge toll on your physical health as well as your financial health. Find out just how much you’re spending to maintain your habit using this calculator.
  5. Life Expectancy Calculator: Get an estimate of your life expectancy based on several factors using this calculator.
  6. Poison Prevention Quiz: Find out how to keep your kids safe from poisonous materials around the house using this quiz.
  7. Arthritis Assessment Quiz: Access your risk of arthritis and your symptoms using the quizzes on the Arthritis Foundation’s site.
  8. Weight Impact On Health Quiz: See how your weight is impacting your health, for better or worse, by answering the questions on this quiz.
  9. Ovulation Date Calculator: Those trying to get pregnant can use this calculator to determine when they’ll be most fertile.
  10. Are You As Healthy As You Think You Are? Quiz: Take this quiz to see just how healthy you really are. You might be surprised!

Mental Health

Keeping your mind healthy is just as important as keeping your body in good shape. Use these tools to make sure you’re on track for mental well-being.

  1. Burnout Self Test: Feeling overwhelmed by work and home life? See how close you may be to burnout by taking this quiz.
  2. SanityScore: This site can help you to determine if you’re at risk for developing any mental illnesses.
  3. Depression Screening Test: If you think you might be depressed take this test. It will help you determine what’s wrong and assist you in finding help.
  4. Eating Disorders & Emotional Eating Test: Find out if you might be suffering from either of these eating related problems by taking this test.
  5. Anger Test: Do you find yourself constantly feeling angry? This test can help you determine if you may need to find ways to diffuse your anger to benefit your mental health.
  6. Anxiety Test: Stress can have a big impact on your health, and this test can help you determine how anxiety may be affecting your life.
  7. Resiliency Quiz: Finding it hard to bounce back after stressful events? You may have low resiliency. Take this quiz to find out.
  8. Adult ADD Questionnaire: Many sufferers of adult ADD go undiagnosed. You can start getting help by taking this questionnaire.
  9. Mania Questionnaire: Find out how manic you are by taking this short questionnaire.
  10. Alcoholism Screening Test: If you feel that your casual drinking may have taken a turn into addiction, take this test to find out if and where you should seek help.

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