50 Social Media and Networking Sites for the Medically Minded


July 30th, 2008

Social media and online networking has been a popular way for college students to connect and for people to meet up according to professional and personal preferences. Now, as part of a growing health 2.0 phenomenon, medical professionals are creating their own forums and sites to network online. Check out 50 of them here.


Nurses can connect in the virtual world on these sites, which promise social networking and professional networking.

  1. NurseGroups.com: Get a free membership with this site for social networking, professional networking and blogging.
  2. NurseLinkUp: As “The Nurse Social Network,” this community features news stories and studies as well as a place for nurses to connect online.
  3. Nurse Connect: This website includes nursing forums, blogs, news stories, job posts, information about nurse education and more.
  4. International Council of Nurses: Connect with nurses around the world through this network, which has been around for over 100 years.
  5. TravelNursingBlogs: Read blog posts or start your own blog on this site to share stories and learn about travel nursing.
  6. Nurse’s Cafe: Nurse’s Cafe is a social networking site that’s still in beta form. Use the site to link up with other medical professionals in your area or specialty, or who share similar interests and hobbies.
  7. Nurse.com: Here, nurses can connect over blogs, photos, forums, and job postings.
  8. National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Learn about conferences, scholarships, awards and networking for hispanic nurses on this official site.
  9. NursingDiscussions.com: Read articles, learn about education opportunities, check out nursing blogs and visit the forum on this site for nurses.
  10. MyNurseBook: Nurses around the world interested in recruiting nurses and bettering public health policies network on this site.


Medical students and nursing students can rant together about heavy course loads, pick alumni’s brain about finding residencies and internship opportunities and get support from their own niche groups here.

  1. The Student Doctor Network: Check out the forums, research publications, and join a community based on your program to network on this site.
  2. Latino Medical Student Association: Get scholarship information, network with alumni and other students, and learn about research and training opportunities through the LMSA.
  3. National ICAM Student Network: Here you’ll find resources and networking opportunities through the National Integrative/Complementary and Alternative Medicine Network.
  4. American Medical Student Association: Get medical student news, learn about residencies and other training opportunities, and become a part of the greater medical student community.
  5. Asian Student Medical Journal: This site offers information and support to Asian medical students.
  6. National Student Nurses Association: Access a career center, events calendar and special member services and benefits just for student nurses on this site.


To get some feedback on a research project or a troubling case, consider jumping on one of these forums which will link you up with your colleagues around the world.

  1. DocsBoard.com: Physicians are welcome to discuss cases, medical news and other medical topics on this forum.
  2. Ultimate Nurse: The forum postings on this site deal with travel nursing, jobs, and general rants and reviews.
  3. OBGYN.net Discussion Forums: Hop on one of the forums reserved for medical professionals, like the physicians-in-training forum, OB-GYN-L, or Tech Talk.
  4. Nurses Forum: Nurses can use this site to discuss everything about their profession, from training opportunities to jobs to travel nursing.

Doctors and Other Health Professionals

Physicians and other medically minded professionals flock to these social media and professional networking sites to talk about industry technologies, health care policies and their cases.

  1. New Media Medicine: There are over 44,000 medical professionals and students registered on this social media site, which includes a forum, e-Learning center, user blogs and more.
  2. Sermo: Sermo’s motto is to “know more. Know earlier,” and it attracts 65,000 physicians who sync up on this site to share research, observations and cases.
  3. MomMD: This community features social networking, job posts and general support for women in medicine.
  4. Ozmosis: Doctors connect on Ozmosis, an online portal that lets them discuss medical cases, medical studies, health care policy and more.
  5. American Medical Association: Check in with the official site for the AMA as a quick way to get updates on health care policy and practice, as well as special events and ways to connect with other members.
  6. American Dental Association: Dental professionals can use this site to learn about education programs and licensure, access a library, look up other members of the ADA and more.
  7. World Medical Association: The WMA aims to bring together doctors and medical associations from around the world to discuss health care policies, technology, benefits, advocacy and more.


For support, peer editing services and tips for applying for grants, medical researchers can benefit from these sites.

  1. MDLinx: Become a part of this community, and you’ll receive updated journal articles and research findings in your specialty in your inbox regularly.
  2. PLoS Medicine: Join the network of researchers and physicians who peer review articles on this open access site.
  3. Medical Research Council: The MRC is a UK-based research group that provides information and support about fellowships and jobs, applying for grants, events and more.
  4. Men’s Health: Peyronie’s Disease: The physician’s page on this site has more technical discussions and reports on Peyronie’s disease.


The following list of networking sites revolves around posting and finding jobs in the medical industry, allowing students and professionals to meet up online.

  1. HealthCareerWeb: Join the medical community on HealthCareerWeb for social networking and help building up your professional contacts.
  2. Campus RN: Nurses will find lots of job search services on this site, including resume tips, a job database and the opportunity to research employers.
  3. JAMACareerNet: This professional networking site lets physicians search over 3,000 jobs in specialties like pediatrics, emergency medicine, hospice, pain management, urology and others.
  4. National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters: Register on this job site to save your searches and your resume.
  5. AAMC Job Board: The job board for the Association of American Medical Colleges gives employers, hospitals and medical professionals the chance to meet online and network.
  6. MedHunters.com: This site has over 16,000 jobs for those in the medical industry, including allied health and nursing.
  7. Medzilla: Log in here to get in touch with employers and recruiters and access job search resources.
  8. MedicalWorkers.com: At MedicalWorkers.com, you can find a job or post a job to link up with other health care professionals.


For getting together with other health advocacy groups and individuals, try out these networking sites.

  1. WegoHealth: This community lets members have their own page, join groups, learn about events and talk about health and medical advocacy.
  2. Cancer Action Network: Visit this site to learn about current campaigns and volunteer projects in your area. The site also offers a member log-in to manage your profile and meet others.

Connecting with Patients

When you want to connect with your patients, register at one of these social media and networking sites to share your knowledge, offer support, or just find out what it’s really like to be terminally ill.

  1. PatientsLikeMe: This social networking group aims to connect patients with similar diseases, symptoms and health problems. Check in on your patients or learn about the social aspect of having bipolar disorder, ALS, Parkinson’s and more.
  2. Diabetes Mine: This site is “a gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes.” Doctors can also benefit from reading the personal stories from physicians and patients.
  3. OrganizedWisdom: This “human-powered health search” tool aims to connect patients with doctors, other patients, health care options and information that can help them. Doctors and specialists can apply to be a guide or on the Physician Review Board, which makes sure the information on the site is authoritative.
  4. Revolution Health Community: Patients and those in the health care industry connect on forums, blogs and profiles to discuss drugs and medicine, symptoms, and a lot more.
  5. Starbright World: This is a social network just for teens who are chronically ill. Members can create profiles, start a blog and meet other ill teens online.


From the Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page to entrepreneurial nurses, these social networking sites are for all kinds of medically minded people.

  1. Mayo Clinic Fan Page: If you’re on Facebook, link up with the Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page to meet other medically minded individuals.
  2. Medicine Online: Physicians and dentists can become a part of this online community to learn about upcoming conferences, access career resources and more.
  3. Trusted.MD: Start your own blog and read other blogs from medical professionals and patients on this network.
  4. Nurse Entrepreneur Network: Nurses looking to go into business for themselves will get benefits like coaching, financial resources, support and more.

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