50 Terrific Blogs for Cancer Support


February 28th, 2011

Cancer is a despicable, overwhelming disease that’s still frustrating doctors and nurses, as well as their patients. But through all the tests, hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy and side effects of cancer, a powerful and uplifting network of bloggers has also flourished. These bloggers have opened up to their families and the public to share their fear and shock during diagnosis, physical burdens during treatment, and struggles to get back to a more normal life once they’ve kicked cancer out, hopefully for good.

By and For Patients

Connect with patients who are going through similar experiences to find support and tips for your own journey.

  1. Blog for a Cure: This blog community is a platform for patients to share treatment stories, photos, concerns and personal updates for inspiration and support.
  2. My Breast Cancer Blog: This writer chronicles her journey with breast cancer through photos, silver linings, and and her inspirations.
  3. Dancing With Cancer: Living With Mets, a New Normal: This blogger’s breast cancer has surfaced four times, but she’s still dancing through it.
  4. Painting 2 Cancers: Browse paintings from a survivor of two types of cancer, and learn how art was an escape and a form of therapy during and after the fight.
  5. Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog: This blogger writes about her medical ups and downs with breast cancer.
  6. Care Pages: On this network, you’ll find nearly 1,000 blogs and discussions about living with cancer and caring for loved ones with cancer.
  7. Bah! to cancer: Stephanie’s giving cancer a run for its money, and now she’s loaded with tips and information for others going through breast cancer.
  8. Multiple Myeloma for Dummies: Phil has been going through tests, transplants, chemo and endless hospital stays for nearly five years, but he’s still a cheerful blogger who writes about creative writing, family life, advocacy and more.
  9. BRICKS for Young Adults: This Pittsburgh-based program helps young adult cancer patients find support, information, contacts and resources to help them battle their disease.
  10. We Are Wonder Women: This blog aims to empower young women fighting cancer, written by a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  11. Being Cancer Network: Here’s another network of user blogs from around the world to help you learn about specific types of cancer and what it’s like to live with cancer day by day.
  12. A Single Cell: Find out what it’s like to have cancer as a single woman, and get support for living alone and trying to fit in as you battle cancer.
  13. Women with Cancer: This young blogger from Texas hopes to develop a community to inspire and motivate women with cancer.
  14. Just a breast lump in the road: This 30-something woman blogs about getting involved breast cancer organizations and also her personal journey of fighting the disease.
  15. Breast Cancer? But Doctor, I hate pink!: This blog takes on every part of the breast cancer journey, “from suspicion to diagnosis to treatment.”
  16. Cancer, Life and Me: Chris has been battling cancer and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome since he was 7 years old. Now 30, he still writes as part of a mission to stick it to cancer.
  17. ChemoBabe!: Find resources, tips and inspiration to look your best even when you feel like hell.
  18. Eyes Peeled, Always: This 28-year-old cancer patient posts updates on treatment and family support (including stem cell donations from her sister) with grace and her fun-to-read writing style.
  19. Living with Cancer: Learn about dealing with grief, troublesome treatments, waiting around for doctors, and trying to remain hopeful despite all the frustrations and darkness of cancer.
  20. Team April’s Breast Cancer Blog: Read Team April’s blog whenever you start to feel like you don’t have the strength — she’s dedicated to helping others put on their game face and “take no prisoners” during the fight.
  21. The Liz Army: Liz is a cool chick who just happens to have brain cancer, and she blogs here about her progress, treatments, and rants against cancer.
  22. Keep Going! Blogging Breast Cancer: For Maria, the last year was a blur of chemotherapy and surgery. Now, she’s blogging to help herself and other patients keep going through the next phase.

Experts, Treatment and Research

Doctors, experts and patients share the latest developments in treatment options, research studies and cancer news.

  1. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog: Dr. Len’s blog on Cancer.org offers insight and welcomes discussion about early detection, screening, treatment, prevention and more.
  2. Chemo / Therapy: Browse posts about conquering chemotherapy so that this brave blogger can get back to real life.
  3. Every day I am killing cancer: Author Heather Jose is a cancer survivor who writes to help families, patients and health care providers make the most of their treatment and available resources.
  4. Doctor David’s Blog: Learn more about pediatric oncology and the latest in cancer treatments, especially for young patients, here.
  5. Cancerwise: Houston’s distinguished MD Anderson Cancer Center keeps up this blog to share expert news, insight and research analysis for patients and their families.
  6. Science Update Blog: Three professional science communicators from Cancer Research UK write about research studies and debunk common cancer myths.
  7. Colon Cancer Blog: Suzanne Dixon is an award-winning registered dietitian and epidemiologist, as well as a nutrition science teacher and cancer patient counselor who blogs here about research, treatment, and cancer risk.

Information and Resources

These blogs offer an introduction to living with cancer, from finding help to learning about surgeries to learning how to recover from treatment.

  1. AOL Cancer: Learn about cancer treatment options, pain control, surgery, and different types of cancer here.
  2. Everything Changes: Popular posts on this blog educate readers about financing their treatments, going to see a therapist, answering people’s stupid questions about cancer, and more.
  3. The Cancer Help Blog: From surgeries and chemo to head scarves after treatment, this blog offers resources and ideas for living with cancer during each stage.
  4. Livestrong Blog: From cancer research news to races and charity events to inspiration for living with cancer, this popular blog is a great site to check for community support.
  5. Living with cancer blog: This blog from The Mayo Clinic covers setting goals, staying motivated, mental side effects, and the healing process.

Family and Friends

Family and friends of cancer patients and survivors can find support here.

  1. Hope and Jason: After leaving the hospital on Christmas Eve in 2009, with a bleak outlook on treatment and survival, Jason’s wife is still writing about her husband’s progress and fights with cancer.
  2. Live Fit and Sore: Stephanie decided to rethink her own lifestyle choices after he husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, and here she writes about her family’s new passion for holistic health.
  3. Valerie’s Blog: Valerie is a respected wellness editor living in New York, and she’s also a cancer survivor. Read her blog for frequent “gratitude” posts that can help you find the hope and beauty in the small things.

After Cancer

Survivorship poses unique challenges, too. Get inspired from cancer survivors who’ve set new goals for themselves from these blogs.

  1. The Stupid Cancer Blog: This blog was founded by and for young adult cancer survivors and advocates early detection, quality of life improvement, and debunking common myths about cancer.
  2. The Cancer Warrior: As this blogger found out, no one’s really around to tell you when you’ll start feeling like yourself again. Read this blog for support and empowering posts on survivorship.
  3. Hope. Love. Run.: As this blogger reiterates, cancer treatment can be almost as painful and overwhelming as the disease itself. But running, writing and art helped her recover and live a fulfilling life after cancer.
  4. MIss Melanoma: If you’re a cancer survivor who’s ready to talk about cancer with a little bit of humor, check out this blog.
  5. Not quite Tom Riddle’s Diary: Scully rants about stupid cancer here and is now dedicated to proving the link between environmental pollutants and the disease.
  6. Cancer Schmancer: This blogger has been writing about cancer since 2008 but is now starting to post about moving on from her past battles.
  7. Ciao, Cancer!: Duper explains what it was like to be diagnosed with, live with and recover from cancer, informing and inspiring readers along the way.
  8. I Kicked Cancer’s Ass: This young law student was told that her pain was all in her head, only to discover that a tumor had crushed her uterus and ripped open her kidneys. After excruciating treatment, she graduated law school and now blogs to inspire other fighters and caregivers.
  9. Life is like a sandwich: enjoy the big bites: A two-time cancer survivor attempts to enjoy “normal” life and shares different sources for inspiration and motivation here.
  10. Dangennari.com: Get inspired to pursue other interests and aspects of your life from this blogger, who uncovered his love of writing and travel as he read other cancer blogs.
  11. Fuzzy Cancer Socks: If you’re going through chemo and need support, read this blog for optimism, support and a little humor.
  12. Baldylocks: This is a truly inspiring blog for anyone looking for an outlet or motivation to work on any projects you abandoned when you got sick.
  13. ‘kin Hodgkin’s: This young woman had an 8-month old baby when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her blog is an honest look at the ups and downs of everyday life since then/

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