60 Amazing Blogs for Weight Watchers Support


November 17th, 2010

Losing weight is hard enough, and if you try to do it all on your own, you might be sabotaging your goals. But in the blogosphere, dieters and those on the path to serious weight loss — and maintenance — band together to share motivation, challenges, tips, recipes, exercise plans, healthy eating ideas and more. The Weight Watchers group is especially active online, and these great blogs can serve as your support system to get you going or maintain your Lifetime status.

Getting Started (Or Jumping Back In)

If you’re just starting with WW or are jumping back into a diet plan after a hiatus, check these blogs for tips when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Danica’s Daily: Danica is an experienced WW and now offers up daily tips for eating clean and living an active, healthy life. She’s also a great resource for recipes. Recommended Posts: Back to the “Simple” Life and Week 1 Kick Start Results & Photo Recap
  2. TRAPPEDNME: This bloggers it new to Weight Watchers and is still experimenting with different forms of exercise to help her lose weight. Recommended Posts: Just a little frustrated… and Stepping out of my own comfort zone!
  3. Lola Fierce: Inspired by Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce,” Lola is on a mission to treat herself with the same love and respect as she treats her best friends — a worthy mantra for anyone starting a new diet and weight loss plan. Recommended Posts: Spending them like they are cash and Only Positive
  4. Follow the Fat Girl: Christy lost over 150 pounds on WW when she was younger but, at 26, she’s leading an active life, even though she’s overweight. Back to the weight loss journey, Christy blogs to help others and keep herself on track. Recommended Posts: Surprise Diagnosis and How Christy’s Getting Her Groove Back
  5. Marcy’s Weight Loss Journey: Marcy gained some weight back after cutting Aspartame products out of her diet, and now she’s kick starting her diet and fitness plan again with WW. Recommended Posts: Sunday – Week Results and Thursday – The Face
  6. Taking Less Space: This blogger has joined and quit WW multiple times, but here she writes about her decision to stick to fitness, the points system, and a healthy lifestyle. Recommended Posts: Eating Season and Uh-Oh, Plateau
  7. Eyes on the Hourglass: Sonya’s got great goals for herself — become a runner, lose weight, and experiment with vegetarian cuisine — and this blog proves she’s got smart secrets to share. Recommended Posts: Great WI! and A New Beginning
  8. PaulaWannaCracker: If you want help with keeping up a food and exercise journal, follow Paula’s blog. Recommended Posts: Something’s Gotta Give! and Just going through the motions… sometimes, it’s all you can do
  9. Weight Watcher Wannabe: This new mom reviews recipes, cookbooks, and tips for starting on WW. Recommended Posts: Menu for the Week and Peanut Butter Cookies
  10. Put Down the Donut: If you want a one-stop resource for discussion and tips about eating healthier, learning about WW, and getting fit, head to this cute blog. Recommended Posts: Fat People Are, Well, Fat and A Mini Donut in the Hand is Worth Twenty on Your Ass
  11. She-Fit: Ruth Rogers’ blog is a great resource for women wanting to start a new diet or healthy living plan, and the the nursing student often has tips for WW and staying active. Recommended Posts: Exercise Excuses: How to Overcome Them and Diet Rules Meant to Be Broken


Browse recipes by points, calories, and food type for great meals and snacks that won’t ruin your diet.

  1. Gina’s Skinny Recipes: Find low-fat recipes that share nutrition information and WW points here. Recommended Posts: 0 Point Recipes and Makeover Banana Nut Bread – 3 Points
  2. Losing It…The Chronicles of Connie B’s Cooking and Weight Loss: Connie has done WW before but gained back the weight. Today, she’s back on the points system and is losing steadily. Find recipes, tips, and honest testimonials. Recommended Posts: Sunday, Sunday and Creamy Salsa Chicken
  3. TJ’s Test Kitchen: TJ’s recipes are so good, she doesn’t even consider herself to be on a diet, but WW has helped her lost over 70 pounds anyway. Recommended Posts: TJ – 1, Bread – 0 and Weigh In Gain
  4. Point-less Meals: This recipe blog includes photos, ingredients, serving sizes and points for all kinds of foods you may not have realized you could eat on WW. Recommended Posts: Cream of Chicken Wild Rice Soup and Smothered Chicken Italiano
  5. Weightingfor50s Blog: This blogger is in her 40s and wants to eat her well to a healthy weight in her 50s by preparing WW-friendly recipes. Recommended Posts: Recipes and Welcome to the Weekend!
  6. A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes: This blogger is trying to revamp her relationship with food, and often turns to WW for help. Great photos accompany her creative recipes. Recommended Posts: Baked Oatmeal Recipe and Meatless Monday
  7. This Mama Cooks: On a Diet: Many of the recipes on this blog are WW-friendly. Recommended Posts: Light & Delish: 400 Calories or less! Quick healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner and Healthy Chicken Adobo with Quinoa
  8. LaaLoosh: Besides sharing WW recipes, this blog also features a printable food journal, daily point total target, and point calculation explanation. Recommended Posts: Homemade Apple Cobbler Recipe: 4 Point Total and Baked Shrimp Scampi Recipe: 4 Point Total
  9. WW Recipes: Recipes come with an ingredients list, directions, and nutritional information, including carbs, dietary fiber and points. Recommended Posts: Weight Watchers Spinach and Tofu Lasagna recipe: 7 points and Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe: 2 points
  10. Kitchen Parade: There’s an entire recipe box for Weight Watchers meals, organized by points and type of meal, on this blog. Recommended Posts: Easy to Elegant Asparagus Soup Mini Crab Cakes
  11. Weight Watchers Recipes and Diets: In addition to the many WW recipes, you’ll find tips and success stories jumbled into this blog. Search easy gourmet recipes by calorie count, points, or type of food. Recommended Posts: Pancakes with Berries and Coffee Cream Cake
  12. Cooking by the Seat of My Pants: Jerry’s getting back in the kitchen and having fun cooking up traditional and more experimental meals with mostly healthy ingredients. He’s also archived many WW foods as he tries to lose a few pounds. Recommended Posts: Bagels with Salmon and Dilled Cream Cheese Recipe and Curried Cauliflower Soup, A Weight Watcher’s Zero Point Recipe

Points and Dieting

A mix of WW-specific blogs and helpful weight loss blogs that also inspire weekly weigh ins and food tracking, this list will support your dieting journey.

  1. Battle of the Bulge: Trying to Stay at Goal: This WW Lifetime Member is trying to maintain her healthy weight, and you can read her blog to get tips on eating right, too. Recommended Posts: Meeting Topic : Challenges aka : the Christmas Season and Outsmart the Supermarket
  2. operation size 8: Sarah’s on a mission to get back into her single digit jeans. Recommended Posts: Does that scale say… and I gained but I’m not down for the count
  3. Kendra Through the Looking Glass: This young blogger picks her challenges sensibly and keeps good track of weight loss progress and goals. Recommended Posts: 252.4lbs, And I’m Happy That I Gained and Run Forrest Run: How To Not Die
  4. Debby Weighs In: Debby subscribes to clean, sensible eating practices, which seem to work — she’s lost over 100 pounds. Recommended Posts: How to Not Eat Too Much and Maintenance: A Confession
  5. It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Weigh of Life…: Weight Watchers also believes in this kind of lifestyle change when it comes to “dieting.” Recommended Posts: Thoughts of Maintenance and On to the weigh in
  6. Lynn’s Weigh: Lynn’s a grandma who’s lost 168 pounds — most of it on WW — and is still keeping it off. Read her well-written blog for tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Recommended Posts: Does It Get Easier? and No More Apologies
  7. Back Off I’m Starving: If you’re having a rough time waking up early to exercise and get excited about weekly weigh-ins, read this blog for support. Recommended Posts: The Bright Side and Get Used to Disappointment
  8. Hollie’s Weight Loss Blog: This is a fantastic blog to follow if you’re having trouble staying motivated as your crazy, stressful life takes over. Recommended Posts: Need vs. Want and Inspiration
  9. Third Time’s a Charm: Pam and Randall log their weigh-ins on this blog, and Pam writes to motivate herself to really lose the weight this time. Recommended Posts: Cautiously Dipping My Toes In and Attitude: Before, During and After
  10. Annie Weighs…: Annie is a young, organized WW blogger who addresses things like willpower, determination, NSVs, goals, and more. Recommended Posts: Goals and Changes and Letting Go

Lifestyle and Fitness

Make fitness a part of your new lifestyle when you get ideas and inspiration from these bloggers.

  1. The Running Fairy: Bre has lost 100 pounds on WW and is now an avid runner and cyclist. Recommended Posts: Question – What suffers when life gets a little crazy? and 10 days of celebrating = weight gain
  2. Bitch Cakes: This “neurotic glamour girl” with a flair for vintage fashion chronicles her fitness adventures — including New York-area bike tours — as she also sticks to a WW diet. Recommended Posts: Weekly Meeting Topic: Metabolism & What we eat and Dining Out
  3. Manderz Road to a new life: Amanda is using her WW support system and dad’s marathon experience as inspiration to continue losing weight: she’s lost 100+ pounds so far. Recommended Posts: Numerous Milestones and October Recap and Marathon Pictures
  4. Running My Butt Off: This blogger is training to run or walk a 5K and abides by the challenge to record everything she eats, similar to a WW plan. Recommended Posts: Happy Day and The end of part one and the beginning of part two – or DDD, the sequel
  5. The Clydesdale Project: In addition to regular weigh-ins, “Big Clyde” is a serious cyclist trying to bike off the weigh and eat right. Recommended Posts: Looking Back…Looking Ahead and Make The Time to Ride/Run/Walk
  6. Melissa’s Adventures in Living Life: Get inspired to live a more active life from Melissa, from camping to 5Ks. Recommended Posts: Found some inspiration! and Tell It Like It’s Tuesday — the Late Edition
  7. All the Weigh: This blogger is a busy young woman living in the big city who’s also trying to lose weight. She logs her cardio minutes by month and also keeps a weight loss log. Recommended Posts: What Motivates You Today? and I Did It
  8. Get to Goal: Amanda has been on WW for over 3 years, has hit her goal weight, and is now trying to maintain it through running and smart eating. Recommended Posts: Personal Best and Update: Food, Work, Life
  9. Mel Gets Fit: Recommended Posts: Mel’s on a journey to lose over 100 pounds, and she’s been on WW since July 2010. Read her colorful blog for tips on finding motivation, healthy food substitutes, and exercise ideas.
  10. Fattie 2 Fittie: This blogger has already lost over 50 pounds, but she’s sharing her work out routines and WW tips to help herself and readers keep going. Recommended Posts: WW Orders and Summer Diet Buddies


Here you’ll find honest stories and testimonials from WW bloggers as they maintain weight or are on the journey to lose serious pounds.

  1. Leading the Weigh: Heather lost 80 pounds on WW and has kept it off for over eight years. Here she shares all the little tricks that keep her going each day. Recommended Posts: October 2010 Motivational Calendar and Freezer chat (making meals ahead to stay successful)
  2. Perfect in Our Imperfections: This dieter is still working with WW but is also trying something new. Instead of satisfying someone else’s ideas about losing weight, she’s just trying to stay fit and healthy. Recommended Posts: Here’s what 38.5 points looks like and Now the plan is this…
  3. De-Puffing Pixie With Weight Watchers: Miss Pixie is in her 50s and has already lost a lot of weight. She wants to contribute her tips and story to the blogosphere after getting so much inspiration from other dieters. Recommended Posts: Reinventing the Wheel and Attitude is everything. Pick a good one!!!
  4. A Blog Devoted to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Marisa’s “Loser for Life” food blog is inspirational and practical for all types of long-term “dieters” who want to focus on living a healthy, sensible life for the rest of theirs. Recommended Posts: Signs of Progress and Highs and Lows
  5. Rescuing Lisa: Lisa’s trying to hit her goal weight by New Year’s Eve 2010, and he regular blog posts reveal and honest, but optimistic, journey. Recommended Posts: Speaking of Awesome! and Gimmie a Break
  6. OK, just one more beer: Suzi’s lost over 90 pounds and is this close to reaching her Lifetime goal with WW. She’s got a bit of a potty mouth, but her posts are full of well thought-out tips and philosophies on healthy living and losing weight. Recommended Posts: When I was 26… and Move your ass!
  7. SpunkySuzi working towards a healthier me: This diary from Suzi addresses goals, points, and more. Recommended Posts: Weekly Goal Update and Finally went on a walk
  8. Roni’s Weigh: Blogging the “after” story of a weight loss journey, young mom Roni has already lost 70 pounds. Recommended Posts: It’s NEVER Too late and Ask Roni: Frustrated
  9. She’s In There Somewhere: Stephanie is a writer, web designers, mom, wife and blogger who’s chronicling her weight loss “journey from before to after” here. Find recipes, NSVs, tips, and more. Recommended Posts: Halloween Candy Survival Guide and A Weigh-In, a decision, and a thank-you
  10. Comfy*Cozy*Crazy: You’ll find honest stories about plateaus, fitness boredom, and sticking to your diet here. Recommended Posts: I Can’t Do It! and Change of plans
  11. Prior Fat Girl: After getting to her goal weight, this blogger found new challenges to face that threatened her healthier lifestyle. Recommended Posts: Step Away From the Scale and I.Hate.Stairs.Forever
  12. Points Aweigh: Jac’s been struggling with her weight since she was 18, and while her husband dropped 100 pounds in five years, she actually gained 40. But now, Jac is on a real mission to complete the Couch to 5K program, and you can read about her journey here. Recommended Posts: Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere – An Introduction and Staying on plan – Cooking for one
  13. Learning to Be Less: This 31-year-old teacher lost 115 pounds in just a year and a half. She’s just had a baby, is still blogging, and has a whole new set of challenges in front of her. Recommended Posts: Friday’s Weigh In and My New Obsession
  14. The Token Fat Girl: Lorrie’s been shopping in the plus size section for as long as she can remember, but she’s now combining tricks from diets like Weight Watchers and Atkins for a customized approach. Recommended Posts: Go back to where we started from and Weight Watchers Momentum
  15. What’s the Point?: Bethie, Julie and April blog about their WW journey, including weigh-ins, getting bored, finding motivation, and more. Recommended Posts: Weight Watchers Diet Soda Cake and Julie’s Weigh-In Friday
  16. Looking for My Feet: Maggie’s tracking her progress — she’s so far down almost 52 pounds — and she’s a good follow when you want to help finding ways to incorporate WW and exercise into your daily routine. Recommended Posts: Reaping the Rewards and Still trudging along
  17. This Little Piggy: Also a WW forums commenter, Jo blogs to keep herself on the weight loss track. She’s also a great example of how to keep a food journal. Recommended Posts: Week 2 – Days 3 to 7 plus weight in result and 600 grams gone…but where and how?

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