All About Accelerated Nursing Programs


October 28th, 2010

Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare industry. With the rapid growth, increasing high demand in healthcare, and a shortage of nurses, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, estimates that the industry will need hundreds of thousands of nurses in the next several years. With such tremendous job growth and opportunity, its no surprise that nursing schools and colleges are offering plenty of programs for students to go to school and get the training and knowledge necessary to excel in the field. More schools and universities are offering students the chance to become certified in the field through accelerated nursing programs.

Generally speaking, accelerated nursing programs allow students that wish to enter the nursing field a way to do it quicker than in the normal time frame that it takes through most traditional programs. Accelerated nursing programs generally apply to candidates that have already earned a bachelor degree in any subject, whether it is in the nursing field or not. It is for those students that wish to return to school to become registered nurses. The typical degrees offered through accelerated nursing programs are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also known as BSN, and Master of Science in Nursing, commonly known as an MSN. Additionally, these programs may also make it possible for nurses that have associate degrees to earn a bachelor degree or higher.

Many nurses that are already certified to practice by the state, enroll in nursing programs to have better job opportunities, room for advancement in their careers, and for higher salaries. Typically, rather than a 3 to 4 year commitment, which is standard for students pursuing a bachelor degree in nursing, these programs last from about 12 to 18 months. While admission requirements will vary by school, many accelerated nursing programs require that students have pre-requisite courses in human growth and development, biology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and ethics.

Programs can vary greatly by school and by state requirements, so individuals should find a program that caters to their accomplishments and goals. Accelerated nursing programs are offered both online, and at traditional campuses across the country. It is also important to remember, that some nurses enrolled in accelerated nursing programs already work as registered nurses, and that these programs require students to be extremely hard working, goal oriented and self-motivated. Because most BSN accelerated programs are intense and some require course work as well as supervised clinical practices, they can be rather time-consuming.

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