Benefits of Attending Online Nursing Schools


December 11th, 2010

As the health care industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, more and more students are interested in making a career as a health care professional. Many of these students look into nursing as a viable career option. In order to help educate the increasing number of student nurses out there, online nursing schools and online nursing degree programs have sprung up all over the country. With the significant improvements in online pedagogy and practices, these online nursing programs can provide just as good an education to their students as traditional brick and mortar nursing schools. As a result, students can benefit greatly from taking courses online as they work towards a nursing degree.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking courses online in order to get a nursing degree is the amount of flexibility such an online course schedule can give you. This is why a majority of online nursing students are actually non-traditional students, which means they work full time or are in the midst of a career transition and need more education in order to reach their new goals. By taking courses online, nursing students do not have to worry about quitting their job, and thus losing their income, in their pursuit of a good education. This allows them to have a safety net should a nursing degree not be right for them.

Additionally, online nursing students do not have to transplant themselves in order to attend their dream nursing program. They can remain in whatever state they live. They don’t have to worry about moving across the country and uprooting their life. Online programs give students who cannot move access to top of the line education, faculty, and course materials.

Taking courses online also means that nursing students don’t have to worry about some of the traditional costs associated with going to classes on campus. They don’t have to worry about gas money, or campus parking fees. Nor do they have to worry about the stress of living in a dormitory. They can focus on the standard expenses of their lives, and they’ll only really have to pay the tuition and fee for course materials, which are usually very similar to those of traditional nursing programs.

Finally, taking classes online isn’t as isolating as it sounds. Because everything is online, there are actually plenty of built in exercises that require you to interact closely with your fellow students and professors. As a result, it’s possible to develop good working relationships with the other students in your classes, and these relationships will prepare you for the kinds of professional relationships you will develop with your co-workers once you’re a certified nurse. So this is an added benefit that simply makes taking courses online even more worthwhile.

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