Critical Care Nurses Can Stay Awake Without Caffeine


October 18th, 2010

No matter if you are a daytime or nighttime critical care nurse, being on your feet all day and constantly working to save lives can leave you exhausted by mid-shift. And while caffeine may give you a little boost during the times when your body is craving rest, the fix is only temporary and can leave you feeling even more sluggish—this is because caffeine dehydrates your body, which gives you a tired feeling. But there are some simple and healthy ways to stay awake without the use of caffeine. Continue reading below to learn how to do this.

By far one of the easiest ways to stay awake is to make sure that you are hydrating your body throughout the day. Drinking the standard 6 to 8 glasses of water will not only help you regulate your blood volume which will help you stay alert, but it will also keep you healthy by flushing out any harmful toxins that may be in your body. And as an added bonus, drinking all that water will force you to take several trips to the restroom. The urge to release all those fluids can help you stay awake for sure.

Another simple way to stay awake is to do some light exercises whenever you feel like your eyes are getting heavy. Exercising circulates oxygen through your bloodstream and stimulates cells which helps keep your body awake. So whenever you feel too drowsy, excuse yourself and do a couple of lunges or squats down your unit floor. You can even run up and down the stairs for a bit. If you feel that you will bring too much attention to yourself then step outside for a moment and do some exercises there. While you’re out there, it’s also a good idea to take some deep breaths of the fresh air. This will also help stimulate your cells.

Lastly, sometimes eating a healthy snack can do the trick. Apples especially diligently work to give your body an instantaneous boost of much needed energy. This is because apples are more easily digestible than most foods and will give you the much needed fuel you need to keep going at a much faster rate.

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