Don’t Wait to Break Your Bad Health Habits


July 21st, 2008

Many of us are procrastinators by nature, putting off tasks that are less fun in order to enjoy ourselves a little bit more in the meantime. Yet there some some things that simply shouldn’t be put off until later to be taken care of. At the top of that list? Your health. If you’ve got some seriously bad health habits, don’t wait until it’s too late to take action to change them. You’d be surprised what taking better care of yourself can do for how you feel, your attitude and even your self esteem. The benefits of caring for your health run deep, and the risks for ignoring health hazards can be deadly.

By telling yourself that you’ll quit smoking or start working out at some indefinite point in the future you do yourself a real disservice. Sure, it’s easier not to break a bad habit, but it doesn’t come without some serious consequences. Poor health habits can shave years off of your life and leave you with debilitating conditions that may leave you bedridden or permanently disabled. Surely those things are much harder to deal with than giving up a simple bad habit, right? If you’re struggling with some of your own bad habits, there are a few ways that you can work to break them sooner rather than later and start reversing the damage that might have already been done without causing any more.

First, be reasonable. You’re going to have a few setbacks along the way. If bad habits were easy to break then they wouldn’t be much of a habit at all, so it’s going to take some hard work to get over them. Make your expectations reasonable and work hard to get right back into things if you do have a setback.

Second, know why you want to break the habit. For some people, it could be a looming health issue. For others, it is a person in their life they want to be around to care for. Whatever it is for you, find motivation that will help you stick to your progress in breaking the habit.

Finally, set deadlines for yourself. It’s fine to work little by little to break a habit, get in shape or improve your health, but you have to have a time line for it so you can judge your progress. If you don’t feel like you can do it on your own, seek out support groups and friends who can help.

There’s no reason to wait to improve your health and get rid of some of your worst health habits. You’ll be gaining better health, longer life and many other benefits– well worth the effort you’ll put in to make the changes you need in your life.

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