Eating Green Often Means Eating Healthy


July 18th, 2008

If you’ve decided that you want to become a greener eater to help the environment by reducing the amount of food waste you produce and the energy that goes into producing that food, you’re part of a growing trend of those trying to make their diets more Earth-friendly. Yet eating greener often comes with one big benefit that has nothing to do with saving the Earth. Foods that fit into a green diet are often healthier and better for you than their less green counterparts and deciding to take on a green diet could not only help the environment but your waistline as well.

Because green eating encourages individuals to avoid packaged foods, it brings those tasty and healthy fruits and veggies to the forefront. These foods, especially when locally and organically produced, are much better for your health than any prepacked foods you can buy. Choose the right ones and you could be getting a whole lot more vitamins and nutrients, not to mention shedding pounds and feeling better. Other unpackaged foods, like grains found in the bulk section of your store can also be a great way to promote your health and eat better.

Packaged foods are also often heavily processed, contain loads of sugars and salts and an array of other chemicals that it would take some serious Googling to decipher. When you decide to eat green, you’ll be giving up the bulk of these which is great for your body. Too much sugar can wreck havoc on your blood sugar levels and too much salt can leave you feeling bloated and unhealthy. Foods that are less processed, or whole foods, are better for you and will fill you up faster and with stuff your body actually needs and wants.

Foods that are greener are often those that you’re supposed to be eating anyway. All those whole grains, leafy green veggies and smaller amounts of meat don’t just offer up less of a carbon footprint– they also give you the chance to get in good health for a good cause.

It may not be your first and foremost reason for going green when it comes to what you eat, but the health benefits of a green diet are nothing to scoff at. You’re bound to find that in your quest to make your diet more environmentally friendly that you make it friendlier to your health and well-being as well, making sure you’ll be around to enjoy all the natural beauty our world has to offer.

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