Everest College introduces nursing program


November 18th, 2010

Everest College (EC) in Henderson, Nevada has unveiled its new nursing program and training facility, which are the result of a $1.2 million expansion project, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The new, 14,900-square-foot building is outfitted with a training room that holds six hospital beds, auxiliary classrooms and computer labs with SmartBoard technology.

Students who are pursuing nursing degrees will gain experience completing a number of medical procedures as they train with mannequins. These artificial patients can enable degree seekers to simulate a variety of scenarios, including childbirth and breast examinations, and teach them how to treat wound trauma and administer an IV.

According to David Fritz, president of EC, students will gain first-hand experience throughout their education, rather than taking an extended internship. He added that there seemed to be room in the current market for a new nursing program.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics matches Fritz’s claim, as the organization predicts that 581,500 new jobs in the nursing profession will become available over the next eight years.

A part of the Corinthian Colleges’ network of schools, Everest’s Henderson campus has increased its enrollment from 450 to almost 1,200 students over the past year as it continues to expand. The school’s programs are designed to be accessible for working students and offer daily classes from 6 am to midnight.

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