Help Yourself to Age Gracefully


April 21st, 2009

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In a world that’s youth obsessed and where plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are the norm, it can be hard to find ways to simply let yourself age naturally and gracefully. After all, growing old is a part of life and it doesn’t have to mean letting yourself go or feeling unattractive. If you want to make sure you go slowly and gracefully into old age and don’t prematurely age yourself, your skin or your mind, there are a few things you can do to help yourself stay young inside and out no matter what age you are now.

  • Stop smoking. Few things will age you more quickly than smoking, putting wrinkles on your face and hurting your overall health.
  • Work out. After forty, your body will likely start losing some muscle mass. By lifting weights, you’ll be counteracting this natural loss and staying svelte and mobile.
  • Reduce stress. Stress will not only cause wrinkles and gray hair, but can contribute to a number of serious health issues.
  • Watch your weight. You’ll put less wear and tear on your body and feel better about yourself if you stay within a healthy weight range.
  • Care for your skin. Nothing gives away your age like your skin. Stay out of the sun and keep it moisturized and feeling good to enjoy fewer wrinkles as you age.
  • Take a supplement. While most of your vitamins and minerals should come from your diet, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help from a supplement to increase mobility and keep you healthy.
  • Stay active. Even something as simple as walking can help you to keep your blood vessels in shape and keep you looking younger for longer.
  • Eat less. Strange as it may sound, eating fewer calories can help increase your longevity.
  • Accept change. As we age, our bodies, lives and beliefs may change. Learn to roll with the punches if you want to step gracefully into whatever age you are.
  • Smile. It might cause some wrinkles but they’ll be well worth it as smiling and laughing can improve your mood, health and make your life simply more fun to live.

Learn how to age gracefully and you’ll be able to enjoy your health and good looks well into your golden years.

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