Make Fitness Fun for Stress-Free Workouts


Do you dread going to the gym? For some, even though they’re well aware of the health benefits of working out, getting to the gym can be a struggle. Yet working out shouldn’t be something you put off, resent doing or just plain hate. While you might never choose a workout over, say, watching a movie on the couch, there are ways that you can make your workouts more fun and an overall less painful experience for you and those around you who have to hear about how much you hate working out. It might sound cliché, but fitness really can be fun if you figure out ways to do it that fit into your life and reflect your personal abilities and interests. So if you shiver at the thought of going to the gym, try out these options for a more fun fitness experience.

Combine your workouts with something more fun. Working out can be a lot less boring and painful when you combine it with things you enjoy. Hop on the treadmill and run while you watch an episode of Oprah or a basketball game. Get into a gossip magazine or great book while kicking your butt into shape on the elliptical.

Turn gym time into bonding time. Whether you bring a friend, your family or a significant other, going to the gym doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. You’ll enjoy it a lot more and get a lot more out of it if you bring along some moral support. That way you can laugh, talk and socialize your way to a fitter figure.

Get sporty. Working out doesn’t have to just mean going to the gym. You can also get a great workout playing many sports. These can be a more fun and social way to run, jump and work your body.

Create an epic workout mix. Everything is more fun when you’re listening to your favorite songs. Spend some time pulling together a workout mix that will not only motivate you but just plain put you in a good mood.

Treat yourself. If you’re trying to improve your fitness you don’t want to treat yourself with food, so instead gift fitness things instead. Whether it’s a pair of pricey Lululemon yoga pants, a new iPod or just a great gym bag, use these rewards as a way to motivate yourself to keep going and feel good while doing it.

You may never be the kind of person who jumps out of bed and heads to the gym, but you can help make whatever fitness you choose to work into your life something that you don’t dread and maybe, sorta kinda, actually like.