Most Popular Online Degrees


April 21st, 2009

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Online degrees are similar to degrees you can receive at any traditional university.  As online degrees are becoming more accommodating to people’s schedules and lives they are growing increasingly more popular.  Students with families, full time jobs, and single parents that can’t find the time to enroll, much less attend classes or study on traditional campuses, are opting to continue to live their everyday lives and attend school online, on their own time and at their own pace, to earn their degrees.  As online schools and degrees continue to grow, so do the options for online degrees.  Schools are continuing to expand their online degree programs and adding more degree programs and types.  The most popular and more commonly sought after degrees include business administration degrees, psychology degrees, and healthcare degrees.

Business administration degrees are amongst the most popular online degrees around today.  In many schools, business degrees are offered at the associate, bachelor, master, and PhD levels, and are very popular because of the broad general area knowledge they offer, which sets students up for a number of different career paths.  Business administration degrees are geared towards preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate in a business world.  Popular concentrations in business degrees include accounting, financing, and business management, and human resources.

Psychology degrees are also very popular in the online degree world, which are offered at the associate, bachelor, master, and PhD levels as well.  Psychology degrees are designed with the intentions of teaching students theories and behaviors as well as functions of the human body.  Psychology courses also train students with the knowledge needed to identify and understand psychological development, personality, and behavioral traits in humans.  Many students who earn a psychology degree have the intentions of pursing careers in counseling, therapy, and mental health.

Healthcare degrees are also popular degrees, as the healthcare field continues to grow at a rapid rate, and the need for trained and skilled employees continues to steadily increase.  Healthcare degrees, also offered at associate, bachelor, master, and PhD levels in many colleges, and are also offered in a number of different concentrations such as nursing, healthcare administration, and healthcare reimbursement.  Many of the courses taught in these degrees offer knowledge and training of healthcare issues, public safety and wellness, medical terminology, law and ethics, and billing and coding.

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