Popular Jobs in Healthcare


July 16th, 2008

The healthcare field continues to grow at an increasingly quick rate, as 10 out of 20 of the fastest growing fields are related to healthcare, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  This means that new jobs in the field will be created over the next few years, as well as more openings in already existing jobs, making the healthcare field a high demand market with numerous types of occupations.  According to Payscale, the median annual salary for healthcare workers in the United States, is $65,138.  Popular jobs in the healthcare field include registered nurses, medical office managers, and physician assistants.Registered nurses, also known as RN’s, account for the largest healthcare occupations in the field, with more than 2 million jobs.  RN’s earn an annual salary range of $46,641-$66,868, according to Payscale.  While specific work responsibilities may vary between nurses and the settings in which they work, RN’s generally treat patients, as well as educate them and the general public about medical conditions and health safety issues.  About 60% of RN’s work in hospitals, and an RN’s job duties include performing tests and analyzing the results, administering medications and treatments, working with medical machines, and following up with their patients.Medical office managers earn an annual salary of $35,262- $52,014 and work on a number of different administrative duties as they relate to the healthcare field.  Medical office managers oversee insurance bills and claims, work with the needs and services of patients,  maintain inventories and records of confidential and important documents within the office, prepare payroll and budgets, manage compliance issues and oversee the general running and systems that take place in the office.  Medical office managers are also responsible for overseeing employees in the office and ensuring that the functions of the office are taking place properly.Physician assistants earn an annual salary range of $71,876- $93,890, and job opportunities in the field are good due to employment projections estimating that the need for physician assistants continues to increase.  Physician assistants, also known as PA’s practice medicine under the supervision of surgeons and physicians.  PA’s are concerned with preventing, maintaining and treating health illnesses by conducting exams on patients and analyzing the results, treating illnesses, assisting in surgeries, and prescribing medication.  PA’s may work in hospitals, medical offices, doctor’s offices, and in private practices.

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