Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist integrate nursing practice, which focuses on assisting patients in the prevention or resolution of illness, with medical diagnosis and treatment of disease, injury and disability.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are:

  • Licensed registered nurses who have graduate preparation (Master’s or Doctorate) in nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.
  • Expert clinicians in a specialized area of nursing practice. The specialty may be identified in terms of:
    • A Population (e.g. pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health)
    • A Setting (e.g. critical care, emergency room)
    • A Disease or Medical Subspecialty (e.g. diabetes, oncology)
    • A Type of Care (e.g. psychiatric, rehabilitation)
    • A Type of Problem (e.g. pain, wounds, stress)
      Clinical Nurse Specialists practice in a wide variety of health care settin

In addition to providing direct patient care, Clinical Nurse Specialists influence care outcomes by providing expert consultation for nursing staffs and by implementing improvements in health care delivery systems.

Job Requirements

  • Requires a master’s degree
  • Must be a registered nurse with 2-4 years of clinical experience


  • The expected salary for a typical Clinical Nurse Specialist is between $45,000 to $60,000, based on education and experience.